25 Paper Crafts for Mother's Day

Give Your Mom a Handmade Gift She is Guaranteed to Love

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    Mother's Day Printable Greeting Card

    One thing that everyone has in common is that we all have a mother. Make your Mom a super special crafty gift from the heart this year. Use one of the following 25 ideas to inspire you.

    This free watercolor greeting card printable is perfect for Mother's day. Aniko owner of the website Place of My Taste has generously offered her beautiful artwork for download. The greeting card features delicate pink flowers that are beautiful and feminine. Also included is a matching envelope printable that can double as decorative floral wrapping paper.  Moms will love this greeting card ensemble.


    Mother's Day Printable and Envelope Liner from Place of My Taste

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    Last Minute Mother's Day Gift: Watering Can

    The plant watering can with a vinyl decal is a perfect gift for Moms who love plants and gardening. The can is upcycled with gold paint and decorated with vinyl wording. This gift can be used as a garden tool and also as home decor.

    Cricut: Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift from Artful Days

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    Chalkboard Labels Using Chalk Markers

    After you wrap your Mothes Day gift, add some crafty style to your packages with these cute chalkboard labels. They look especially lovely with brown kraft wrapping paper.


    Chalkboard Labels Using Chalk Markers from Hello Beautiful Blogspot


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    Flower Bouquet Wrapper Printables

    Flowers from your garden or inexpensive bouquets from the grocery store can look like they came from a boutique florist when wrapped with beautiful paper. The flower bouquet printable features sweet Mother's Day sentiments that let your Mom know just how much you love her and how special she is to you.


    DIY Mother's Day Flower Bouquets Free Printables from A Bubbly Life

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    Mother's Day Printables

    Don't forget to honor your grandmother on Mother's Day too. Print and frame this beautiful design. Such a simple gift but so huge on sentiment. Nana will love it and proudly display it in her home.


    Free Mother's Day Printables from Kiwi in the Clouds

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    Mum Paper Cut Greeting Card

    Mum Greeting Card
    Chloe Me Just Me

    Nine-year-old Chloe, blogger, and YouTuber extraordinaire designed this lovely Mother's day card. Chloe has autism and has found that vlogging helps build her confidence. Make sure to check out her videos to learn more about her world.

    How to Maker a Paper Cut Mum Card from Chloe Me Just Me

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    Free Printable: To The Best Mom Ever Mother's Day Card

    This greeting card printable has hand drawn and colored elements as part of the design. A sweet card that any mom would adore. This card is terrific for those that want to give handmade items but don't have artistic skill.

    Free Printable: To The Best Mom Ever Mother's Day Card from Minted Strawberry

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    Paper Flower Collage Bowl

    Kids will enjoy printing, cutting and decoupaging this cute bowl. It is relatively easy to make, and the end results look amazing.

    Pretty Flower Collage Bowl from B-Inspired Mama

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    Mother's Day Gift Idea: Rosette Paper Bouquet

    Give Mom some unusual flowers that will last a long, long time. This paper rosette project is simply lovely.The craft also doubles as a coupon book. Write your promises to your mom on the leaves of the flowers. Paper promise flowers are a gift your mom will treasure.

    Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Rosette Paper Bouquet from Consumer Crafts

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    Bursting with Blooms Frame Wreath

    Give your mother this unique square flower wreath. It will add a burst of colour to her front door. So beautiful!

    Bursting with Blooms Frame Wreath from Little Miss Celebration

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    DIY Origami Vase #4

    One doesn't ordinarily associate paper with vases, but it is possible to make a paper vase.The secret is to place a glass cylinder inside the paper vessel to hold water. This origami container has a contemporary look that will fit today's lifestyles.

    DIY Origami Vase #4 from Love Decorations

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    DIY It - Patterned Napkin Rings and Printable Placemats

    Make your Mother's day brunch festive with these purple patterned napkin rings and placemats. A Kailo Chic offers a free printable download and tutorial.


    DIY It - Patterned Napkin Rings and Printable Placemats from A Kailo Chic Life


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    Transform Kiddo's Scribbles into Beautiful Art

    This craft is a gift that every mother will love and want to have. Transform you children's scribbles into amazing printed pieces of modern art. It is a piece of wall art that she will treasure forever.

    Transform Kiddo's Scribbles into Beautiful Art from A Beautiful Mess

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    Lucite Block Photo Frame DIY

    A plain block of lucite gives an attached photo a high-end look. Make one for your Mom featuring a picture of her children or her grandchildren. It is guaranteed to be a treasured gift.

    Lucite Block Photo Frame DIY from A Beautiful Mess

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    DIY Paper Wrapped Bangles

    Washi taped bangles are something that kids can make as a gift for their Moms. The construction process isn't complicated, and the end results look amazingly professional.

    DIY Paper Wrapped Bangles from The Crafted Life

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    Color Your Own Insulated Tumblers

    The coloring craze has gone one step further. Now you can have a plastic tumbler that is lined with a hand colored sheet. Kids could color a page and then give their mom a "one of a kind gift." What an excellent idea!

    Color Your Own Insulated Tumblers from Happy Go Lucky Blog

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    Stamped Rock Decor

    This craft idea is a thrifty gift for Mom but one that she will love. Stamp a design onto ordinary river rock and finish with a sealer. Your mom can then line her garden with several stamped stones as decorations. Very pretty!

    DIY Stamped Rock Decor from Sustain My Craft Habit

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    C is for DIY Color-Block Bookmarks

    Bibliophiles always can use an extra bookmark. Color-block bookmarks make excellent Mother's Day gifts for moms that love to read.


    C is for DIY Color-Block Bookmarks from Idle Hands Awake

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    DIY Natural Butterfly Eggs

    Make a beautiful styrofoam butterfly egg for your Mom this Mother's Day. It is pretty to look at and works well as shelf decor.

    DIY natural Butterfly Eggs from Crafts N Coffee

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    Mixed Media Birds Nest

    Mixed media art lovers will appreciate this project. Make a bird's nest that holds a decoupaged egg with a cutaway which contains a momma bird sitting on her eggs. 

    Mixed Media Birds Nest from Crafts N Coffee

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    Personalized Hand-Drawn Mother's Day Notes

    Children can express their feelings and memories with these Mother's Day note printables. Parents will save these notes for years to come. This craft is a simple but unique gift that will be treasured.


    Personalized Hand-Drawn Mother's Day Notes from Eat Sleep Make

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    Mother's Day Photo Shape "MOM" Card

    Find a photograph of a happy family moment and turn it into a greeting card for Mom. Put the card in a frame as a keepsake. All the family member will remember the happy time each time they look at the framed card.

    Mother's Day Photo Shape "MOM" Card from Silhouette School Blog

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    Kid Made Free Printable Mother's Day Book

    Kids can make a memory book as a gift for Mom on her special day. It is a sweet gift Moms will love and look at for years to come.

    Kid-Made Free Printable Mother's Day Book from Hello Wonderful

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    LOVE BUG Ladybugs Picture Holder DIY with Premo Clay

    Surprise your Mom on Mother's Day with this love bug cardholder and card. Make the bug base from oven bake polymer clay, and the spring from a paper clip. These cute little clay bugs look very professional.

    LOVE BUG Ladybugs Picture Holder DIY with Premo Clay from Club Chica Circle

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    DIY Modern Mobile

    Does your mother like unusual art in her home? Make her a butterfly mobile. She will think of you fondly every time she looks at it.

    DIY Modern Mobile from Dwell Beautiful