Paper Bead Roundup

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    Handmade Paper Bead Project Roundup

    Amazing Paper Bead Projects. Kate Pullen

     If you are looking for some projects which are low cost and quick to make, but which give you the foundations for some beautiful items of jewelry and accessories, paper beads might be just the thing. The wonderful projects on the following pages all start with sheets of paper which are transformed into stunning beads.

    You'll find tutorials for making paper beads in a variety of styles as well as projects showing you how to use them.  In addition to the ideas here, sign up to get crafting inspiration delivered to your inbox each week. Happy browsing!

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    How to Make Paper Beads

    Paper Beads
    Create your own custom beads. Kate Pullen

    If you have never made paper beads before then don't worry! We have a tutorial and free pdf template to get you started.  One of the great things about making paper beads is that you can use recycled paper or get your own custom look by decorating paper with rubber stamps or using decorative paper in a certain color scheme.

    When you have made a paper bead or two check out the following pages for ideas of how you can use your beads.

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    Printable Paper Bead Designs

    Printable paper beads
    Printable paper bead designs make creating paper beads super-easy!. Kate Pullen

    An alternative to making your paper beads from scratch is to use printable paper bead designs. These are designs that you just need to print, trim and roll to make your own beads. If you use a black and white design, you can color the beads before rolling to create your own unique effects. Etsy is a great place to find printable paper bead designs. You will find the paper bead sheet to make beads shown above here - Printable Black and White Paper Bead Design.

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    Paper Bead Necklace

    Make a paper bead necklace
    Make a paper bead necklace. Kate Pullen

    This necklace is so simple to make. Just thread some paper beads onto a chain or cord and interspace with glass beads.


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    Create Custom Color Paper Beads

    Create your own custom earrings
    Stamp plain paper to create custom paper beads. Kate Pullen

    Looking to make paper beads to match a certain color scheme? Try stamping plain paper with rubber stamps using the correct colored ink or adding some dabs of paint to create your own custom designs.

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    Vera Bradley Paper Beads

    Make a paper bead bracelet
    Make a paper bead bracelet. Vera Bradley(

     The Vera Bradley website shows how to make a stunning paper bead bracelet using strips cut from an old desktop calendar. Beautiful!

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    Make Paper Bead Earrings

    Paper Bead Jewelry
    Make paper bead earrings. Vegan Lovlie

    Vegan Lovelie shows how to make stunning paper beads and add resin to give a marvelous sheen. You'll also find tips for creating different shape beads.

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    Beach Ball Paper Beads

    Beach ball paper beads
    Beach ball paper beads. Tally Treasury

     Tally's Treasury shows us how to create paper beads which are a little different. Use a thicker paper or cardstock to make robust but lightweight beads.

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    Paper Bead Tutorial

    Paper Bead Tutorial
    Learn how to make stunning paper beads at

     Learn how to make stunning paper beads at

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    Large Saucer Shaped Beads

    Saucer shaped beads
    Saucer shaped beads.

    Wow! Learn how to make these large, stunning paper beads at the Paper Beads website.

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    Make Paper Beads from Wallpaper

    Make paper beads from wallpaper
    Paper beads from wallpaper. Froken Skicklig

     This tutorial shows how to make paper beads from wallpaper. The texture of the wallpaper adds a depth to the beads.

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    Paper Bead Earrings

    Paper Bead Earrings
    Turn your paper beads into stunning earrings. Mad Mim

     Learn how to transform you handmade paper bead earrings into Anthropologie inspired hue pyramid earrings.

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    Paper Bead Safety Pin Bangle

    Make a paper bead bangle
    Use safety pins to make a paper bead bangle.

     Learn how to use simple safety pins to turn your paper beads into a stunning bangle.

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    Make a Geo Paper Bead Necklace

    Make a geo paper bead necklace
    Make a Geo Paper Bead Necklace. Eleanna Kotsikou

    This clever construction makes a striking feature necklace. This tutorial shows you how.

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    Make Paper Bead Angels

    Make paper bead angels
    Make paper bead angels.

     Turn your handmade paper beads into cute angel charms.

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    Quilled Paper Embellishments

    Quilled Paper Embellishments. The Art Girl Jackie

     Here's a variation on paper beads. What a great way to make eye catching jewelry.

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    Make a Bag Pin

    Make a bag pin
    Make a bag pin. Kate Pullen

    Here's a quick way to brighten up a bag. Thread a few paper beads onto a large safety pin (or kilt pin) and attach this to the shoulder strap.

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    Tips for Making Paper beads

    Decorate your beads
    Don't forget to decorate your beads. Kate Pullen

    Here are some tips for creating your paper beads.

    • Remember to add decorations to your beads for additional interest. I added glue dots and stamped the paper with rubber stamps to make the bead above.
    • Cut the paper as evenly as possible if you want a regular shape to your beads.
    • The finished bead, however robust it feels, will need sealing with a waterproof sealant such as varnish. Some people use nail varnish - this is great for short term sealants but it will wear off. For a more permanent finish you could consider resin.
    • Try different types and thicknesses of paper. You will find you get very different results.