Pictures of Applique Quilts

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    To the Garden Quilt

    Applique Quilt
    To the Garden Quilt. To the Garden Quilt by Patti Dubreuil

    From Patti: I'm always inspired by my garden. This quilt was my first attempt at machine quilting (my previous quilts have all been hand quilted). It measures 40"x40".

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    Baltimore Album Quilt

    Baltimore Album Quilt
    Baltimore Album Quilt. Quilt by Lilian

    From Lilian: My best friend asked me to make her a quilt. I told her I would make her a quilt top only, and then foolishly asked if she would like an appliqué quilt (I had only made one block for a church quilt). Four years later I put the last border on... with great relief.

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    LilyBee's Posys Quilt

    Applique Quilts
    LilyBee's Poseys. Quilt © LilyBee, 2005

    From LilyBee: This is one of my first art quilts and I made it in a couple of hours. The background is batik with a quilted grid; batting is low loft cotton batting. The stems are fusible bias tape, and the dimensional flowers are cut from 8" fabric squares. The embellishments are glow-in-the dark sponge pieces, fuzzy decor, and there's even a cloth worm on one of the stems. The flowers are fused and then sewn to the backing, and the quilt is bound and sewn with fusible tape. Size is 12-1/2" X 42". It was quick and easy.

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    Iris Delight Quilt

    Applique Quilt
    Iris Delight Quilt. Applique Quilt by the American Women of Amman Quilting Group

    From the Group: This wall hanging measures 45" X 60".

    Here in Jordan, the American Women of Amman stage an annual fund raising event using the national flower as its theme: The Black Iris. We wanted to make something very special that each of us could contribute to. We had a number of newbies and experienced quilt makers.

    Everyone used the same pattern but different fabrics, and some fabrics were hand dyed. The cornerstones on the sashing are machine embroidered in a tiny iris plant. It is both machine and hand embroidered.

    Though it is an American club, the ladies in the photo are from Jordan, Peru, and Sweden as well as the US.

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    Miss Pinky Sunbonnet Sue Quilt

    Sunbonnet Sue Quilt
    Miss Pinky Sunbonnet Sue Quilt. Quilt by Jarum Emas

    From Jarum: I made this quilt for a friend's daughter who is now living in Australia.

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    Pickin' Arkansas Quilt

    Applique Quilt
    Pickin Arkansas. Pickin Arkansas

    From Pickin' Arkansas: A Quilt Shop Hop in Arkansas was celebrated with a unique print -- the red Apple Blossom, which is the State Flower and my favorite fruit.

    I have had many apple trees in the past, and my great grandfather started one of the first apple orchards in Wenatchee, Washington -- his concrete block house is still there! I also play musical instruments (I'm a 'picker') which inspired me to use the floral pattern as the background for my applique musical instruments!

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    Sparling Quilt

    Applique Quilt
    Sparling. Quilt by Vicky LaValley

    From Vicky: The butterfly quilt measures 84" x 84" and is an original design. I machine pieced and hand appliqued the quilt. It was commercially quilted by Gloria Badgett of Power, Montana. I won 1 st place at the Great Falls, Montana Quilt Guild show and 1st place at the county fair and Judges Best of Show.

    The name Sparling was inspired by my father's middle name, which I always found unusual.

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    Grass Trees Quilt

    Landscape Quilts
    Grass Trees Quilt. Quilt by Clothscape

    From Clothscape: This quilt is based on a photo I took in the Warumbungle National Park, near where I grew up in Australia. Grass trees, sort of a cross between a palm and a fern, are pretty common in the area. This was one of my first experiments with this style of applique.

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    Snowflakes Outside My Window Quilt

    snowflake quilt
    Fiocchi di Neve alla Mia Finestra -- Snowflakes Outside My Window. by ziaross

    From Ziaross: This quilt was inspired by a winter snowfall. It measures 50" x 60".

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    Night Dragon Quilt

    Applique Quilt
    Night Dragon Quilt. © Nana's Custom Quilting

    From JR: This queen sized quilt was made for my son. It is appliquéd by machine and hand quilted with stars around the dragon. The dragon was a pattern and the rest of the quilt and borders are of my own design.

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    My Garden Grows Quilt

    Applique Quilt
    My Garden Grows - Appliqué Quilt. © Beverly

    From Beverly: This quilt is named My Garden Grows because I kept adding blocks to it. I love hand quilting so I decided to use all different designs and motifs and Victorian wallpaper designs. I believe the large flowers are Desert Prairie Rose and from that pattern I made the single roses. I used bright vibrant colors and also used about six different shades of white. I hand pieced, hand appliquéd, and hand quilted the entire quilt, which measures about 120" x 120" -- super king. This quilt took me 5 months to make.

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    Pacific Sunrise Quilt

    art quilts
    Pacific Sunrise Quilt. © IslandGirlJennifer

    From Islandgirljennifer: "I took this class with a local teacher on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. We were given a photograph of a sunrise and were challenged to interpret it with fabric. It was exciting, as I love working with fabric and colours and it was my first time doing thread painting for the twigs on the tree silhouette. I am delighted with the results and would love to do another."

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    Purple Posies Applique Quilt

    Purple Posies Quilt. © Robicole

    From Robicole: I made this quilt with my winnings from a forum event.

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    Winds of Change Quilt

    Applique Quilt
    Winds of Change Quilt. Quilt by Cobaltquilter

    From Cobaltquilter: This quilt is based on an seasonal pattern from several years ago, and is approximately 38" square. I used the quilt as an opportunity to practice and learn needleturn applique. I struggled with the final quilting and only recently finished the hand quilting. I added a few beads to emphasize the wind.

    I donated this quilt to a raffle for my church's annual auction.

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    Stef's Love Garden Quilt

    Stef's Love Garden Quilt
    Stef's Love Garden Quilt. Quilt by Domino Marie

    From Domino Marie: My daughter Stef loves flowers; I love butterflies. When she told me she had gotten married again, I wanted to celebrate by creating a love garden of blooms, with butterflies framed in lace and beads. The quilt is lap size.

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    Tranquility Quilt

    Art Quilt, Landscape Quilt
    Quilt: Tranquility. Quilt by Claire D.

    From Claire: This is a raw edge applique wall hanging that was inspired by a calendar of New Zealand scenery. The original picture had reflections, which were a bit beyond my capabilities, so I adapted the bottom half. Pieces were put on with a glue stick and when the picture was completed all edges were secured with a straight stitch in matching colours. Quilting anchors the larger areas. The quilt is 25" X 26".