Paper Pinwheels or Windmills for Rubber Stamping

Kate Pullen

Paper pinwheels or windmills are fun to make and are ideal for decorating with rubber stamping! These cute pinwheels are not longer simply for outdoor use - they make lovely table decorations for parties, unusual favors for weddings and showers and are simply a great way to make unusual and unique decorations for any occasion! Tip: Very small pinwheels make great card toppers


These paper pinwheels are formed from a square of paper. They are so simple to make and the size can be adjusted to make large and small pinwheels or windmills. Add rubber stamping to the front and back as required!

Materials Required

  • A square of paper
  • Brads or craft wire
  • Small stick (a wooden skewer, lollipop stick, straw or anything else suitable to attach the pinwheel to)
  • Rubber stampsinks, embossing powders and any other embellishments as required!
  1. Cut a square of paper and rubber stamp as required
  2. Cut along the lines and make small holes, as indicated on the plan on the previous page
  3. Fold the corners into the center of the square as shown in the photo and fasten the corners into place to form a pinwheel or windmill using a brad or a twist of craft wire
  4. Attach the pinwheel to a stick and enjoy!

Tip: Rub an ink pad over a wooden stick to coordinate with the colors of the pinwheel.