80 Inspiring Boy Baby Quilts Ideas

Baby Boy On Vintage Quilt
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Are you looking for inspiration for a baby quilt for a new little man in your life? If so, you're sure to find something you'll love in this collection of unique baby quilts.You'll find lots of free baby quilt patterns, and most are suitable for quilters of every skill level.

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    Paddington Baby Quilt

    Paddington baby quilt hanging from a clothespin line.
    PJ Elsins

    From Lisa: My daughter loved the classic Paddington series growing up. A little bear that is always getting into trouble! I knew this would be a perfect gift for my grandson.

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    Truck Quilt

    Baby quilt and pillow adorned with trucks.
    Quilt by Angela

    From Angela: My grandson loves his Pap Pap's green truck, so I made a quilt with truck applique on the back. He loves it.

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    Choo-Choo Train Baby Quilt

    Grandma with baby on the floor with a train baby quilt.
    Quilt by Char Thompson

    From Char: I made the Choo-Choo Train baby quilt for my grandson and embroidered his name and birthdate in one of the squares to personalize it as a keepsake.

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    Irish Teddy Chain Baby Quilt

    Teddy bear quilt hanging on a wall.
    Quilt by Sheilago

    From Sheilago: I made a quilt like this for an Irish cousin's baby. The Irish chain design seemed appropriate for an Irish baby's first quilt. The teddies were inspired by a peekaboo quilt I saw on this site. All the plain squares are hand quilted with stars and moons, which will hopefully make the baby feel sleepy!

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    Tonka Toys Quilt

    Tonka toys quilt hanging on a wall.
    Quilt by Georgia Payne

    From Georgia: I created the Tonka Toys quilt for my first grandson. I fussy cut all of the different trucks in six-inch squares, then pieced them back together, added the border from fat quarter scraps, and included a striped backing to match. The quilt measures 55 inches by 43 inches and I think it is my best ever.

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    Aiden's Baby Quilt

    Baby quilt with alphabetical squares.
    Quilt by Alice M. Zeiger

    From Alice: This quilt was for my first grandchild, Aiden, and needed to be special. I cross-stitched all the blocks before I assembled the quilt—it's bigger than the crib! I also messed up and put the "ice cream" block in upside down. The quilt is still holding up strong, four years later.

    Note From Janet: The ice cream block looks perfectly-on-purpose sewn upside down.

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    Happy Critters Baby Quilt

    Baby quilt with squares of dragonfly, ladybug, butterfly, bee, and frog.
    Baby Quilt by MNQuilter

    From MNQuilter: Upon learning that my husband and I were to become first-time grandparents, I started searching for fun baby quilt patterns. Because our son and daughter-in-law did not plan to find out whether they were having a boy or a girl in advance of the baby's birth, I had to find something that worked for either gender. I discovered a darling quilt made of appliqued "critters" with embroidered facial features and other cute embroidered details.

    Our daughter-in-law was planning to decorate their nursery in non-traditional colors, not the standard baby pastels. So I decided to go with fun bright colors, and patterns. With a white background in the appliqued squares, the "critters" really stand out. I had not done prairie points before, but loved the look and decided to add them to the bound edge.

    The pattern for this baby quilt is from the book "Tadpole Quilts for Baby" by Tammy Tadd.

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    For Malcolm's Eyes Baby Quilt

    Woman holding green baby quilt.
    Quilt by BJ

    From BJ: My daughter-in-law wanted a non-traditional baby quilt in shades of green. I designed this quilt myself and put black in it to attract my grandson Malcolm's eyes.

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    Quilt Inspired by Pillows

    Baby quilt with squares of children's and animal's faces.
    Quilt by Kitty

    From Kitty: I made little pillows with these faces and donated them to the Ronald McDonald House. Then I got the idea to make a quilt using the same faces. The one on the bottom left-hand corner is a drawing my grandson drew of himself when he was missing his teeth, which made a cute filler for my extra square.

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    Quick and Easy Baby Quilt

    Green and pink baby quilt lying on the table.
    Baby Quilt by Bonnie Evans

    From Bonnie: I needed a fast baby gift, so I relied upon the cute pattern printed on these fabrics to create a baby quilt.

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    Winnie-the-Pooh Baby Quilt

    Winnie-the-Pooh baby quilt lying on a table.
    Pooh Baby Quilt Baby Quilt by Bonnie Evans

    From Bonnie: I made this little quilt for a new baby boy, fussy cutting the Pooh fabric to feature the different scenes of Pooh and his friends. The squares are framed with color coordinating fabrics.

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    Baby Scripture Quilt

    Baby quilt with squares of scripture lying on the table.
    Baby Quilt by Bonnie Evans

    From Bonnie:: This 30-inch x 30-inch baby quilt was made using the traditional snowball quilt block sewn next to nine-patch blocks. The quilt was a gift for new parents. Each snowball block has a child-related scripture printed on it.

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    William's Pirate Quilt

    Pirate quilt with sailboats and map.
    Pirate Quilt by Angela

    From Angela: I made this twin-sized quilt for my grandson. It was designed around a purchased panel, and I made a matching pillowcase to go with it. My grandson absolutely loves it.

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    Zach's Baby Quilt

    Baby quilt with blue squares and Winnie-the-Pooh squares.
    Baby Quilt by Susansquilts

    From Susansquilts: I made this quilt for a coworker for her baby shower. It is 100 percent cotton, hand-tied with a flannel Winnie-the-Pooh design on the backing as well as the front. It was very fun to do and she loved it.

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    Tiny Trip Around the World Baby Quilt

    Baby blue quilt with diamond design hanging on a wall.
    Quilt by Jeanne J.

    From Jeanne: I made this for my niece's first baby. They live so far away it feels like we have to travel around the world to see them!

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    Luke's Spiderman Quilt

    Boy resting his head on a Spiderman quilt with matching pillow.
    Quilt by Kay Thurlow

    This quilt is perfect for any current or future Spiderman fan.

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    Baby Carriage Quilt

    Baby carriage on a quilt.
    Baby Carriage Quilt by Karen L.

    From Karen: I designed the quilt after my niece's shower invitation. The baby carriage is done in applique and the blue hood is slightly stuffed to give dimension.

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    Bug Jar Baby Quilt

    Quilt with squares of bug jars.
    Squatty Bug Jar Quilt by Cathartes

    From Cathartes: I saw this bug jar quilt and as​ a beginner, I thought I could handle this pattern. What a perfect thing to make for my first grandson!

    The finished quilt is only 36 inches by 48 inches and just the right size for a toddler to drag around and cuddle. I did the smaller jar pattern, chose fun items to put in the jars, and made pairs so as he gets older, he can play at matching them up.

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    Robot Rumba Baby Quilt

    Yellow baby quilt with robots.
    Quilt by Julie Rein

    From Julie: This quilt was made for a charity I quilt with called Quilts for Kids. I like this quilt because it's fun and uplifting. I hope the child who gets it feels that way, too.

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    Daring Dragons Baby Quilt

    Purple baby quilt with dragons on the squares.
    Dragons Quilt by Custom Quilts by Kathy

    This quilt combines pinwheels with embroidered dragons perfect for any fan of fantasy.

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    Ashton's Baby Quilt

    Person holding baby boy quilt with sailboat.
    Baby Quilt by Maria Gonzalez

    From Maria: This is a simple baby quilt that I had to make fast to give as a present. It was sewn from panels and worked nicely for a nice quick baby quilt.

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    Fishy Baby Quilt

    Blue and yellow fishy baby quilt.
    Baby Quilt by Rafta

    From Rafta: My son and his wife are expecting their first baby and they live in Florida so I thought the fish theme would be appropriate.

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    Dylan's Baby Quilt

    Blue baby quilt adorned with John Deere tractors.
    Dylan's Quilt by Retreat Quilter

    This tractor patterned quilt is perfect for the little farmer your life.

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    Baby Quilt by Maya

    Baby quilt with elephants hanging from clothespins.
    Baby Quilt by Maya Shemesh

     Jungle animals and colorful stripes give babies lots to look at in this quilt design.

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    Funky Jungle Animals Baby Quilt

    Baby quilt with jungle animals hanging on a clothesline with clothespins.
    Baby Quilt by Afra

    This jungle animal design is perfect for a quilt that is meant to be used for years to come.

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    Gramma's Star Baby Quilt

    Peach and pink quilt with stars.
    Baby Quilt by Sandra

    From Sandra: My son finally married at 43 and became a daddy at age 44. He is on "Cloud 9," so I decided that the baby should be in the stars. This baby quilt is all flannel, so it's baby soft with lots of appliques for the little one to play with.

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    Zack's Baby Quilt

    Orange baby quilt with animals for each letter of the alphabet.
    Quilt by Theresa

    From Theresa: This baby quilt is for my niece's new baby boy, Zackary. I used the baby genius panel and made the rest up as I went along. It is machine quilted in the ditch and I did a bit of free-motion quilting in the four corners using the letters of his name.

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    Jungle Babies Quilt

    Orange and teal jungle baby quilt lying on the floor.
    Quilt by Tanya A.

    Animal patterns are a great addition to any jungle-themed quilt.

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    Cot Quilt and Bumper

    Baby quilt and yellow train bumper.
    Quilt by sheilago

    From sheila go: This was the first quilt I made (20 years ago) for my children's cot. I mostly used bits and pieces of fabrics I had around and just bought a few nursery fabrics. I saw the pattern in an old magazine and improvised the bumper, which has the same log cabin design on the back. As you can see, it has been washed countless times, but it has been well-loved.

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    Earth-Toned Quilt

    Person holding red quilt with houses and blocks of squares.
    Quilt by Etti K.

    This Earth-toned blanket is perfect for welcoming a new baby to his or her first home.

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    Firefighter Quilt

    Red and blue firefighter quilt with the name Jeffie on it.
    Quilt by catmom50

    This baby quilt is perfect for a future firefighter.

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    Crazy for the Zoo Quilt

    Blue baby quilt with zoo animals.
    Quilt by catmom50

    This colorful quilt is perfect for a zoo-themed nursery.

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    A Star is Born Baby Quilt

    From Afra: I made this quilt for a friend who tried for six years to have a baby. Finally, she has had a little one named Jack, and he is her star.

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    Blue Rose Quilt

    Paisley rose quilt on the floor.
    Quilt by Corynne G. Person

    This charm square quilt proves floral prints aren't just for girls.

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    Adam's Baby Quilt

    Green baby quilt with different-colored squares.
    Quilt by Aida

     This country quilt works great for either gender.

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    Nursery Rhyme Baby Quilt

    Pink baby quilt featuring nursery rhyme characters.
    Quilt by Tammy Rodgers

    From Tammy: This baby quilt has 40 squares, 20 of which are hand embroidered with a different nursery rhyme. On the last square, I embroidered the baby's name, weight, height, and the date the baby was born.

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    Sweet Will's Baby Quilt

    Green floral quilt lying on a chair.
    Quilt by A Vanderhooft

    These bright colorful patterns are sure to catch any babies attention.

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    Ronan's Baby Quilt

    Baby blue quilt with embroidered sleeping child.
    Quilt by Charlene

    From Charlene: I bought the pattern for the quilt's embroidered block because I love Redwork/Bluework. So when I got word of a new baby born to one of my nieces, I decided to make it. I added the string blocks in blue. Ronan's brother does not like anything "girlie" or pink so I had to make this a "boy" quilt. Charlie doesn't know, but there is a little bit of pink in those blues.

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    John Deere Puff Quilt

    John Deere puff quilt with yellow and black plaid.
    Quilt by Brenda Randell

    This challenging quilt was based on a popular 70's design called puff or biscuit. While this quilt turned out adorable it's a heavy quilt which might not be suitable for all environments. It makes a great crib cover for warmer climates.

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    Brown Bear, Brown Bear

    Person holding green quilt with characters from Brown Bear, Brown Bear book.
    Quilt by Laura T. Brewer

    From Laura: As a lover of the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?", I knew this fabric panel would make a cute quilt. I used up bright scraps from another ​quilt and put it together in a weekend.

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    Teddy Bear Pinwheels Quilt

    Person holding pinwheel and teddy bear quilt.
    Quilt by Corynne G. Person

    This quilt alternates a sweet teddy bear fabric with pastel pinwheels that make it perfect for a little boy or girl.

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    Play Ball Nine-Patch Quilt

    Red and blue baseball quilt.
    Quilt by Corynne G. Person

    From Corynne: I make a lot of baby quilts yet have trouble finding patterns that are suitable strictly for boys. So when I came across this baseball fabric (my fave sport) I just had to use it. Hopefully, it will go to a future baseball player.

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    Scott's Kaleidoscope Quilt

    Boy next to a purple kaleidoscope quilt.
    Quilt by Annette Rose

    From Annette: Scott requested bright colors for his quilt with royal purple as the main color. He also wanted pockets on the quilt. The yellow and red flying geese units are 3-D with little pockets on each side. The long, red kite shapes are also pockets. There's a curvy green 3-D part too, just for fun. A book pocket on the center of the right side blends in with the purple background.

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    Peekaboo Bears Quilt

    Blue quilt with purple peekaboo bears hanging from clothespins.
    Quilt by Sandi Gieson

    From Sandi: I made this quilt for my first grandson. I wanted to make a teddy quilt because I had made a sleeping teddy quilt for his daddy (my youngest son) when he was little.

    Terry Grant designed this pattern, which was published in a magazine.

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    Jamie's Baby Quilt

    Blue and yellow quilt with baby animals.
    Quilt by Nancy Basserman

    From Nancy: This quilt was made for my newest grandson, Jamie. I started with the embroidered blocks and decided to incorporate the log cabins. The size is 54 inches by 60 inches. I used flannel backing and 100 percent cotton batting.

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    Blue Rubber Ducky Quilt

    Blue rubber ducky quilt.
    Quilt by Katy Sanchez

    This crib-size crazy quilt includes machine-embroidered rubber duckies.

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    ABC Primer Quilt

    Red alphabet quilt with sailboat, fish, and animal heads.
    Quilt by Lisa Sembach and Rossana

    From Lisa: This quilt measures 52 inches by 52 inches. Both machine stitching and handwork were used to create this wonderful gift. After 72 hours on the quilt, I was hooked. I have just completed my fifth quilt in assorted designs and sizes and can't wait to begin cutting again.

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    Watercolor Garden of Bugs

    Two quilts featuring watercolor prints with butterflies.
    Quilts by Susan L. Coleman

    From Susan: My grandchildren love bugs of all kinds, so I made them each a small watercolor quilt. I added butterflies, ladybugs, ants on an apple core, beetles, bumblebees, and dragonflies. I also added yo-yo flowers and additional ribbon roses of yellow and red. Hidden in the watercolor squares, I embroidered each child's name so they could find it and also identify their doll "blankies".

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    Ship at Sea Quilt Baby Quilt

    Baby quilt with 16 ship blocks and matching pillow.
    Quilt by freemanor

    From freeman or: I made this quilt for my 20-month grandson for Christmas. I added a 2-inch strip of sky above the sails as I wanted some blue above it. The quilt is about 62 inches by 74 inches.

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    Heine's Baby Quilt

    Baby quilt with red and blue squares, wagons, bicycles, boats, and cars draped over chair near a potted tree.
    Quilt by Bea-in-Spain

    From Bea: I found this great panel with all kind of vehicles in wonderful colors and knew at once that this would be something for my younger grandson. As you can see, all the smaller panels were used at the ends of the quilt to make it longer. There were 10 different panels (all the small ones went into the borders), and I had one big panel left, which made a nice little cushion. The rest of the fabric came from my stash.

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    Fiebe's Baby Quilt

    Baby quilt with pinwheel design draped over a couch.
    Quilt by Yoka

    From Yoga: My sister's, who lives in the Netherlands, first grandbaby arrived and I wanted to make a baby quilt for her. I was told they do not like soft colors so I chose this bold fish pattern and vibrant hues for the panels.

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    Micah's Baby Quilt

    Green and yellow baby quilt with the word "Micah" in the middle adorned with letters of the alphabet.
    Quilt by Jen Spath

    From Jen: This applique quilt was made for my friend's son. Each letter in this ABC quilt represents something special about him and his family.

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    Animal Crackers Baby Quilt

    Woman holding baby quilt with animal silhouettes and sounds.
    Quilt by Enid Wellman

    From Enid: Animal Crackers is the first quilt I made. I saw the pattern and knew I had to make it for my first grandchild. I spent all winter on it and hand quilted it on a frame I made from furring strips.

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    Keep On Truckin' Quilt

    Baby quilt with trucks and cars.
    Quilt by Stephanie

    From Stephanie: I made this adorable quilt for my son who is obsessed with anything with wheels. He loves it. I found him cuddled up or playing with it on the floor twice before I finished. The quilt has 15 trucks, road signs, and a traffic light-inspired border. The backing fabric is an adorable cityscape I found a year before I found the pattern for the trucks, but I took one look at it and knew my little guy just had to have it.

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    Little I Spy Quilt

    I Spy Quilt on a white bedspread with the quilt turned over so you can see the blue rainbow design on the back.
    I Spy Quilt by DonnaB

    This I Spy Quilt is a great pattern for anyone with an odd assortment of panels to use. This ensures that every quilt is unique and sure to catch the baby's eye. It makes a great wall hanging, too!

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    Crazy About Cars Quilt

    Baby quilt with characters from the movie Cars.
    Quilt by Carol Bull

    From Carol: This quilt is based on my grandson's favorite movie that he introduced me to and allowed me to watch with him about 1,000 times in one week. The quilt measures 60 inches by 60 inches.

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    Scrub Scraps Baby Quilt

    Blue baby quilt with penguins.
    Baby quilt by Barbara W.

    This quilt was made with repurposed scraps from scrub tops. It's perfect for a nurse's baby.

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    Up Up and Away Baby Quilt

    Red baby quilt with items that fly, including balloons, kites, rocket ship, and helicopter.
    Quilt by Afra

    From Afra: I saw a picture of this quilt in a magazine and knew instantly that my grandson would love it. The quilt is machine pieced and machine appliqued and measures 49 inches by 58 inches. I also tried some crazy quilting for the first time and was quite happy with the results.

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    Black-and-White Dreams Baby Quilt

    Black-and-white baby quilt with rectangular pieces.
    Quilt by Nolee Feiock

    If you're looking for something a little different from the regular pastel blues, this chess-inspired quilt is sure to fit the bill. The back is done with a background of black-and-white chess pieces.

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    John's Island Quilt

    Blue island quilt lying on the floor.
    Quilt by Ann Reagan

    This island getaway-inspired quilt is sure to send its owner off to sleep with dreams of paradise. It's great for the little sailor in your life.

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    Gene's Sailboats Quilt

    Red, yellow, and blue sailboat quilt on the floor.
    Quilt by Ann Reagan

    From Ann: My eight-year-old grandson wanted a quilt with sailboats. He even gave me the name to put on the sailboat, which I did. It is a double-size quilt, and I hope he enjoys it for the rest of his life.

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    Baby Quilt for Dominic

    Red quilt with black backing on a couch.
    Quilt by Lisa Paredes

    This masculine colored quilt has a furry fleece backing making it a great quilt that can be used for a boy's whole life.

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    Bunnies Baby Quilt

    White baby quilt adorned with bunnies.
    Quilt by AZMouse

    These quirky bunnies liven up this baby blanket.

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    Baby Honu Quilt

    Baby Honu quilt with three sea turtles.
    Quilt by Paradise Quilter

    Honu is the Hawaiian word for turtle. This machine appliquéd quilt is great for any island baby.

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    Cookie Monster Baby Quilt

    Peach Cookie Monster baby quilt.
    Quilt by ivquilter

    From Ivquilter: This quilt came about because one of my friends had a baby recently and her theme was Cookie Monster. The quilt measures 43 inches by 55 inches, and I've incorporated Minky fabric on the backing to give it a plush feel. I've appliquéd Cookie Monster to 6 1/2-inch squares and stitched in the ditch on the front.

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    BMX Snowball Quilt

    Blue and orange BMX snowball quilt draped over a table.
    © Pauli

    From Pauli: My grandson loves BMX bikes, and he asked me to make him a quilt. I found BMX fabric and had to come up with a pattern. The quilt was lacking something. My grandson helped me come up with the flags on the border. My friend came up with the idea of using the snowball block along with the BMX print.

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    Grampa's Flannels Quilt

    Blue, gray, and white flannel quilt with red handprint sewn into the middle.
    © D. Wellman

    From D: I am a beginner and didn't really know what I was doing, but with our grandson expected any day I wanted something special for him. My husband was throwing out some old flannel PJs and I thought, why not put them to use? I looked up online how to make a quilt and found this site. I just began cutting and sewing together squares and then put them together. I thought a pocket was a great touch to put a favorite rattle in and then added Grampa's handprint with washable fabric paint. The quilt is 40 inches by 50 inches.

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    Alex's I Spy Quilt

    I Spy Quilt in rainbow colors hanging on a wall.
    © Donna D.

    From Donna: My niece started making I Spy quilts for her grandchildren so I decided to try it, and now I don't want to stop.

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    Aydin's Bob the Builder Quilt

    Person holding up blue Bob the Builder quilt.
    © Eyeztodiefor10

    From Eyeztodiefor10: My grandson, Aydin, just loves the TV show "Bob the Builder". I bought pillow panels on eBay and took them apart, fussy cutting the smaller characters in the pillow border. I made blocks showcasing the little characters and featured the main two pillow sides centrally in the quilt. I bought the dark blue fabric with construction vehicles and used this on the front to fill gaps and also as a backing. Aydin loves this!

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    Bold Bear Baby Quilt

    Baby bear quilt with a variety of colorful squares.
    © Jackie

    Are you looking for something to make with your fat quarters? Try this adorable bear quilt.

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    Animals on Point Baby Quilt

    Animal print fabric on a baby quilt with images of animals.
    © Jackie

    From Jackie: This is my first attempt at making a quilt "on point". I had the fabrics and didn't yet know what I wanted to do with them until I came across this pattern in The Quilter magazine.

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    Four Bears Baby Quilt

    Baby bear quilt with four bears.
    © Jackie

    From Jackie: Originally the design called for two girls and two boy bears, and I changed it to suit my taste. Instead of all the appliqué called for in the quilt, I opted to use a Sharpie marker to make the embellishments. The ears are fun because they are 3-D something you wouldn't normally find in a traditional quilt.

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    Signature Baby Quilt

    White baby quilt with green border.
    © Peg

    From Peg: This is a signature quilt for a baby shower and a very easy pattern for beginners. I used a flannel material on the back and put loops on the quilt so you can hang it instead of using it in a crib. I quilted in the ditch then quilted radiating hearts all around the four white edges.

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    Quilt for Joshua

    Red quilt with numerous transportation vehicles and two firetruck pillows.
    © SheilaR

    Fat quarters and appliqué vehicles are a great way to make a unique baby blanket.

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    Log Cabin Baby Quilt

    White baby quilt draped across a chair.
    © Tara Long Lawner

    From Tara: This is my third quilt. It measures approximately 50 inches by 50 inches with nine log cabin blocks surrounded by borders. The block piecing was free form.

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    To Love Pink and Purple Quilt

    Baby blanket with photos and name Chasity.
    Melissa Raine

    From Melissa: This is a crib-size quilt. It's a simple, block style quilt, and I used T-shirt transfer paper to put the photos on the fabric.

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    Baby's Baptism Quilt

    Silver quilt used for a baptism.
    © Momofll, forum member

    From Momofll: I saved the leftover and scrap fabrics from my daughter's wedding dress. It was made from a crepe-backed satin and used them to make this baptism quilt for her when her first son was born. It is all satin with the crepe side turned to the front for contrast. The fabric raveled terribly so I used a simple design and serged the seams.

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    Cory's Baby Quilt

    Baby blanket with orange pinwheels and numerous colorful designs.
    © Dee in Tex

    Dee in Tex: I had just bought Carol Doak's "50 Fabulous Paper-Pieced Stars" and wanted to try it out a baby quilt for a friend's first child. This was the result. The mother has since told me her son uses it at daycare as his favorite quilt, and she can always find him with it at nap time because it's so bright.

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    I Spy Quilt for Kevin

    I Spy quilt with black border.
    Quilt inspired by an Ami Simms pattern, photo © Cheryl, forum member

    From Cheryl: I used a pattern from an Ami Simms book to make this I Spy quilt for my cousin's child.

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    Summer Fun Baby Quilt

    Summer quilt with bright blue colors and beach-themed squares.
    © Pamela Martini

    From Pamela: I made this quilt for our friends who had twins boys and chose fun summertime colors for the fabrics.

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