Patriotic Hat Needlepoint Pattern

Stitch This Patriotic Hat Needlepoint Design in 3 Hours or Less!

Looking for free needlepoint patterns to make for patriotic holidays and celebrations? This super easy 3.57-inch by 3.43-inch Uncle Sam-style hat needlepoint pattern can be stitched in 3 hours or less with odds and ends of thread, canvas and other supplies you already have.

Since needlepoint is one of the easiest crafts to learn, a someone learning to needlepoint can master the basics by working this patriotic design as a first project on plastic canvas to get used to making basic needlepoint stitches. Once comfortable with stitch placement, the beginner can work the pattern again on regular fabric needlepoint canvas.

Once the fundamentals are learned, beginners with a little more experience as well as intermediate to advanced stitchers can experiment with new stitch techniques and surface embroidery methods that will liven up the striking hat.

Things to Keep in Mind When Making the Patriotic Hat Needlepoint Project

Only four colors are indicated on the needlepoint chart, although many variations are possible including dark red, navy blue, medium blue and white; but you really only need three colors: red, white and blue to work the simple needlepoint project.

Even though this is a small needlepoint project, you should carefully select only the highest quality threads and canvas in your stash. The finished needlepoint will last longer if good quality materials are used.

Use natural fibers like cotton, wool, silk, linen or bamboo to work the needlepoint pattern because they are long-wearing. Durability is very important for this project if you plan to finish the needlepoint into items that will get practical use like drink coasters, miniature decorative pillows or pin cushions.

Needlepoint Supplies You'll Need

  • 1 #14 count plastic canvas square or a piece of #13/14 mesh mono needlepoint canvas (5-inches by 6-inches)
  • 2 pairs of Stretcher Bars in the same size as the fabric canvas
  • 1 package of brass thumb tacks (for use with fabric canvas)
  • A few strips of masking or painter's tape (to bind edges of fabric canvas)
  • Assorted colorful thread scraps
  • Usual needlepoint tools such as tapestry needles, needle threader, embroidery scissors and other miscellaneous supplies.

Stitching Instructions

  1. Download the free Patriotic Hat Needlepoint Chart and print in color. If you print it full size, you should not need to enlarge the copy to see the stitch placements.
  2. For traditional fabric needlepoint canvas, bind the edges and mount on stretcher bars as tautly as possible. For plastic canvas, you can skip this step and go to Step 3.
  3. Match the middle of the chart to that of the canvas to center the design. There are bold arrows on the needlepoint chart to help you locate the center of the pattern. Once you find the center on the canvas, begin stitching at that point outward.
  4. Then, work the project using tent, continental and basketweave tent stitches. These are the most commonly used needlepoint stitch techniques and they will be quite effective in making this project; so there’s no need to attempt more complicated ones unless you plan to extend the design area.

Helpful Stitching Tip: Work a sample of each thread choice in the stitch technique you plan to use on doodle canvas that’s the same mesh size as what you will use to stitch the project. This way you’ll be able to make sure to get adequate coverage across the needlepoint canvas while maintaining a smooth or textured look as desired.

Finishing Ideas

  • After Stitching, the striped needlepoint hat can be finished into a beverage coaster, pincushion or similar small home decor item.
  • Although a simple needlepoint design, it is capable of quite a lot of variation and can be finished as an inset for a throw pillow or clothing patch for sewing onto a tote bag or jacket. Experienced needlepointers will want to use it in original designs for larger projects as well.