Pictures of Attic Windows Quilts

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    Turkey Outside My Window Attic Windows Quilt

    Attic Windows Quilt
    Turkey Outside my Window - Attic Windows Quilt. Quilt by I Quilt Scarlet and Gray

    Attic Windows is a traditional quilt design but every quilt is an original because the design can be customized in so many ways. Take a look at some of the Attic Windows quilts made by members of the online quilting community and click through to the Attic Windows patterns to make a quilt of your own.  

    Attic Windows Patterns

    Mother's Fantasy Windows
    Oriental Attic Windows

    The fabric used in the quilt on this page started as an apron panel. I love how it appears that you are looking out the window into a yard.

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    Mum's Window Quilt

    Attic Windows Quilt
    Mum's Window Quilt. Attic Windows Quilt by Kay Thurlow

    Kay says: This quilt was made as a wall quilt for my mum using the attic windows pattern and a couple of Michael Miller panels. My Mum complained that when she woke each morning her bed faced a bare wall. As she is a keen gardener, this quilt provided a beautiful view to wake up to and start the day, no matter what the weather is like outside.

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    Cats in the Window Quilt

    Cat Quilt
    Cats in the Window Quilt. Quilt by Fay Thompson

    From Fay: I found a beautiful landscape material and just had to put it in a window with these great cats looking out.

    Note from Janet: You can use my Catching the View quilt pattern to make a quilt similar to Fay's.

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    Christmas Attic Windows Quilt

    christmas quilt
    Christmas Attic Windows Quilt. © Debbie Rolek

    From Debbie: "In 1993 this Christmas panel was popular and I loved doing Attic window blocks. The blocks have white bottoms and light blue sides. The small black sashing enhanced the depth of the shadowbox effect. It is a fast and easy way to accomplish an outstanding quilt."

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    Windowpanes for Bryse

    attic windows quilt
    Windowpanes for Bryse. © Pam E.

    From Pam: I have always wanted to try a windowpane quilt. I found this Paddington Bear Fabric and was inspired to do it. Thanks to Cathy at the Quilt Basket in Hopewell Junction, NY, for her help in choosing just the right fabric combos.

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    Wilderness Window Quilt

    Attic Windows Quilt
    Wilderness Window Quilt. Quilt by Pat Aurora

    From Pat: I made this lap quilt for my son who has a cabin in northern Georgia. When I saw the fabric it just made me think how perfect it would be made into the attic windows design. It looks a little crooked because I took the picture while it was on the back of his couch!

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    Grandma's Attic Quilt

    Attic Windows Quilt
    Grandma's Attic Quilt. Quilt by Sweet Tea Designs

    From Sweet Tea Designs: This is a crib quilt, made for the grandson of a guy I grew up with. I know all of his toys are stuck in his attic, so maybe now he'll get them out to play with the grandson.

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    Mother's Fantasy Windows Quilt

    attic windows quilt
    Mother's Fantasy Windows, an Attic Windows quilt with variable block layout. © Donna Stidman

    From Janet Wickell: My sister, Donna, made this quilt for a book we did many years ago. Called Mother's Fantasy Windows, it's an Attic Windows quilt with a twist. Instead of like-blocks sewn side by side, the quilt has multi-unit blocks in three different configurations.