A Profile of the Peace Silver Dollar

Specifications, Details and General Information

1928 Peace Dollar
1928 Peace Dollar. Image Courtesy of: Heritage Auction Galleries, Ha.com

Background and History

The Peace silver dollar was issued from December 1921 through 1935. Both the obverse and the reverse were designed by Anthony de Francisci who won a competition sponsored by the Federal Commission of Fine Arts. Lady Liberty portrayed on the obverse was modeled by his 23-year-old wife Teresa Cafarelli. The Pittman Act of 1918 dictated that the United States Treasury strike millions of silver dollars.

However the new Peace dollar design was not ready for production and Morgan dollars were minted instead.

The first Peace silver dollars produced in 1921 were struck in high relief. This caused a lack of detail in the center of the coins where the relief is the highest. In order to get them to strike up properly, the coins had a be struck with increased pressure. This shortened the production die life and increased productions cost. In 1922 the relief was lowered and this yielded better struck coins and increased die life. The coins were continuously struck through 1928 and then again in 1934 and 1935.

Coin Values and Prices:

Detailed Specifications

Issuing GovernmentUnited States of America
$1.00 (Silver Dollar.)
Coinage Type Peace Dollar
Mintage Dates 1921-1935 (None minted: 1929-1933)
Production Facilities Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco
Mint Mark Location  On the reverse below "ONE" and above the eagle's tail
Composition 90% Silver, 10% Copper
Weight 26.730 grams
Weight Tolerance (+/-)0.097 grams 
Actual Gold Weight  ()0.0000 Troy Ounces  (Does not contain any gold)
Actual Silver Weight  (ASW)0.7734 Troy Ounces  
Actual Platinum Weight  ()0.0000 Troy Ounces   (Does not contain any platinum)
Specific Gravity 10.340
Diameter38.10 mm 
Thickness 2.40 mm 
Edge TypeReeded
Obverse Description Liberty, facing left, wearing a diadem of spikes. LIBERTY is above, while IN GOD WE TRUST and the date are below.
Obverse Designer Anthony DeFrancisci
Reverse Description Eagle perched on a rock, with a laurel branch, and with PEACE inscribed below. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and E PLURIBUS UNUM are above, ONE DOLLAR is in the center. Rays of sun from below the horizon emanate from the lower right.
Reverse Designer Anthony DeFrancisci
(Krause-Mishler Catalog No.) 150
Notes 1921 issues have a higher relief than subsequent issues.

Production Years, Mints and Types

The Peace silver dollar was minted as indicated in the following table.  The table lists the years, strike type, mint facility where made, the mint mark used on the coin and a description of any type differences in coins minted for that year. 

1921 ProofPhiladelphiaMatte
1921 ProofPhiladelphiaSatin
1922PhiladelphiaMost, if not all, melted at the Mint.
1922 ProofPhiladelphiaMatte Proof; High Relief
1922San Francisco 
1923San Francisco 
1924San Francisco 
1925San Francisco 
1926San Francisco 
1927San Francisco 
1928San Francisco 
1934DenverSmall D
1934DenverLarge D
1934San Francisco 
1935San Francisco3 RaysThree rays below ONE on the reverse
1935San Francisco4 RaysFour rays below ONE on the reverse

Errors and Varieties

The following are popular errors and varieties that Peace silver dollar collectors look for. These coins usually carry a premium and are valued above a common coin.

YearMintMint MarkError/VarietyNotes/Description
1934DenverDDoubled Die Obv 
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Mintage Figures

The following table lists mint production numbers for the number of Peace silver dollar produced at each mint facility. Where possible, production numbers by strike type are noted. 

YearMintMint MarkMintageNotes
High Relief
1921Philadelphia 1,006,470 
1922Philadelphia 35,401Most, if not all, melted at the mint.
Low Relief
1922Philadelphia 51,737,000 
1922 ProofPhiladelphia 35,401Matte Proof; High Relief
1922San FranciscoS17,475,000 
1923Philadelphia 30,800,000 
1923San FranciscoS19,020,000 
1924Philadelphia 11,811,000 
1924San FranciscoS1,728,000 
YearMintMint MarkMintageNotes
1925Philadelphia 10,198,000 
1925San FranciscoS1,610,000 
1926Philadelphia 1,939,000 
1926San FranciscoS6,980,000 
1927Philadelphia 848,000 
1927San FranciscoS866,000 
1928Philadelphia 360,649 
1928San FranciscoS1,632,000 
1934Philadelphia 954,057 
1934San FranciscoS1,011,000 
1935Philadelphia 1,576,000 
1935San FranciscoS1,964,000 

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