12 Free Pentagon Crochet Patterns

Spice Up Motif-Based Project With a New Shape

Crochet Pentagon Ball

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Although you can certainly crochet in rows, many crochet projects are made using motifs. Motifs in different shapes create all types of different effects in their projects. While most people have crocheted squares and many have also made crochet hexagons, not as many crafters have learned how to crochet pentagons. These free crochet pentagon patterns offer many opportunities to make things that are different from what you typically craft.

You can make same-size crochet pentagons and join them together to create a variety of different projects including scarves, shawls, and blankets. Just imagine that you're working with traditional crochet granny squares to give you an idea of how to approach that type of project. Alternatively, use single crochet pentagon shapes as coasters or wall hangings.

Best of all, each of these is a free crochet pattern. You can practice all different types of pentagons without paying a penny.

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    Floral Crochet Granny Pentagon

    Flower Crochet Pentagon Free Pattern
    My Crochet Projects

    The most common variation on the crochet granny square is to add a flower in the center of it. It's no surprise that you can do the same thing with a granny pentagon. This simple free crochet motif pattern will teach you how to do exactly that. The crochet flower is a really cute one, too, that you might want to use again and again.

    The crochet designer explains that it takes some effort to turn crochet pentagons into blankets, because of the nature of the shape, but says that she loves to use a few of them together to create small projects including bookmarks and pincushions. If you're intimidated about the idea of joining this five-sided shape into a full project then that's a great tip for where to start.

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    Daisy Crochet Pentagon Free Pattern

    Crochet Daisy Pentagon Free Pattern

     Daniela Herbertz, Ravelry

    As with any other crochet motif, you can make pentagons in varying sizes. This is a tiny one. There is a simple flower at the center surrounded by a round of stitches that make the pentagon shape. Although it's small, it incorporates a variety of basic crochet stitches including sc, hdc, dc, and treble crochet. The center of the flower pops out for a cute three-dimensional effect.

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    Crochet Star Pentagon

    Star Pentagon Free Crochet Pattern
    Sol de Noche

    Flowers aren't the only want that you can begin the center of a granny square or pentagon. In fact, you can start them off with all different types of fun shapes. This pretty project uses a star at the center. It also shows how the pentagon can be rotated in different directions to create a shape that points up or down (or to the side for that matter). This multi-color free crochet pattern is part of a project to create a tasseled crochet wall hanging that is perfect for a nursery.

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    Crochet Flower Pentagon

    Pentagon crochet flower
    Would You Like Yarn With That?

    Think about crochet squares; not all of them are granny squares. Likewise, there are plenty of crochet pentagon patterns that aren't based on the granny stitch motif. This is an example of a pentagon with a flower in the center that has a more solid stitch pattern than you would find with a traditional granny stitch. This is perfect for making projects that you want to be dense instead of lacy.

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    Thick Crochet Pentagon

    Thick Crochet Pentagon Free Pattern
    Crochet-atelier, Ravelry

    Speaking of dense crochet hexagon patterns, take a look at this design. It looks really complicated but it's actually just made with two basic crochet stitches: single crochet and double crochet. It's the unique combination of the stitch placement that makes it look more complex than it really is. The alternating black-and-white color scheme adds a big graphic design punch. Stitch a vertical row of these together for a very striking crochet scarf.

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    Festive Crochet Bunting

    Crochet Pentagon Bunting Free Pattern

    When you want a really solid crochet pentagon, the best source comes from this free bunting pattern. The project shows you how to make a basic pentagon, outlined in a second color for graphic appeal. It also shows you how to string the bunting together to create an array of different garland options for any occasion. This is one of the smartest, easiest ways to make use of the unique five-sided shape.

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    Crochet Pentagon in Any Size

    Double Crochet Pentagon

    Crochet Spot 

    Crochet Spot offers a series of expanding geometric crochet shapes. The idea is that you begin with a circle and work double crochet in the round to create each shape. You can add as many rounds as you like in order to get the size that you want. So, you can use this free crochet pattern to make a pentagon as small as a coaster or as large as a lapghan. Plus you can check out the other shapes as well.

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    Vintage-Inspired Crochet Potholders

    Pentagon Crochet Potholder Free Pattern

    My Little Kitchen 

    Make a crochet pentagon in the right yarn and size and it's perfect as a crochet potholder. This pattern's designer notes that it's a design her family has used for generations. It's simple to make but as you can see, with a few color changes, it can be a very striking design.

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    African Flower Pentagon

    African Flower Pentagon
    Heidi Bears

    Heidi Bears is known for her variety of African flower crochet patterns. She combines these in countless ways to create a whole menagerie of different animal patterns that capture the imagination.

    She provides a free pattern for creating the basic pentagon-shaped African flower. This is a five-round crochet pattern, for which she includes both written instructions and a symbol chart.

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    Loop Stitch Pentagon

    Loop Stitch Crochet Pentagon Free Pattern

     Niftynnifer's Crochet

    Use this free crochet pattern to learn how to work the unique loop stitch. Then practice that stitch while turning it into a lacy, detailed, eye-catching crochet pentagon. If you're looking for something really different then you've found it here.

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    Pentagonal Penrose Throw Blanket

    Pentagon Crochet Blanket Pattern
    Barb Cutler, Ravelry

    Once you have got the hang of crocheting individual crochet hexagons, you're ready for a bigger project. It sounds intimidating, but it's perfectly doable. This amazing free blanket pattern shows you exactly how to do it.

    It looks really complicated, but when you use this crochet pattern you'll actually learn how to make a super simple three-round crochet pentagon. You'll make a whole lot of them in three different colors each. Then you'll combine them in a specific layout alongside two types of crochet stars and a set of crochet diamonds.

    If you weren't sure before whether or not crochet pentagons could be both impressive and functional, this pattern should clinch it for you.

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    Pentagon Crochet Stitch

    Pentagon Crochet Stitch Free Pattern
    Barbara Summers

    In addition to crocheting the pentagon as a motif, you can actually crochet a stitch pattern based on the pentagon. Appropriately called the pentagon stitch, this vintage stitch pattern uses clusters of double crochet stitches mingled with strategic spaces to create the illusion of pentagons.

    In this way, we've come full circle, because the granny stitch is also made using clusters of double crochet to create squares separated by spaces! If you can work a granny square, then you can work a crochet pentagon; if you can work granny stitch then you can work pentagon stitch.