Pictures of Patriotic Quilts

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    Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

    Patriotic Sunbonne Sue Quilt
    Where Have All The Flowers Gone?. Quilt by Lois Cowan

    Patriotic Quilts by Online Quilters

    You'll find lots of pictures of patriotic quilts in this photo gallery. Many were sewn to honor family members who have served in the United States Armed Forces, or are currently deployed far away from home. Some of the quilts were donated as raffle quilts to benefit soldiers. All of the patriotic quilts in our gallery were stitched with a dose of love.

    From Lois: I participated in our guild's Miniature SunBonnet Sue contest. Thinking outside the box -- what is Sue doing nowadays. I chose to show her as a grandmother, mother, wife, or sister of a Fallen Soldier. I used the Home of the Brave quilt blocks that our guild, Citrus Belt Quilters, started. The project is now supported nationally.

    Sunbonnet Sue stands in front of the grave of a solider and is holding a folded American flag. The wallhanging measures 14" x 14" and the Home of the Brave blocks are 2" x 2". The Title was first Honoring all Gold Star Mothers, but I like Where Have All the Flowers Gone?, from the Peter, Paul and Mary song of the sixties.

    About Home of the Brave Quilts
    About Citrus Belt Quilters

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    Red, White and Blue Quilt

    Red, White and Blue and Stars Too Quilt
    Red, White and Blue and Stars Too. Quilt by Marjo

    From Marjo: This king sized quilt was made as a wedding gift for a niece who was marrying a career army officer. I used log cabin quilt blocks to symbolize "home," with red centers to symbolize "hearth." The quilt was machine quilted using a free form star design.

    From Janet: You'll find Log Cabin quilt and block patterns in the foundation piecing category.

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    Red, White & Blue Patriotic Quilt

    Red, White & Blue Quilt
    Red, White & Blue Quilt. Quilt by Judy Crilley

    From Judy: The quilt blocks were made by members of a local quilting group, Piecemakers, and I won them at a monthly drawing. I put the blocks together and presented the quilt to our local American Legion to be raffled in order to raise money for boxes they send to our troops. They have sent over 10,000 boxes to members of the Armed Forces since the wars began over 10 years ago. They have raised $500 with the raffle.

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    Red, White & Blue All Over Quilt

    Red, White & Blue All Over Quilt
    Red, White & Blue All Over Quilt. Quilts by Quilting Bear Gal

    From Quilting Bear Gal: My wall quilt is based on a Jo Morton pattern. It measures 40" X 46". Below it, on the quilt stand, is a red, white and blue vintage Lone Star quilt. I always display both quilts together during patriotic holidays.

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    Patriotic Table Runner

    Patriotic Table Runner
    Patriotic Table Runner. Table Runner by GiGi

    From Marie: When I started this project, I wanted something for the Fourth of July. I started cutting squares, and then decided to embroider the branches of service across the middle of the table runner. The runner measures 22" X 45".

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    North Star Quilt

    North Star Patriotic Quilt
    North Star Quilt. Quilt by Barb P.

    From Barb: I made this quilt for my brother, who was in the Air Force for 39 years. The quilt measures 54" x 54" and can be used as a lap quilt or wallhanging.

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    John's Retirement Quilt

    Patriotic Quilt
    John's Retirement Quilt. Quilt by Marsuz

    From Marsuz: I made this quilt for my son who retired after 23 years in the Air Force. He loves eagles, so I used a lot of them in the quilt and then I used either the state or country flag where he was stationed and the dates of his deployments. All of the designs in the squares are machine embroidered. The quilt is machine quilted.

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    I Spy American Pie Quilt

    I Spy American Pie Quilt
    I Spy American Pie Quilt. Quilt by Wildyard

    From Wildyard: I heard about a local young man who was having a hard time adjusting to being overseas in the Army, so I made him a quilt that displays things from home. It is an I Spy quilt, but I used adult fabrics and images that I hoped would bring him comfort during his time away. This quilt is a long throw.

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    Happy 4th! Quilt

    Patriotic Quilt
    Happy 4th!. Quilt by Toni Rosa

    From Toni: I was making the HGTV block of the month quilt and this was the block for July. I didn't like the design well enough to put it in the quilt, but I liked it enough to make a wall hanging. The quilt measures approximately 17" x 17".

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    Glory in Stripes Quilt

    Glory in Stripes Patriotic Quilt
    Glory in Stripes Patriotic Quilt. Quilt by Rod Crider

    From Rod: I made this queen sized patriotic quilt in 2004 -- it was my 44th quilt. I have now made 106 quilts. The quilt's original name is Glory in Scraps, but I renamed it since I did not use scraps.

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    Fourth of July Quilt

    Fourth of July Quilt
    Fourth of July Quilt. Quilt by Patty

    The Fourth of July Quilt is Patty's first quilt. She did a great job.

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    Brotherly Love Quilt

    Brotherly Love Quilt
    Brotherly Love Quilt. Quilt by Nancy Fitzpatrick

    From Nancy: I made quilts for four of my brothers using my mom's fabric, acquired after she passed away. This quilt is made from one Ohio Star block surrounded by smaller Ohio Stars sewn in red, white and blue.

    Ohio Star Quilt Block Pattern
    Ohio Star Wallhanging

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    Stars and stripes for Nancy

    Patriotic Quilt - Stars and stripes for Nancy
    Stars and stripes for Nancy. Quilt by Sewingro

    From Sewingro: Nancy had returned to the USA from England and I missed her. I wanted to send her something to have and use that would link both countries. I saw a pattern in a magazine, but adapted it to create this quilt. The quilt has 50 stars, either quilted or appliqued among the stripes.

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    Stars and Stripes Allover Quilt

    Stars and Stripes Allover Quilt
    Stars and Stripes Allover Quilt. Quilt by Darlene Gerber

    From Darlene: Stars and Stripes Allover was the first quilt I designed in EQ7 back in June of 2010. It was inspired by a quilt called Stars Galore, by Sally Murray which is published in the Quilts on American Barns book by Eleanor Burns. This is the first patriotic quilt I have made.

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    Pinwheel Parade Quilt

    Pinwheel Parade Patriotic Quilt
    Pinwheel Parade Quilt. Quilt by Patti Dubreuil

    From Patti: For some reason, I don't know why.....I love pinwheels! When I saw the pinwheel pattern here on the Quilting site, I just had to make it -- with patriotic fabrics, of course. I used the double pinwheel pattern but was able to get a lot of different designs by just moving some of the triangles around. The quilt measures 86" X 108".

    Double Pinwheel Quilt Block Pattern

    Use the red 'search' box to search for pinwheel quilt patterns -- you'll find many variations for blocks and entire quilts.

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    Patriotic Quilt for Frank

    Patriotic Quilt for Frank
    Patriotic Quilt for Frank. Quilt Made by Lois Spacapan

    From Lois: I found the pattern for this quilt on your website. I always contact my brother, Frank, on Memorial Day and Veterans' Day to thank him for his service to our country. He is a World War II vet and served in the Philippines. I made the patriotic quilt and sent it to him for Memorial Day about 5 years ago. My brother was very pleased and the quilt is presently draped across the back of the couch in his living room in Mohawk, NY. The quilt measures about 60 inches square.

    See the Patriotic Quilt Pattern that Lois used.

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    My Heroes Quilt

    My Heroes Patriotic Quilt
    My Heroes Patriotic Quilt. Quilt by umjudis

    From umjudis: This is a wallhanging I made for my sister's birthday. In the field of stars are pictures of the men in our family who served in the U.S. Armed Forces. From left to right: our grandfather, World War I, Army; our dad, World War II, Marines; my sister's husband, Vietnam, Army. It placed first for wallhangings at a quilt show, and she loves the quilt so much that it is hanging on her living room wall.

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    Marine Memories Patriotic Quilt

    Marine Memories Patriotic Quilt
    Marine Memories Patriotic Quilt. Quilt by wildyard

    From wildyard: This quilt was made for a Marine who had to take a medical discharge after 17 years in service and 3 tours in Afghanistan and other areas. He really wanted to make the Service a career and was heartbroken when that was no longer a possibility. The quilt is a large throw/twin size. I created the design to include the medal he was awarded and several other items specific to his career.

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    Jason's July 4 Patriotic Star Birthday Quilt

    Patriotic Star Quilt
    Jason's July 4 Patriotic Star Birthday Quilt 2012. Quilt Made by Georgia Osterman

    From Georgia: My son-in-law turned 40 on July 4, 2012. He wanted a quilt that was patriotic and that would honor the 200-year celebration of the War of 1812. After searching for the right pattern, and then the fabric, I finished it just before his birthday. The quilt measures 74" x 93" and is a modification of "Northwards Star," a quilt pattern deisgned by Anna Marie of Mountainpeek Creations.

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    Crossroads of Indiana Quilt

    Crossroads of Indiana Quilt
    Crossroads of Indiana Quilt. Quilt by Judy Clayton

    From Judy: I made this quilt after our quilt guild challenged by the local historical society to reproduce old quilt patterns. I chose this pattern, a quilt originally made by R. Emma Abroham from South Bend, Indiana, in 1952. Emma designed the quilt to celebrate the beginning of the National Interstate System. She used red, white and blue colored fabric because the interstate logos were of these colors. I found this pattern interesting.

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    Cheating on My Taxes Quilt

    Patriotic Miniature Quilt
    Cheating on My Taxes Miniature Quilt. Quilt by Christine Burtch

    From Christine: This miniature quilt was made for the Tax Time doll quilt swap quilt on the Quilting Form. The swap rules stipulated that each block should be no more than 3-inches in size (mine are 3-inches) and contain a minimum of 10 pieces each, but my heart block only had 8 patches, resulting in the name Cheating on My Taxes.

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    Bargello Heart Quilt

    Bargello Heart Quilt
    Bargello Heart Sample Quilt. Quilt by Bunny Donaldson

    From Bunny: I made this little bargello quilt as a precursor to a quilt pattern I wanted to do for a wedding gift. The sample measures about 2.5 X 3 feet. I had never attempted bargello before and was fascinated when a friend told me how simple it is. The quilt given as a wedding gift is queen sized.

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    Mystic Chords of Memory Quilt

    Mystic Chords of Memory Quilt. Quilt by Sewin' Sam

    Mystic Chords of Memory Quilt

    From Sewin' Sam: Two years ago, I made my DH a memory quilt of his Navy days. He would never use it, only carry it around in its bag and show it off. So, I had to make him another quilt to use while snoozing on the couch. He loves the quilt and uses it every day.

    I must comment on some of the Patriotic quilts in the gallery, they are absolutely gorgeous!

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    Heroes Quilt

    Patriotic Quilt
    Heroes Quilt. Quilt by Ken Frisbey

    Pictures of Patriotic Quilts

    From Ken: This queen size quilt measures 85" X 100" and is made from 100-percent cotton. It is a tribute to the people who protect us every day and the knowledge that freedom isn't free

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    Steve's Marine Corps Quilt

    Patriotic Quilt
    Steve's Marine Corps Quilt. Quilt by LindaB

    Pictures of Patriotic Quilts

    From LindaB: I made this quilt for my brother-in-law who was in the USMC. At first I was a bit standoffish about yellow being one of the colors for the Marines, but when I saw the yellow crackle fabric, what came to mind was the fact that the Marines have withstood all the tests of time.

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    Patriotic String Quilt

    String Quilt
    Patriotic String Quilt. Quilt by Norma Enfield

    From Norma: I'm the local leader of the nationwide group, Quilts of Valor Foundation. This is one of our favorite patterns for wounded veterans.

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    Service Star Quilt

    Patriotic Quilt
    Service Star Quilt. Quilt by Angie Nudge

    Pictures of Patriotic Quilts

    From Angie: This quilt was made for a good friend who has three sons in the military. I made the service star quilt for her son, a Colonel in the Army, who volunteered to go to Iraq for a fellow doctor also in the Army. He has since returned from his tour of duty.

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    Nation's Glory Quilt

    patriotic quilt
    Nation's Glory Quilt. Quilt by Peggi Adams

    Pictures of Patriotic Quilts

    From Peggi: A friend of my children wanted a flag type quilt after 9/11. It's a wall hanging for a large wall, or a lap quilt, and measures about 66" x 45". The quilt was made using Thangles for the half square triangle units. It is machine pieced and quilted. I love the way light plays off the different colors.

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    My American Quilt

    Patriotic Quilt
    My American Quilt. Quilt by Helle

    Pictures of Patriotic Quilts

    From Helle: I taught patchwork and quilting for ten years in The American International Women's Club in Geneve, Switzerland. I made this quilt when I taught them to do Trip around the World. It's a king size quilt.

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    Dad's Quilt

    patriotic log cabin quilt
    Dad's Quilt. Quilt by Janet Weese

    Pictures of Patriotic Quilts

    From Janet: This quilt, with red, white and blue log cabins surrounding an eagle, was made for my father. The quilt measures about 60 x 65 inches.

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    Citizenship Quilt

    Patriotic Quilt
    Citizenship Quilt. Quilt by Erika Boss

    Pictures of Patriotic Quilts

    From Erika: My family and I became citizens of this great country on September 11, 2008 (a very special date). I created a quilt for this special occasion, with the blocks of all 50 states. It hung at the ceremony for all new citizens to see.

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    Fire Cracker Quilt

    Fire Cracker Quilt
    Fire Cracker Quilt, from an Eleanor Burns Pattern. Quilt Made by Brenda Randell

    Pictures of Patriotic Quilts

    From Brenda: "I made this quilt as a Signature Quilt for a Ltt Col. who was retiring from my office. When I gave it to him, he was so thankful. He really liked the the quilt and said that he would hang it on his wall at his new office if there was room. That made me feel really good. I was happy to have made it for him for his retirement."

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    9/11 Quilt

    9/11 Quilt
    9/11 Quilt. 9/11 Quilt by Gail Kolcz

    Patriotic Quilts Photo Gallery

    From Gail Kolcz: I was given the honor of piecing this quilt for my elementary school after 9/11. It consists of fabric squares made by each of the first grade students. We sent it to a school in New York to let them know we were thinking of them.

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    Waves of Glory Quilt

    quilts of valor
    Waves of Glory Quilt. © Sandy Tuzinski

    Pictures of Patriotic Quilts

    From Sandy: I made this quilt for the Quilts Of Valor organization. It is made from 2" squares and many were fussy cut to emphasize the patriotic theme. The quilt will be awarded to a wounded Navy veteran.

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    Waves of Glory Quilt Detail

    quilts of valor
    Waves of Glory Quilt Detail. © Sandy Tuzinski

    Pictures of Patriotic Quilts

    Here's a close up view of the Waves of Glory quilt shown on the previous page.

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    PFC Paulson, USMC Quilt

    patriotic quilt
    PFC Paulson, USMC. © Marine Mom

    Pictures of Patriotic Quilt

    From Marine Mom: "When my son entered the US Marines at age 18, I was proud of him, but missed him terribly. At the 2005 PIQF Quilt Festival, I discovered Tammie Bowser's Quilted Photography system. I purchased the software, and was able to create this quilt based on his first Marine portrait in his dress blues. This was my first photography quilt, and I used 10,000 1-1/4" squares (sewn to 3/4" squares).

    This quilt honors him and all the young men who are serving our country. My son is stationed at Camp Pendleton in San Diego as part of the 2nd battalion, 1st Marine Division as a CAAT (combined anti-armor tank) weapons specialist and is slated to go to Japan, Korea and Australia in January 2007 for seven months and to Iraq in spring of 2008. Creating this quilt was very therapeutic for me, and my way of "letting my oldest son go."

    It was machine quilted by Faye Johnsen in San Jose, CA, and embroidered with "PFC Ryan Paulson / US Marine Corps/ February 2006/ Love Mom" on the back. The backing is Marine red, and the embroidery is in gold.

    I had only done a queen size sampler quilt 20 years ago, and this was my first quilt since them. It was absolutely a labor of love!"

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    Celebration of Freedom Quilt

    patriotic quilt
    Celebration of Freedom Quilt. © Judy, Forum member

    From Judy: "This was the quilt I made for the Moda Challenge. It won at Big Horn Quilts, where I entered it, but didn't go any farther."

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    Old Friends Quilt

    patriotic quilt
    Old Friends Quilt. © Barbara Sollars

    Pictures of Patriotic Quilts

    From Barbara: "I made this quilt for a friend. It's like the one I made for my husband's army reunion -- 40 years, 1966-2006, for the 137th Engrs (le). The quilt is 60" x 80". I have so much pride for the 137th Engrs (le).