Paper Ornament Tutorial

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    Round Paper Ornament for Christmas and the Holidays

    Simple yet striking handmade ornament. Kate Pullen

    This round paper ornament is deceptively easy to make. It is created from strips of paper which are joined together to form a round shape. This ornament uses the same design as this paper pumpkin decoration.

    This paper ornament can be customized in many ways. I used rubber stamps to decorate the paper and added some gold embossing to add some extra sparkle. Glitter glue, stick-on jewels or other embellishments could also be added. To finish the ornament I attached a beaded tassel which catches...MORE the light.

    Materials Required

    • Medium or heavyweight paper (to make the paper ornament shown you will need enough paper to cut 6 strips which are 12 inches in length and an inch wide)
    • 2 Brads
    • Scissors, pencil, ruler and other craft tools

    See the following pages for a step by step guide.


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    Decorate the Paper and Cut Into Strips

    Cut Strips
    Cut strips of decorated paper. Kate Pullen

    If you are using plain paper decorate the paper before cutting. I used heat embossing to create a raised gold effect design on the paper. You could also use glitter or simple plain inks to decorate the paper.

    Cut the paper into strips that are about 12 inches in length and an inch wide. The size of the ornament can be varied by changing the size of the strips. Different effects can be achieved by using more or less strips to form the round ornament shape. 

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    Join the Strips

    join the strips
    Join the Strips With a Brad. Kate Pullen

     Measure the middle spot on one of the strips. Make hole using a needle or paper punch and use this as a guide to join the strips of paper together using a brad.

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    Fan the Strips

    fan the strips
    Fan the strips to equally distribute them around the brad. Kate Pullen

     'Fan' the strips out so that they are equally spaced around the central point.

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    Join the Strips at the Top

    Join the Strips
    Join the strips at the top of the orament. Kate Pullen

     Join the strips at the top of the ornament to form a round, globe shape.


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    Finish the Ornament

    Finish the ornament
    The ornament is finished and ready for hanging. Kate Pullen

    When all the strips have been gathered together at the top, bend the arms of the brad to hold them in place. Now is the time to add further decoration if required! Add glitter glue or other embellishments to give some extra sparkle. I made a tassel of beads to hang from the base of the ornament. Simply add a thread or cord to the top and the ornament is ready to hang!

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