Pictures of Comfort and Charity Quilts

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    Friends for a Cure Quilt

    Friends for a Cure Quilt. © Judy, forum member


    Although this gallery originally featured quilts made for breast cancer awareness, over time I began to receive photos of quilts made to increase awareness of many other diseases. As you browse the pictures, you will see quilts sewn in memory of a victim or survivor, along with quilts that were donated to raise money for a specific group or for research. I think you'll agree that all of the quilts in this gallery are inspirational.

    See Quilting for Charity for tips to help you make comfort and charity quilts.

    From Judy: "A bunch of us who were on Alex Anderson's message board made the friendship stars. I put the quilt together, quilted it and submitted it. When it was auctioned on eBay, a dear friend was bidding on it to get it back for me. I didn't know who was bidding on it and I was bidding against her! She ended up winning and the quilt was given to me at a retreat last summer. BIG surprise!"

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    Breast Cancer T-Shirt Quilt

    Breast Cancer T-Shirt Quilt. Quilt by Auntie Susie

    From Auntie Susie: Made for a friend for her mom, a breast cancer survivor, for Mother's Day. The T-shirts are from past annual walk/run fundraisers.

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    They Are Only Boobs 'Til You Lose Them

    They Are Only Boobs 'Til You Lose Them. © Debbie Rolek

    Breast Cancer Awareness Quilt

    From Debbie: I did this quilt in honor of those who have lost their battle with Breast Cancer. A good friend in Canada, Laurie, was going through chemotherapy, volunteered to do a Challenge for the 2006 MQX (Machine Quilters Expo in New Hampshire). I chose to join the challenge.

    We were given 4 fabrics and were allowed to add 4 fabrics and an inspirational block. One of the fabrics was polka dotted and reminded me of the yellow polka dotted bikini. I made 4 different styles of swimwear in a 9-patch setting.

    Four blocks contain the Breast Cancer Ribbon pattern. The Center block contains the inspirational message of: "Get them Checked,...Get them Checked Often". The center block has the Breast Cancer Ribbon, the American Sign Language symbol of "I love you" with the words below, and a pair of breasts.

    The quilt sashing and border have purple and pink fabric designed by a local quilter, Elaine--they became my focal fabric.

    Breast Cancer Awareness is an important fact for women and men. Self-breast exams, doctor checks, and mammograms help reduce the devastation of breast cancer advancement. These words were quilted into this quilt with traupunto/cutaway method.

    To tie the theme together, I quilted breasts of all different sizes--a few with mastectomies. I painted the words and included breast cancer statistics for different races.

    Embellishing was allowed so I placed trim around all the swimwear. Seed beads were applied to the nipple areas--one having dove pasties for the working girls. Crosses were made from the back side of Breast Cancer bracelets, and 4 people's names and date of death were added. Four different style bracelets appear on the border with words of "courage, hope, strength and endurance". Breast Cancer ribbon pins were applied in the main Breast Cancer Ribbon. Four Angel pins were applied to the quilt to watch over all. Happy face heart erasers were applied to make you smile.

    I created a "stop breast cancer" sign with a ribbon in the center.

    Remember, get them checked, and do it often, so your name will never end up on my quilt.


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    Detail, Debbie R's Quilt

    They Are Only Boobs 'Til You Lose Them, Detail. © Debbie Rolek

    Read all about this breast cancer awareness quilt on the previous page.

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    Brown and Pink Comfort Quilt

    Brown and Pink Comfort Quilt. Quilt by Tehachap

    Tehachap says: My quilt was made for a young single mother who has Lupus. She is estranged from her mother and her mother had promised to make her a quilt one day. I told her that it was becoming apparent that I was supposed to make good on her mother's promise. The quilt top measures 90" x 100". I got a bit carried away with adding strips. The quilt will keep her warm and make a beautiful bedspread for her bed.

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    Ribbons Galore Quilt

    Ribbons Galore Quilt. by Karin Kronen

    I have had several friends who have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. One friend, in particular, is a three-time survivor and is now once again back in the battle. She has walked the "Weekend to End Breast Cancer" for the past three years and her team is in it again this year. I made this quilt to raise funds through a raffle; all proceeds will go to help find a cure and to help those people, men, and women, in the Province of Alberta. --Karin

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    Debbie Rolek & Her Breast Cancer Challenge Quilt

    Breast Cancer Challenge Quilt. © Debbie Rolek

    Breast Cancer Challenge Quilt

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    Breast Cancer Quilt

    Debbie with her Breast Cancer Challenge Quilt. © Debbie Rolek

    From Debbie: "This quilt is a Breast Cancer Challenge quilt that I made for the Machine Quilters Expo, 2007, in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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    Breast Cancer Quilt - Detail

    Breast Cancer Challenge Quilt Detail. © Debbie Rolek

    Breast Cancer Challenge Quilt

    Detail of Debbie's Breast Cancer Challenge quilt.

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    Quilting for the Cure

    Quilting for the Cure. Quilt by the Nelsonville Wesleyan Church Quilt Class

    The members of the Nelsonville Wesleyan Church quilt class pieced the blocks for this Quilt for the Cure wallhanging from fabric donated by Honey Fork Fabrics. Members of the church congregation wrote names of a woman they knew who were survivors or victims of breast cancer. It was quilted on a long arm by Nelsonville Quilt Company. Our local hospital, Doctors Hospital Nelsonville, bought it. The quilt is hanging in their mammography area. The money from the purchase was donated to the Stephanie Spielman Cancer Research Fund.

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    Quilt for Barry

    Cancer Awareness Quilt for Barry. Quilt by The Feds

    The Feds says: I made this awareness quilt while a good friend, Barry, was living through his treatment. I gave the quilt to a Cancer Charity in France to do with what they wished. It was the only thing I could do. The quilt is called 'For Barry' and measures approximately 68" x 78".

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    Quilt For Mom

    Quilt For Mom. Quilt by Patti Vallett Kaulback

    Pictures of Cancer Awareness Quilts

    From Patti: I was asked to do a breast cancer fund raiser quilt in 2008. It just so happened that I already had cancer fabric from a challenge in our quilt guild. I managed to add to the challenge fabric and produce not only this quilt but one other (next page).

    The quilt was machine pieced in honor of my mother, who went through breast cancer twice, and lost the battle. It was machine quilted by Stover Quality Quilting using the breast cancer ribbon pattern.

    While the raffle did not raise what I had hoped, it did raise awareness and conversation of those whose lives have been touched by this disease. The person who won the raffle took it to the hospital that very day to her sister who had just undergone breast cancer surgery. How fitting. Yes, we, as a group, can beat this thing, one stitch at a time!

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    Angel Waterfall Quilt

    Angel Waterfall Quilt. by an Anonymous Quilter

    Pictures of Cancer Awareness Quilts

    From Anonymous: This quilt was originally made by me in 2006 and was sponsored by Hancock Fabrics, Peoria Illinois. It was raffled off with the proceeds to go to St. Jude's Hospital. The cancer ribbon was quite big enough for me so I changed it to the Waterfall. It has over 20 pink fabrics and the waterfall effect is made with blue angels: it was stipple quilted and required over 3000 yards of thread for the quilting. The quilt measures about 87" x 104" and was a labor of love.

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    Jody's Bandana Quilt

    Jody's Bandana Quilt. Quilt by Jody Kallerman

    Jody says: These are the bandanas I wore when I lost my hair from doing chemo when I had breast cancer.

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    Linda's Awareness Ribbon Quilt

    Linda's Awareness Ribbon Quilt. Quilt by Linda Wedge White

    Linda says: I created this pattern and quilt as a donation quilt for a local Walk For Life group raffle. I have since created three more quilts from this pattern to use as donations for those undergoing chemo. All of my donation quilts are a large throw size.

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    Healing Horses Comfort Quilt

    Healing Horses Quilt. Quilt by Linda Wedge White

    Linda says: I made this quilt for a fellow member of a quilting board. A bunch of members were donating squares to make a quilt for another member who was ill, and no one was aware that my friend, who was also donating a square, was also ill. So I decided to make her a quilt of her own as a surprise. She loves horses and was totally blown away by the quilt.

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    Relay for Life Quilt, Mena Arkansas, 2012

    Relay for Life Quilt, Mena Arkansas. Quilt by Angela Smith

    Angela says: This quilt was made with love and prayers as a raffle quilt to raise money for the 2012 Relay For Life event in Mena, Arkansas. The quilt was pieced by Sharon Judkins, Barbara Rice, Peggy Shelley, Louise Oates, Susan Carter, Marilyn Lister and Angela Smith. Quilted by Tiny Campbell and Treva Hilton. The ribbon quilt block pattern is by Janet Wickell.

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    Izzy's Healing Quilt

    Izzy's Healing Quilt. Quilt by SilkQuilt

    SilkQuilt made this signature quilt for her daughter, Isadora, during her treatment for a sarcoma cancer in 2010.

    Visit the SilkQuilt Web Site

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    Detail of Messages on Izzy's Healing Quilt

    Izzy's Healing Quilt Detail. Quilt by SilkQuilt

    Detail of the messages on Izzy's Healing Quilt.

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    Ovarian Cancer Quilt for Peggy

    Ovarian Cancer Quilt for Peggy. Margy

    From Margy: This quilt was made for my precious friend, Peggy, while she was in the middle of her fight with ovarian cancer. The 10" squares of teal (the color for ovarian cancer) and brown were made into a 70"x 90" quilt and backed with teal flannel for extra "snuggliness." A friend embroidered Peggy's name and the awareness ribbon on one of the squares. Peggy used the quilt during her chemo treatments, hospital visits and - finally, Hospice care. Sadly, sweet Peggy lost her fight in 2011, but the quilt continues to warm her daughter and granddaughter as they honor her. Peggy will never be forgotten -- love you girl!

    Awareness Ribbon Colors

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    2011 Relay for Life Quilt

    2011 Relay for Life Quilt. Quilt by LoraJ

    From LoraJ: I made this quilt for our Sunday School to raffle off in support of Relay for Life. Another member collected the tee shirts for me to use and did the cross-stitch on the side borders. It became a personal journey for me and was done in memory of my Mom, who died of Ovarian cancer, in honor of my husband who has survived base-of-tongue and prostate cancer, and in hope for my son, who was diagnosed with Lymphoma.

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    What Cancer Cannot Do Quilt

    What Cancer Cannot Do Quilt. Quilt by Kerri

    From Kerri:: This quilt was made in memory of my brother, Mark, who passed away in October 2010. I made the quilt to help support in a way I could, behind the scenes and donated it to the Cancer Council in his hometown to do with it what they wished. The words are a true sign of what cancer cannot do. Quilt size is 52" x 66" and the fabric used represents a few of the awareness ribbons.

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    A Sister is a Forever Friend

    A Sister is a Forever Friend. Quilt by Susie
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    Shattered. Quilt by Sewtherequilts

    From Sewtherequilts: I made this quilt in honor of my sister who died from ALS. It depicts the devastation inflicted on the victims of this horrible disease. My sister and I quilted together, starting in the mid-1980s.

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    Family Heirloom Quilt

    Family Heirloom Quilt. Quilt by Paulette Lajeunesse

    From Paulette: I started quilting in the fall of 2009 as I was recovering from stage III endometrial/ovarian cancer. I saw a bargello quilt done in breast cancer colors and I decided I would make it in my family's colors:

    • Gray, as my mother had colon cancer and passed away from brain cancer.
    • Blue, as my mother and my brother, had colon cancer (my brother passed away after cancer spread to his duodenum, liver, and pancreas).
    • Teal, for ovarian cancer... not only did I fight this disease, my sister also entered the fight two years after I did.

    The quilt is 50 inches wide and 90 inches long. I shopped and gathered my fabrics over the course of a summer, and once I started putting it together, I couldn't put it down! I finished the quilt in about three weeks. I will donate the quilt to our Regional Cancer Treatment Center to hang in the radiation treatment area (where I had 32 treatments). Working on this project was very therapeutic.

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    Changing Minds Quilt

    Changing Minds Quilt. Quilt by annhillquilter

    This quilt was made at the start of a two-year project making quilts for Alzheimer Scotland. This was my original interpretation of what Alzheimer's is. Other quilts tell the stories of those with Alzheimer's and the stories of their families. Some are comfort quilts, others are wall hangings and some are 'Myndin Quilts' which are basically memory triggers.

    The journey taken by those with Alzheimer's is represented by one dark square in the first nine-patch quilt block, two in the second and so on until all of the last ​block is dark. However, the last nine-patch also has a beaded heart (representing love) which remains throughout, along with a batch of forget-me-nots as memories also remain.

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    CUI Tree of Life Quilt

    CUI Tree of Life Quilt. Quilt by Wilma's Sister

    From Wilma's Sister: I came up with the idea of selling leaves and putting them on a quilted tree. The leaves were $5.00 each and individuals could write their name or the name of a loved one on the leaf. The color of the ink used indicated whether they were a survivor, someone whose life had been touched by cancer, or someone lost to cancer.

    We sold approximately $1,200 worth of leaves and our company matched our donations and purchased the quilt. The quilt was my first attempt at both applique and machine quilting.

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    Woven Ribbons Quilt

    Woven Ribbons Quilt. Awareness Quilt by Liz

    From Liz: I made this quilt for a fundraiser for two grandchildren who have a rare genetic disease called Sanfilippo Syndrome. It is a form of MPS or Mucopolysaccharidoses.

    I used purple fabrics in the quilt since that color represents the disease. The pattern came from the November 2007 issue of The Quilter Magazine. The quilt measures 57" x 69" and I will probably make another one when I find the right collection of purple fabrics.

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    Purrs and Prayers for Tanya

    Purrs and Prayers for Tanya. Quilt by Karen and Celia

    From Karen: Our good friend is going thru chemo. My friend Celia and I made this quilt for her to take along during her treatments. It makes everyone who sees it smile.

    We cut the cats and the squares out with Celia's Big Shot from Stampin Up and we made the quilt in a week! Some of the border fabric was donated by friends in our Quilt Group (Dixie's Chicks here in Boise, ID.) Tanya, the quilt's recipient, is a member.

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    Ovarian Cancer Quilt

    Ovarian Cancer Quilt. Quilt by Fay

    From Fay: I made this quilt for a friend when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Instead of flowers or another gift, I felt this is something she could use for a long time. I gave her the quilt after her surgery. She enjoys having the quilt with her, to keep her warm.

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    Lucy's Cancer Ribbons Quilt

    Lucy's Cacer Ribbons Quilt. Cancer Awareness Quilt by Lucy Clark

    From Lucy: My husband had kidney cancer and was taking chemo. While he slept, I needed something to do. I wanted people to be aware that there are many types of cancer.

    This was the first paper piecing I tried. Each ribbon is labeled and the quilt is hanging in the infusion lab in Carrollton, Texas. My husband died in August of 2010, after a ten year battle with cancer.

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    Olde Cedar Chest Quilt

    Olde Cedar Chest Quilt. Awareness Quilt by Cindy Van Henkelum

    From Cindy: I participate in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. This year, as part of our fundraising efforts, I decided to make two quilts to raffle off at our Relay. This quilt was inspired by a pattern called Olde Cedar Chest, by Marcus Fabrics, which I got from one of my local quilt shops.

    The label for this quilt reads:

    This Awareness Quilt was
    Created by Cindy Van Henkelum
    For the 2011 Relay for Life of Tinley Park
    June 4-5, 2011

    Pieced with Care and Stitched with Love to
    Celebrate Those Who Have Survived,
    Encourage Those Still Fighting,
    Remember Those Who Lost Their Battle.

    Cindy repeated the label on the second awareness quilt made for this event, seen on the next page.

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    Maple Leaf Log Cabin Quilt

    Maple Leaf Log Cabin Quilt. Awareness Quilt by Cindy Van Henkelum

    This is a second quilt made by Cindy (see the previous page) for a Relay of Life raffle.

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    Rebecca's Quilt

    Rebecca's Quilt. Quilt by Christine Burtch


    Rebecca's Quilt

    This ovarian cancer awareness memory quilt was made in honor of the Palm Beach County Quilters' Guild late president and one of my closest friends, Rebecca Winters, who passed away mid-way through her term. Descriptive terms are machined embroidered. It was entered into the Palm Beach County Fair and won a blue ribbon. Afterward, I presented it to Rebecca's sister and mother, who are still members of PBCQG. A twin quilt top with more personal sayings is waiting for me to finish.

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    23 Phases of Cancer Quilt

    23 Phases of Cancer Quilt. Cancer Awareness Quilt by Marian O. Jimmo

    23 Phases of Cancer Quilt
    From Marian: My quilt measures 45"x45". I made it as a donation for the Koman October 2010 Breast Cancer Walk, which will be walked by Nicole, a young woman who walks this 60 miles every year. I was unable to donate a check to her as my income is limited since the passing of my husband. Nicole has to raise $2300 to participate in this walk. She will raffle the quilt to help raise part of her entrance fee. The quilt is my donation to her.

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    Cancer Ribbons Quilt

    Cancer Ribbons Quilt. Quilt by Jane Yorek


    Cancer Ribbons Quilt

    From Jane: I made the Cancer Ribbons quilt for a silent auction, to help raise money for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life of Morrison County, Minnesota. After losing my husband to cancer seven years ago, my family and friends formed a team that has walked for a cure for the past six years.

    This quilt was my first attempt at paper piecing and machine quilting. It measures 42" by 63".

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    Gloria's Comfort Quilt

    Gloria's Quilt. Breast Cancer Comfort Quilt by Karen Sue Lewis


    Gloria's Comfort Quilt

    From Karen: This quilt was made for my sister, Gloria, who lives in Oakland, Maryland. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and I wanted her to have a quilt she could snuggle up with during her "down" days. It is a lap quilt size. I was inspired to make it by a quilt that I saw online.

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    Cancer Survivor Quilt

    Survivor Quilt. Quilt by Patty Bilodeau


    Cancer Survivor Quilt

    From Patty: This queen size quilt is machine and hand quilted, and the cancer ribbons are cross stitched. I am a 10-year breast cancer survivor and my husband, who was my caregiver, passed away from liver cancer. I am donating this quilt to the raffle for the Relay for Life Event in my town. It was stitched with love for all those who have and will fight the battle against cancer. God bless us all.

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    Quilt of Hope and Love

    Quilt of Hope and Love. Quilt by Nancy Ottaviano


    Quilt of Hope and Love

    From Nancy: When my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I saw an ad in a magazine for a fabric line by Blank Quilting that supported Ovarian Cancer Research. I found a local source, purchased over 42 yards of fabric and contacted all my mom's quilting friends and mine. I requested they make 2 blocks with fabric I would send. One block would be used in a quilt of hope and love for my mom and the other would be used in a charity quilt to support ovarian cancer. The response was overwhelming -- I received over 150 blocks!

    In addition to the Quilt of Hope and Love presented to my mom, I have made and donated nine quilts to various ovarian cancer organizations to be used in auctions or raffles.

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    Breast Cancer T-Shirt Quilt

    Breast Cancer T-Shirt Quilt. Breast Cancer T-Shirt Quilt by Custom Tee Shirt Quilts


    Breast Cancer T-Shirt Quilt

    From Custom T-Shirt Quilts: My best friend of over 30 years is a breast cancer survivor. She has been in many Race for The Cure walks and had a lot of t-shirts. I made this queen size T-Shirt quilt for her birthday last year. The back of the quilt is sewn in shirts that are in memory of one of her friends.

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    Walk in Faith, Not in Fear Quilt

    Walk in Faith Not in Fear Quilt. Quilt by LadyK Survivor

    Pictures of Cancer Awareness Quilts

    From LadyK: I made this quilt to donate to the Cancer Center where I am a Survivor of Breast Cancer. The quilt was given away in a raffle, on Survivors Day, in June of 2010. The quilt was made of a combination of fleece, flannel, and lace, and with several squares embroidered with either a single word or the saying Walk in Faith No in Fear. This was truly a quilt made from the heart.

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    Nifty Fifty Breast Cancer Quilt

    Nifty Fifty Survivor/Memorial Breast Cancer Quilt. Nifty Fifty Quilters


    Nifty Fifty Survivor/Memorial Breast Cancer Quilt

    From Nifty Fifty Quilters: This is the first of the Nifty Fifty Quilter's Breast Cancer Charity Quilts. It is a signature quilt, designed to collect signatures of breast cancer survivors (friends and family members can sign for those who have lost their fight). The quilt is available to travel to quilts shows and events.

    Learn More About the Quilt

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    Cancer Awareness Quilt

    Cancer Awareness Quilt. Quilt by Patti Vallett Kaulback

    See the story of Patti's two cancer awareness quilts on the previous page.

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    Think Pink for Wittenberg Quilt

    Think Pink for Wittenberg. Quilt by Sharon Leali

    Pictures of Cancer Awareness Quilts

    From Sharon: My daughter's basketball team had a 'think pink' night to honor everyone surviving, suffering or who had passed from Breast Cancer. It was especially important to this team as they had recently lost a beloved coach to breast cancer.

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    Mary's Legacy Quilt

    Mary's Legacy Quilt. Quilt by Katie Weaver

    From Theresa B: My mother, Katie's grandmother, had cancer for 4-1/2 years. Mom's love in this world was her family. When we no longer knew what to do we decided to make a quilt with a picture of every member of her family, living and passed, to wrap around her at her lowest point.

    Katie gathered pictures of family past and present and conformed them to fit the chosen fabric size. It took days. My sister sewed all the pieces together in one day. Surrounded by everyone, we presented it to Mom. She left us a week later. Now my father finds comfort in the quilt, Mary's Legacy.

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    Tabatha's Quilt

    Tabatha's Quilt. © Cheri M.

    From Cheri: I made this quilt for a friend who is battling breast cancer. I made the quilt for her to have while she is taking her chemo treatments.

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    Cancer Quilt

    Cancer Quilt. Quilt by RoseMarie Herdman

    Quilting for a Cure

    From RoseMarie: I was asked last summer to make and donate a quilt to be auctioned at the Cancer Walk. The quilt I made uses the block Jacob's Ladder. Yellow represents hope at the end of the tunnel. Pink and red are for prayers and love. Purple for strength and courage during this battle. Black and white for those who struggled and, even though they were not survivors, they are winners. I machine pieced the quilt and sent it to Quilted Basket in Southington, CT to be quilted on a longarm. A deep red binding made the quilt pop. It was my first charity quilt and measures 63" x 63".

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    Breast Cancer Tribute Quilt

    Heart On Snowball Breast Cancer Tribute Quilt. Quilt by RoseMarie

    Pictures of Cancer Awareness Quilts

    From RoseMarie: I placed eight blocks (I have six relatives and two friends who passed away over the years). A niece told me her Mom was diagnosed in February, so this prompted the wallhanging. The hearts have a pink ribbon on top of, and there are red and pink ribbons in the top corner for heart month as well as for cancer. The quilt hangs on a wall going upstairs in our condo.

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    Cancer Awareness Quilt

    Cancer Awareness Quilt. Quilt by Lori Pease

    From Lori: I made this quilt to support cancer research for a raffle at my office. This was made from scraps I already had in my stash. The Quilt measures 5' X 5'. I made the quilt in 2-1/2 weeks from start to finish.

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    Nancy's Sampler Quilt

    Nancy's Sampler Quilt. Quilt by Nancy

    From Nancy: This is the finished quilt I emailed you about last year. It is for our cancer donation quilt for the raffle.

    Twelve blocks and finishing instructions for the Anniversary Sampler Quilt

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    Memories of Mom Quilt

    Memories of Mom Breast Cancer Awareness Quilt. Quilt by Tre' Marie

    Pictures of Cancer Awareness Quilts

    From Tre' Marie: My mother always carried a handkerchief...always. She was also a very good seamstress. After she passed away from breast cancer, I decide that a good way to memorialize her would be to make a quilt using her old handkerchiefs. The quilt measures 48" x 62".

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    Linda's Quilt

    Linda's Quilt. Quilt by Tante Julia

    Pictures of Cancer Awareness Quilts

    From Julia: Linda's Quilt was made for my niece who was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 35. Family members each made a block, and after the quilt was quilted and bound we had a girls' weekend, where we managed to surprise her totally. It was a way for all of us to channel our love and prayers into something constructive and beautiful that Linda will always be able to keep -- tangible proof that when the cold winds blow, loving family will wrap around tight and keep you warm. As of now, she is well and cancer-free!

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    Detail from Linda's Quilt

    Linda's Quilt - Detail. Quilt by Tante Julia

    Quilts for Cancer Awareness

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    Grey Ribbon Quilt

    Grey Ribbon Quilt. Quilt by Amber Stedman

    From Amber: I made this quilt after I was diagnosed and had surgery for a brain tumor. The quilt measures 60" x 72".

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    Amy's Quilt

    Amy's Quilt - Pink Ribbon Quilt. by Patricia Kleinmaier

    I made this quilt for my daughter, Amy, who at the young age of 27 was diagnosed with breast cancer. I designed the quilt, and machine pieced and hand quilted it in less than 6 weeks in order to give it to her on her first day of chemo. Amy will be a 5-year survivor in Sept, 2008. --Patricia

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    Susan's Cancer Ribbon Quilt

    Cancer Ribbon Quilt. © Susan Morris

    Pictures of Cancer Awareness Quilts

    From Susan: I made three quilts using this ribbon pattern to auction at the relay for life in Kalispell, Montana. Each color represents specific cancer. The fun part was that I didn't have to buy any fabric, I had it all in my stash.

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    Rhythm of the Heart Quilt

    Rhythm of the Heart Quilt. © MickeyW

    Pictures of Cancer Awareness Quilts

    From Mickey: I was diagnosed with stage 2, grade 3 breast cancer right after Christmas, 2006. I had lumpectomy surgery and was told cancer hadn't spread to the lymph nodes so I would only need radiation treatment. But in February, just before my birthday, I was told by my oncologist that I would not only need chemotherapy but one more surgery and then radiation. Three weeks after my first chemo treatment I started to lose my hair. A friend, who is also a breast cancer survivor, told me about the Cancer Association and what they do for cancer patients. She took me there and I was given 2 wigs and a turban to wear at no cost to me.

    Later on, in my chemo, I was treated to what they called, Look Good Feel Good, a beauty treatment class that dealt with the loss of not only your hair but eye lashes, eyebrows, and the skin tone changes that chemo causes. The class taught us to make eyebrows where there weren't any, different ways to put on makeup to cover the splotches you get, and how to wear wigs, hats, and turbans. They also gave us a makeup kit -- and it was an expensive kit -- all high-end makeup, but again at no cost. I left there feeling better than I had in a while.

    I wanted to give the Cancer Association something back, something from me that showed how much I appreciated everything they did for me and other cancer patients. They help cancer patients deal with their diagnoses, their feelings, and worries and any other information they need before, during and after their cancer treatment.

    I'm still going through treatment, but I hope to be done by the end of September and hopefully be back to work in October. The Cancer Association is raffling my quilt at their next walk for breast cancer and I hope it does well for them. The label on my quilt read, With heart felt love I make this quilt, To all past survivors, all present survivors, and all future survivors. My heart goes out to anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer.

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    Label Detail - Rhythm of the Heart

    Label for Rhythm of the Heart. © MickeyW

    Pictures of Cancer Awareness Quilts

    Label detail for the quilt Rhythm of the Heart

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    Mama's Scarves Memory Quilt

    Mama's Scarves Quilt. © Scrappy

    From Scrappy: "I made this quilt for a friend of mine who passed away from cancer in 2004. The quilt is made from a bag of her scarves that we found when we were cleaning out her closet, and it also includes a bathrobe that belonged to my friend when she was a child. The quilt measures 43 x 45."

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    Pink Ribbon Quilt

    Pink Ribbon Quilt. © barbcatw

    From barbcatw: "This quilt is my original design, made for a raffle for Bowl for a Cure last October."

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    Boob Totem Quilt

    Boob Totem Quilt. © Darlene Barr

    Breast Cancer Awareness Quilts

    From Darlene: "I confess that since my breast cancer experience, I've been somewhat obsessed with breast images. These are saggy and perky and even reshaped and removed by surgery."

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    The BraZEN ZEN Bra Quilt

    The BraZEN ZEN Bra. © CHERYL, forum member

    From Cheryl: "This quilt was made from swap blocks. The block I made was from fabric with Zen-like expressions written on it, thus the "Zen bra" part of the name. The "braZEN" part of the name came from something I remember my mom saying to my aunt. My aunt was in my mom's bedroom, getting dressed for a funeral. My mom walked in and saw that my aunt was wearing a black bra. This was in about 1960 -- when my mom and her peers wore only utilitarian white bras. My much younger aunt lived in California and was more liberal than my mom and her friends. I'll always remember my mom's shocked expression when she blurted out "HELEN, only brazen hussies wear black underwear!"

    Last year I donated the quilt to a local charity that funds mammograms for women who have no health insurance or means to pay for breast cancer screening and it sold for several hundred dollars in a silent auction.


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    BraZEN ZEN Bra Border Fabric

    BraZEN ZEN Bra Border Fabric. © CHERYL, forum member

    A close-up of the border fabric in Cheryl's BraZEN ZEN Bra

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    Breast Cancer Ribbon Quilt

    Debbie, right, with her mother, Marge, and the Breast Cancer Ribbon Quilt. © Debbie Rolek

    From Debbie: "Our guild was asked to help complete a quilt from the Breast Cancer blocks received from American Patchwork and Quilting. I was lucky and received Pink Ribbon paper pieced blocks from 34 people in the United States and other countries. I contacted them and was given permission to enlarge and create the quilt I wanted and quilt "as desired."

    "I took on this project in memory of my maternal grandmother. After creating the top, I researched the Komen Foundation, which would be the recipient of the funds, and quilted their motto around the border. I also quilted symbols of two different Breast Cancer Stamps and other symbols. My mother enjoyed helping decide on placement."

    "When this quilt finally made its turn on the Ebay auction, I bought it back for my mother, with 10 days until Christmas. This was going to be the best Christmas ever."

    Things did not go well as it was lost in the mail. I posted to the lists of quilters, sewers and everyone I knew to be on the lookout for the quilt. Luckily, it was not a sampler as many of the quilts were--it was easy to remember. Two months later, a wonderful quilter from Michigan, who I didn't know, remembered it being listed on and contacted me."

    I delivered it to my mother in front of her friends, and yes she cried tears of joy. I also provided her a copy of all the notes I had sent and received about its loss. That made my mother cry more, as until then she didn't have a clue about the trauma of losing this quilt. She does use it and it is on their bed."

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    Breast Cancer Support Quilt

    Landscape Quilt for Breast Cancer Support. © Shirley Canuck

    From Shirley: "I donated this landscape quilt to, a breast cancer support project."

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    Susie's Friendship Quilt

    Susie's Quilt, blocks made for Sue Eslinger by MiniFest attendees in March, 1995. Assembled by Janet Wickell in March, 1995. © Janet Wickell

    From Janet: Two of my sisters, Donna and Sue, helped me organize and sponsor a quilting seminar that was held in western North Carolina for several years in the 1990's. Sue had breast cancer, and in 1995 she couldn't attend. She was getting ready to travel across the US to a clinic.

    Some of the quilters had come to the seminar every year, even the first when we changed locations at the last minute after the "Blizzard of the Century" blew through. In 1995, women who knew Sue made blocks for her from paper piecing patterns that Donna and I printed for them.

    I couldn't decide at first how to make the varied blocks all work together but came up with this layout. I started it on the last day of the seminar and finished it a few days later so that we could send it to her at the clinic. She was moved by everyone's thoughts, some penned to her within blocks. Quilt blocks that came to me after I pieced the front are displayed on the back of the quilt.

    Sadly, Sue lost her battle with breast cancer about a year later and the quilt came back to me.

    If any of you have the quilted badges made for those seminars, you have Donna and Sue to thank for them. They spent hours and hours every year stitching a quilted theme badge for every attendee. We sure had a lot of fun at those events!


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    Trees for Leslie Quilt

    Trees for Leslie. © Calna

    From Calna: "This quilt is 39 by 42 inches. It is a Northern Ontario Landscape. The quilt was inspired by my dear friend Leslie, who is battling cancer. I wanted to give her a path through the forest."

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    Floating Stars of Hope Quilt

    Floating Stars of Hope Quilt. © Diane Martin

    From Diane: We used this Scrappy Floating Stars pattern to make this quilt. Eight quilters from the Nite Owl Quilters Guild met on Quilt Pink day and finished the quilt top. It was sent into American Patchwork & Quilting for auction. The quilt measures 60" x 74".