The Best Pendant and Earrings Beadwork Projects

Pendant and Earrings Step by Step Tutorials

 This is a collection of beadwork pendant and earrings projects and patterns that have proved popular with crafters. Since pendants and earrings can both be made with similar components (make one for a pendant, two for earrings), this project list includes components suitable for either use.

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    Beaded Circle Link Necklace

    Pendants with brick stitch inside and outside a link
    Pendants with brick stitch inside and outside a link. Lisa Yang

     This is an all time favorite of mine - simple but sticking circular brick stitch decorates a plain metal component. Quick and easy to make, but a classic necklace that never goes out of style.

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    Easy Spiral Stitch Rope

    Spiral Rope Free Tutorial
    Spiral rope bracelet is ready for a clasp. Lisa Yang

    Spiral stitch is one of the easiest and strongest beadwork stitches.  The resulting rope chain is perfect to use for amulet bags, pendant necklaces or purse straps.

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    Peyote Beaded Tassel Earrings

    Tubular Peyote Tassel Earrings Tutorial
    Earrings made with tubular peyote and then added a beaded tassel. Lisa Yang

    These earrings combine tubular peyote stitch with beaded tassels for elegant and versatile earrings that are always in style.

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    Spiral Peyote Tube Earrings Pattern

    Spiral Tube Bead Earring Tutorial
    Peyote spiral tube bead earrings. Lisa Yang

    Even count peyote bead tubes make great earrings when you add a fabulous spiral pattern. These step by step instructions will help you understand the stitch and how to read the pattern plus assemble the earrings.

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    Peyote Tube Bead Tutorial

    Peyote tube bead tutorial
    Peyote tube beads are easy and fun to make. Lisa Yang

    Stitch up an even count peyote tube bead to add to your next jewelry project. These components can be used in earrings, like the Spiral Peyote Tube Earrings or in other jewelry projects.

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    Teardrop Wire Frame Earrings with Wire Coil Decoration

    Teardrop Wire Wrap Earring Tutorial
    Teardrop shaped wire earrings are great for everyday wear. Lisa Yang

    Break out your wire and pliers to make these beginner level teardrop wire earrings with coil decorative accent. This is a great project to start exploring wire jewelry making.

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    Even Count Peyote Beaded Tusk Pendant

    Tusk Peyote Beaded Pendant Tutorial
    Peyote beadwork decorates a tusk bead. Lisa Yang

    This project uses tubular peyote stitch to surround a tusk or claw bead with peyote beadwork. The same technique can be used to decorate crystal points or other round stone or beads and then make pendants or earrings.

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    Knot Covered Component

    Larks head knot ring tutorial
    You can use lark's head knots to cover a ring or other cords for a decorative effect. Lisa Yang

     Lark's head knots are perfect for attaching pendants, but they can also be used to cover metal rings to make components for your jewelry projects. Tie one on today.

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    Garnet Bead Hoop Earrings

    Garnet Wire Hoop Earring Tutorial
    Simple wire wrap hoop earrings with garnet beads - Free Tutorial. Lisa Yang

     Whether you are new to wire wrap jewelry or not, these earrings are quick and easy to make with basic wirework tools and a few gemstone beads.

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    Beaded Hoops and Flowers

    Daisy hoop beaded earrings. Lisa Yang

    Metal hoops surrounded with brick stitch and attached to earwires with beaded flower details. This project will teach you to connect beaded components and make pretty spring earrings.

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    Make Rosary Prayer Beads

    Rosary beads
    Rosary beads made with black and turquoise stones. Lisa Yang

     These rosary prayer beads are made with traditional simple wire loop construction in the most popular rosary bead configuration. Learn more about rosary beads and how to make your own for prayer or fashion.

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    Make a Tibetan Mala

    108 Bead Mala made with pink and rutilated quartz beads.

     Tibetan Japa Mala prayer beads have 108 beads arranged in one of several configurations, often with a tassel or other decorative embellishment. Learn how to make your own with this stringing tutorial.

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    Beaded Horseshoe Frame Pedant Necklace

    Beaded horseshoe shape pendant
    beaded horseshoe shaped pendant. Lisa Yang

     This necklace may look complicated - but it's not! Simple wire jewelry skills like open wire loops and wire wrapped loops combine to make a dazzling pendant attached to a simple wire and bead chain

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    Halloween Beaded Spider Jewelry

    Beaded Spider Jewelry
    Beaded spiders make great Halloween earrings or necklace pendants. Lisa Yang

     Beaded spiders dangle from a beaded thread in earrings, pendants or even as table decorations during Halloween.  And don't forget Christmas Spiders that hide in the tree! These fun arachnids are a great way to bust your bead stash.

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    Wire and Bead Mosaic Pendant

    Mosaic Pear Shaped Pendant
    Mosaic pear shaped wrapper frame filled with beads and gemstones. Lisa Yang

     These wire frame components from Beadalon make wire wrap a little easier. Learn how to make a mosaic gemstone pendant with store bought frames and wire.

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    Chain and Bead Tassel Pendant

    double tassel necklace
    Double tassel of chain and beads. Lisa Yang

     Swish! Chain and beads combine for a new type of tassel - with a unique double layer for extra movement.

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    Fast Wire Wrapped Bead Chain

    Wire wrap Bead Chain
    Turquoise heishi bead wire wrapped chain. Lisa Yang

     Learn to make this versatile wire wrapped bead chain the FAST way! This wire and bead chain is perfect by iteself, with a pendant or as part of any jewelry making project. The best part is that using this technique you can make the chain up to 50% faster. 

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    Beaded Ladder Pendant Necklace

    Ladder Bead Necklace
    Ladder bead necklace. Lisa Yang

     Use multi-hole connectors in a new way - to make this fun pendant necklace. Whatever beads you choose, it is sure to be a hit.

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    Daisies for Necklace or Earrings

    Daisy component
    Daisy brick stitch beaded component. Lisa Yang

     Flower power all the way - this great daisy component uses brick stitch to make a fun component perfect for pendants or earrings. Any drop beads will work - but the distinctive yellow and white scream daisy all the way.

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    Classic Gemstone bead Earrings

    Simply beautiful - classic wire wrap bead earrings. Lisa Yang

     Two round beads and a foot of 20 gauge wire and you can make these earrings in a few minutes! Wrap some up today.

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    Brick Stitch Drop Pendant

    Brick Stitch Drop Pendant
    Brick stitch teardrop bead pendant. Lisa Yang

     This tutorial will show you how to select and manage circular brick stitch around a drop bead. The trick is in choosing the right bead to wrap and keeping the beads cenetered around the focal bead.

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    Confetti Bead Wrap Hoops

    Confetti bead hoop earrings made by wrapping beads on wire around the hoop. Lisa Yang

     Wrap up some store bought hoops and make them match any outfit.