Kids' Crafts With Paper Plates

Find crafts you can make with paper plates

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The next time you are in the mood to make a cheap and easy craft project, why not make a craft using paper plates? I have many craft projects posted, for paper plates and also styrofoam and plastic plates.

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    Bunny Easter Basket

    Bunny Easter Basket Craft
    Bunny Easter Basket Craft.

    Sherri Osborn / The Spruce 

    A paper plate, folded in half, is the perfect body for this cute little bunny. Make sure you leave an opening at the top to put Easter treats into.

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    Clock Craft

    Clock Craft
    Clock Craft.

    Construct a clock out of a paper plate, and you can help your kids learn how to tell time.

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    Fish Bowl Craft

    Fish Bowl Craft
    Fish Bowl Craft.

    Sherri Osborn / The Spruce 

    This project sheet shows you how to create a fishbowl picture using a paper plate. You can fill your fishbowl with craft foam fish, seaweed made from thick yarn, and even small pebbles.

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    Paper Plate Mask

    Paper Plate Mask Craft
    Paper Plate Mask Craft.

    Cut a face mask shape out of a paper plate and then decorate it to suit your mood or the theme of the party you are going to.