Pictures of One Patch Quilts

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    Tumbling Blocks Quilt

    Tumbling Blocks Quilt
    Tumbling Blocks Quilt. Tumbling Blocks Quilt by Martha Sizemore

    The quilts in this photo gallery are all one-patch quilts -- made by repeating the same shape over and over throughout the quilt. Portions of a patch are sometimes used around a quilt's jagged edges, but that doesn't take away from its one-patch status.

    Many one patch quilts are scrap quilts, and some are the ultimate scrap project... charm quilts. Each fabric in a charm quilt is unique, and never repeated in the design.

    How to Make a Charm Quilt

    About The Quilt on This Page

    From Martha: I love the Tumbling Blocks pattern, so I was inspired to make one. My quilt measures about 36" X 45." It was a big hit at our county fair this year.

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    Grandpa's Vegetable Patch Quilt

    Grandma's Flower Garden Quilt
    Grandpa's Vegetable Patch Quilt. Quilt by Txlady2018

    From Txlady2018: I used the grandmothers flower garden design to make this quilt, but since I used more masculine colors and made it for the local Farmer's Market, I named my quilt Grandpa's Vegetable Patch.

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    Grandma's Flower Garden Quilt

    Grandma's Flower Garden Quilt
    Grandma's Flower Garden Quilt. Quilt by Camille Woods

    From Camille: I made this quilt for my grandson, Andrew. It is all hand made and hand quilted.

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    Grandma's Garden Quilt

    Grandma's Flower Garden Quilt
    Grandma's Garden Quilt. Quilt by Emita

    From Emita: I always wanted to make a bedcover with this technique. I designed the pattern and the use of different colors.

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    Cocorico Quilt

    Hexagon Quilt
    Cocorico Quilt. Quilt by Domino Marie

    From Domino Marie: This quilt was inspired by a quilt made by Trish McLean of New Zealand. I had some beautiful batik roosters, and the blue matched the shutters of my daughter's farmhouse in France. I just had to make the "Cocorico" bedspread so she would wake up every morning with a smile.

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    My English Cottage Quilt

    Hexagon Quilt
    My English Cottage Quilt. © Yoka

    From Yoka: I was so hooked on hexagon quilts that I decided to make a small quilt when I bought the book Everything Flowers, Quilts from the Garden by Jean and Valerie Wells. It is still one of my favorite books.

    I added an English cottage and lots of French knots for flowers along a fence. A flower basket sits under the window and I even made some climbing ivy to grow up the cottage.

    The cottage is appliqué and the rest of the quilt is hexagons. The quilt is hand quilted and hangs in my entry hallway. It measures 30.5 x 26 inches.

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    Thanks Elizabeth Kelly, a Charm Quilt

    Thousand Pyramids Charm Quilt
    Thanks Elizabeth Kelly Charm Quilt. © Yoka

    From Yoka: I made this pyramid charm quilt top all by hand. It has a total of 1048 pieces of material and they are all different. I enjoyed the piecing by hand. Thanks to Elisabeth Kelly for a lot of the materials. 

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    My Magen David Quilt

    magen david quilt
    My Magen David Quilt. © Yoka

    From Yoka: I bought a book that included a picture of this quilt. I was fascinated by the quilt because it is a six-pointed star (Star of David) and all in watercolor. The background was also in watercolor but what attracted me the most is that it was all of the hexagons. I had never done anything like it so I made tons of hexagons. It was wonderful because you can take them with you and work while waiting in airports or doctors' offices.