Paper Plate Crafts

Easy Craft Ideas for Paper, Styrofoam and Plastic Plates

Find crafts you can make with paper plates
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The next time you are in the mood to make a cheap and easy craft project, why not make a craft using paper plates? I have many craft projects posted, for paper plates and also styrofoam and plastic plates.

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    Advent Hand Print Wreath

    Advent Hand Print Wreath
    Advent Hand Print Wreath.

    Use a paper plate as the base for this Christmas wreath made from hand prints cut from green paper.

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    Advent Santa Beard

    Advent Santa Beard
    Advent Santa Beard.

    Follow these instructions, and you can make Santa's face on a paper plate. His beard is the advent calendar part of this craft, and that is made using paper rings.

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    Bat Treat Cup

    Bat Treat Cup
    Bat Treat Cup.

    This cute little bat is made out of a tin can, and he has wings made out of a paper plate.

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    Bunny Easter Basket

    Bunny Easter Basket Craft
    Bunny Easter Basket Craft.

    A paper plate, folded in half, is the perfect body for this cute little bunny. Make sure you leave an opening in the top to put Easter treats into.

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    CD Daisy Puppet

    CD Daisy Puppet Craft
    CD Daisy Puppet Craft.

    This craft not only recycles a paper plate, but it also calls for recycling an orphaned sock and an unwanted CD.

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    Cereal Rainbow

    Cereal Rainbow Craft
    Cereal Rainbow Craft.

    Use half a paper plate as the base for creating this rainbow out of colorful cereal. I used fruity loops, but you can use any kinds of colorful cereal.

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    Clock Craft

    Clock Craft
    Clock Craft.

    Construct a clock out of a paper plate, and you can help your kids learn how to tell time.

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    Elephant Puppet

    Elephant Puppet Craft
    Elephant Puppet Craft.

    Cut a hole in the center of a paper plate and then decorate it to look like an elephant's face. When you are ready to play with this puppet, simply slip your arm into the hole to be the trunk.

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    Fish Bowl Craft

    Fish Bowl Craft
    Fish Bowl Craft.

    This project sheet shows you how to create a fish bowl picture using a paper plate. You can fill your fish bowl with craft foam fish, seaweed made from thick yarn, and even small pebbles.

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    Flying Saucer

    Flying Saucer Craft
    Flying Saucer Craft.

    Use your imagination and two paper plates to make a colorful flying saucer.

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    Foot and Hand Turkey

    Foot and Hand Turkey Craft
    Foot and Hand Turkey Craft.

    This turkey is so easy to make using a paper plate as the body, paper hand prints as tail feathers, and a tracing of a shoe as the neck and face.

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    Football Player

    Football Player Craft
    Football Player Craft.

    To make this unique craft, draw a football player face on one paper plate and cut a football helmet face mask out of another.

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    God Made... Mobile Craft

    God Made... Mobile Craft
    God Made... Mobile Craft.

    A visitor named Helen shared the directions for how she made a mobile using a paper plate.

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    Hand Print Sun

    Handprint Sun Craft
    Hand Print Sun.

    Paint a paper plate so it looks like a happy sun face and then make the rays using hand prints.

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    Hand Print Wall Hanging

    Paper Plate Handprint Wall Hanging
    Hand Print Wall Hanging.

    Use a sturdy paper plate as a base for a hand print and then decorate it to make a unique wall hanging.

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    Happy Earth Craft

    Happy Earth Craft
    Happy Earth Craft.

    Paint a paper plate so it looks like the planet Earth. I prefer a happy Earth, but you can make a sad face if you prefer.

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    Heart Pocket

    Heart Pocket Craft
    Heart Pocket Craft.

    Follow these instructions and discover how easy it is to create a heart-shaped pocket using a few paper plates and some paint.

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    Helping Hands Craft

    Helping Hands Craft
    Helping Hands Craft.

    A visitor named Cindy explains how her church group made these projects using paper plates and colorful hand prints.

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    Lamb Craft

    Lamb Craft
    Lamb Craft.

    Learn how to make an adorable lamb using a paper plate, several cotton balls, and a few other craft supplies.

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    Lion's Face Craft

    Lion's Face Craft
    Lion's Face Craft.

    By cutting fringe into the edge of a painted paper plate, you can easily create the lion's mane.

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    Paper Plate Bird

    Paper Plate Bird Craft
    Paper Plate Bird Craft.

    Here is another craft you can make using a folded paper plate. Decorate it with bright paint and feathers to make this cute bird.

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    Paper Plate Embellishments

    Paper Plate Embellishments
    Paper Plate Embellishments.

    Can you believe these flowers were made using the rim of a paper plate?

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    Paper Plate Mask

    Paper Plate Mask Craft
    Paper Plate Mask Craft.

    Cut a face mask shape out of a paper plate and then decorate it to suit your mood or the theme of the party you are going to.

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    Paper Plate Turkey

    Paper Plate Turkey Craft
    Paper Plate Turkey Craft.

    Every member of the family will have fun making a turkey using a paper plate and scraps of construction paper.

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    Pot-O-Gold Craft

    Pot-O-Gold Craft
    Pot-O-Gold Craft.

    This projects sheet explains how you can use a paper plate to make a rainbow that leads to a pot of gold.

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    Spaghetti and Meatball Hat

    Spaghetti and Meatball Hat Craft
    Spaghetti and Meatball Hat Craft.

    You might not understand why anyone would want to wear a plate of spaghetti on their head, but this craft was made to go along with the Cloudy Wit a Chance of Meatballs book and movie.

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    Spiral Snake Paper Plate

    Spiral Snake Paper Plate Craft
    Spiral Snake Paper Plate Craft.

    This project sheet teaches you how to cut a paper plate to look like a fancy, spiral snake.

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    Watermelon Craft

    Watermelon Craft
    Watermelon Craft.

    If you love watermelon, you will love making this fun watermelon picture using real watermelon seeds.