Paper Mache Clay Doodle Hearts

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    How to Make a Cute Paper Clay Doodled Heart

    paper clay hearts on a plate
    Paper Mache Doodle Hearts. Rita Shehan

    These cute doodled hearts are made out of paper clay, which is basically a mixture of toilet paper, glue, and joint compound. Who knew such cute things could be made out of such thrifty products? This papercraft project is cheap to make, but with a lot of patience and elbow grease, it can look absolutely stunning.

    The best paper mache clay recipe can be found on This recipe is the invention of Joni Good, a paper mache artist who owns the site. What started as a simple experiment to get a smoother paper mache surface has turned into a worldwide phenomenon. It is the best recipe ever and can be made at home in less than 15 minutes.


    • Paper mache air dry clay (recipe here)
    • Leftover card stock
    • Heart-shaped cookie cutter
    • Scissors
    • Wax paper
    • Joint compound
    • Coarse sanding block or sanding paper
    • Odorless spray primer
    • Acrylic paint (optional)
    • Decoupage paper (optional)
    • Glossy polyurethane spray
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    Make the Paper Mache Clay

    Heart shaped cookie cutter and three paper hearts
    Cookie Cutter and Paper Hearts. Rita Shehan

    Make a batch of air dry paper mache clay according to the instructions (see the recipe link above)

    Trace the inside of the heart cookie cutter onto a leftover piece of card stock.

    Cut the heart shape out with scissors.

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    Form the Heart

    heart shaped cookie cutter filled with paper clay
    Rita Shehan

     Place the cookie cutter on a sheet of wax paper.

    Fill the cookie cutter about 1/4 inch with paper mache clay.

    Press down with fingers to ensure the entire cookie cutter is filled.

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    Smooth the Shape

    paper clay in heart shaped cookie cutter
    Rita Shehan

    Place a card stock paper heart cutout on top of the paper clay and press down evenly with fingers. The paper card stock helps to get a smoother finish on the paper mache clay heart.

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    Remove the Cookie Cutter and Let the Heart Dry

    paper clay heart
    Rita Shehan

    Remove the cookie cutter with an upward motion carefully from the paper mache clay heart insert.

    Leave the paper mache heart on the wax paper. It will take about 3 days for the heart to be totally dry.

    When the heart is dry, remove the paper heart cutout from the paper mache heart.

    Using a sanding block or sandpaper gently sand off any rough edges.

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    Apply Joint Compound

    joint compound on paper clay heart
    Rita Shehan

    Apply a thin layer of joint compound on the top and sides of the paper clay heart.

    Allow the joint compound to dry completely. This may take a couple of hours.

    Apply joint compound to the bottom of the heart and allow it to dry completely.

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    Sand and Smooth

    sanding a paper clay heart
    Rita Shehan

    Using a coarse sanding block or sandpaper, sand the top, bottom, and sides of the heart until you have a smooth surface.

    The heart will now look as if it is made of stone rather than paper mache.

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    Spray and Seal

    kilz primer and paper mache heart
    Rita Shehan

    Spray and seal the top and sides of the paper mache clay heart with Kilz Odorless Spray Primer.

    Let it dry.

    Turn the heart.

    Spray and seal the bottom of the paper mache clay heart with Kilz Odorless Spray Primer.

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    Decorate as Desired

    zentangle hearts printable
    Rita Shehan

    You now have to decide how you wish to proceed. The heart can be painted, decoupaged with paper, or simply be left as is.

    I chose to trace the shape of the heart and then scan it into my digital imaging software. I have a problem drawing neatly so I drew the doodles in Adobe Illustrator, printed the hearts out and then cut and glued the printed paper hearts onto the paper mache hearts.

    To give the hearts a finished look, I then painted the edges black with acrylic paint.

    If you draw well, just trace the hearts onto a white sheet of paper and using a micron pen or fine-tipped black marker to draw whatever doodle you want onto the heart.

    You can also decoupage the paper mache heart with tissue paper or any type of colorful paper.

    Let your imagination guide you.

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    Seal for a Glossy Finish

    paper clay hearts on a red plate
    Rita Shehan

    Spray the top and sides of the paper mache clay heart with a glossy polyurethane spray.

    Let the heart dry.

    Turn the heart over.

    Spray the bottom of the heart with a glossy polyurethane spray.

    Let it dry.

    * Optional: Instead of using glossy polyurethane spray, Plaid Dimensional Magic also works well to give the paper mache hearts a glossy surface with a bit of added dimension.