Paper Straw Flower Craft

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    Paper Straw Flowers

    This paper straw flower craft is the perfect way to welcome sunshine, flowers, and blue skies. This sweet craft is simple to make and requires minimal craft supplies, making it perfect for busy families.

    Special thanks to Fireflies and Mud Pies for sharing this DIY project.

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    Supplies You'll Need

    • Green striped paper straws

    • Pink, green, yellow, and orange cardstock

    • Heart paper punch

    • Paper hole punch

    • Tape

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    Punching the Hearts

    You will need three pink, yellow, or orange hearts and one green heart per flower. Begin by punching hearts from the pink, yellow, and orange cardstock.

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    Punching the Holes

    Punch a hole into the bottom of each heart.

    Repeat steps 1 and 2 with the green paper.

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    Tape the Hearts

    Tape three hearts together into a flower shape. The three holes should merge together in the middle of the flower.

    Repeat with the other colors.

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    Finished Paper Straw Flowers

    Slide one flower and one green leaf onto each straw.

    Repeat with the rest of the colors to create a colorful paper straw flower bouquet.

    We just adore the vibrant colors of this craft plus, it will definitely put you in the spring spirit. Kids will enjoy bringing a spring bouquet to teachers or elderly neighbors. Invite children to arrange their paper straw flower bouquet inside a mason jar filled with candy for a sweet surprise.