Peaches & Creme Yarn Review

A Cool Cotton Perfect for Dishcloths

Peaches & Creme
A swatch of Peaches & Creme in yellow.

Sarah E. White / The Spruce

Peaches & Creme by the Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Co. was one of the most well-known of the basic, hard-wearing cotton yarns. These are commonly known as kitchen cotton because they're so often used for things like dishrags and washcloths.

It's easy to see why the yarn has so many fans: it's soft, strong, colorful, versatile and is a great all-around cotton to use for a variety of projects.

The yarn name is still around, but the yarn made by Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Co. was discontinued. The name is now used for a yarn line produced by Spinrite, which also makes Lily Sugar'N Cream, another popular kitchen cotton yarn.

To tell the difference, the Spinrite yarn is made in Canada, while the original was made in the United States. The old version has a picture of a pitcher on the label; the newer version has a large peach on the label.


  • Content: 100 percent cotton
  • Yarn weight: Medium, worsted
  • Gauge: The ball band says four stitches and six rows per inch on size 7 US (4.5 mm) knitting needles. Testing produces the same results.
  • Yardage: 122 yards per 2.5-ounce ball; ombres come in two-ounce balls of around 98 yards; 14-ounce/706-yard cones are available as well
  • Color availability: More than 120 solids and 75 ombres
  • Care instructions: Machine-wash garments inside out on delicate cycle in warm water, no bleach. Machine dry on low; for best results remove items from the machine before completely dry and shape to dry flat.


Peaches & Creme is probably most often compared to Lily's Sugar'N Cream, the other widely available kitchen cotton. However, those who work with both yarns will notice big differences.

Peaches & Creme is softer—you can tell just by squishing the balls, even before you start knitting. For that reason, it seems like Peaches & Creme is easier to knit with. In the least, it's more pleasant because the yarn is not as rough feeling in your hands.

In terms of performance in the knitting, the yarns are pretty similar. They're both made of four plies of cotton spun pretty tightly together. Both yarns are easy to work with, though again the softness of Peaches & Creme makes it a little more pleasant. That may make the knitting go a little faster, too.

  • The stitches are slightly uneven, which is common with cotton yarn.
  • There is almost no problem with splitting while knitting and the needles typically find their way between—rather than through—the strands.
  • There's very little horizontal curl in stockinette stitch, and not much more vertical curl. What there is often comes out easily with washing.
  • The swatch knit also relaxed a fair bit in the wash, loosening up the stitches.
  • There was no noticeable dye release with the bright yellow yarn sampled, but the ball band warns that bleeding is possible.


Peaches & Creme would be a great choice for all the traditional kitchen cotton uses like dishcloths and bathroom washcloths. You might also like it for napkins because it is so soft.

Also, because of the softness, you might consider it for other projects and garments you'd like to knit with cotton yarn. It could make a nice summer hat for a child, or even a top. And because the yarn is such a great value, you can even make big projects like a warm-season throw or picnic blanket without breaking the bank.

Overall, Peaches & Creme is a great all-purpose cotton yarn that you'll turn to again and again for basic knitting projects and beyond. You too might become obsessed with knitting dishcloths (there's a free pattern on the ball band to get you started) and exploring all the different ways you can bring some cotton into your life.