How to Make a Paper Spider Mum Flower

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    Making a Paper Spider Mum

    green paper spider mum tutorial
    Rita Shehan

    Spider mums are beautiful flowers that grow in the fall. They belong to the chrysanthemum family and typically bloom from October to November. The petals of the flower are long and spiky resembling spider legs. That is why they are called spider mums!

    We love these flowers and made our spider mums from paper. They are a gorgeous addition to your fall craft projects. Place them into floral arrangements, wreaths or a vase. A plus with paper flowers is that you never need to water them, and will enjoy them all season long and beyond.

    Supplies Needed to Make a Paper Spider Mum

    • Die cut files and pdf template
    • 8.5" x 11" sheet of cardstock in whatever color you want your paper spider mum to be
    • 8.5" x 11" sheet of green colored card stock
    • Four pieces of 18' long floral wire
    • Green floral tape
    • Hot glue gun
    • Spray adhesive
    • Electronic die cut machine (*optional)
    • Craft knife
    • Scissors
    • Metal ruler
    • Pencil
    • Bone folder
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    Cut the Paper Spider Mum Petals

    paper spider mum petal cut files
    Rita Shehan

    Download the free spider mum files and place on your computer. Cut the paper spider mum templates either by hand or with an electronic die cut machine.

    If you are cutting the flower by hand, download the pdf template and print onto a sheet of 8.5" x 11" cardstock of choice. Cut out the spider mum petals with a craft knife and metal ruler. You can cut the round edges with scissors.

    Curl the edges of the petals forward by wrapping the petal around a pencil giving the petals a realistic look.

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    Make the Stem

    glueing a purple paper spider mum
    Rita Shehan

    To form the stem wrap floral apply tape individually around three of the floral wires. Place the three covered floral wires together and wrap with floral tape once again to form a thick stem.

    Add a little bit of hot glue onto the top of the stem to secure it to the flower petal template. Make sure you are using the flower template that has the short end and attaches the stem with glue to the short portion of the template.

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    Glue the Paper Spider Mum Flower to the Stem

    paper spider mum bud
    Rita Shehan

    Wrap the flower petal template around the stem (as in the photo above) and secure with a bit of hot glue.

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    Wrap the Second Layer of Paper Spider Mum Petals Around the Stem

    paper spider mum craft
    Rita Shehan

    Take the second flower template ( the one that has all long petals) and attach to the flower with a bit of hot glue as in the photo above. Wrap the petals around the stem.

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    Continue Wrapping the Paper Spider Mum Petals to Form a Bud

    paper spider mum
    Rita Shehan
    • Continue to wrap the petals around the flower to form a bud.
    • Wrap the receptacle portion of the flower with green floral tape using the photo above as a guide..
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    Spread the Paper Spider Mum Flower Bud Open With Your Fingers

    purple paper spider mem
    Rita Shehan

    Open the flower "bud" with your fingers and push the petals downward to give your paper spider mum depth and dimension. This step is crucial because it gives the flower a realistic look.

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    Cut Out the Leaves

    paper chrysanthemum leaf
    Rita Shehan

    Cut two leaves from green cardstock by hand or with an electronic die cut machine. Use two leaves to form each leaf.

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    Glue the Leaf Parts Together

    paper chrysanthemum leaf stems
    Rita Shehan

    Spray adhesive to the top of one of the petals, then place a six-inch piece of floral wire onto the center of the leaf. Place the second leaf onto the top of the other leaf and press firmly with the palm of your hand.

    Score veins onto the leaf with a bone folder, and then wrap the leaf stem with green floral tape.

    Give the leaf depth and dimension by folding and curling the edges. This important step adds a realistic look to your leaf.

    Tip: Nothing in nature has straight lines. Always curl and bend your paper flower stems and petals to give it realism.

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    Attach the Leaves to the Flower Stem

    purple paper chrysanthemum
    Rita Shehan

    Attach the two leaves to the flower stem with green floral tape.

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    Arrange Your Flowers in a Vase

    three paper spider mums
    Rita Shehan

    Make as many flowers as you need for your flower arrangement and place into the vase of your choice. You could also put them into a wicker basket for a nice rustic effect.