24 Paper Bag Crafts You and Your Kids Will Love

vase made from paper grocery bag
The Crazy Craft Lady

While you might not give a second thought to paper bags, they're actually quite a thrifty and versatile crafting material. Below, you can check out all the ways that we've rounded up for transforming an ordinary brown paper bag into something much more fun.

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    Grocery Bag Paper Crown

    crown from trader joe's grocery bag
    A Fanciful Twist

    Let's have some fun pretending to be the queen. Children will love this paper crown made from a Trader Joe's grocery bag. These bags come with clip art already printed on them, so all you have to do is cut the bag into the shape of a crown and add bling to make it sparkle.

    Let's Make Paper Hats! from A Fanciful Twist

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    Paper Bag Piñata

    paper bag pinata
    Lovely Indeed

    Transform a boring brown paper bag into a bold, colorful party piñata. This is so much more fun and less expensive than buying a piñata at the store. You almost don't want to bust it open. This craft is especially easy to make because it does not require papier mache, so there is no mess when you make it.

    Paper Bag Piñata from The Spruce

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    Brown Paper Packages Tied up With Strings

    paper bags decorated with ribbon

    Dress up your child's simple paper lunch bag with a paper punch and leftover ribbon. You can quickly transform the plain Jane lunch bag into a fancy-schmancy container for your kid's lunch. Little girls will especially love having their midday meal packed in one of these sacks that are so pretty and so feminine. Don't forget to throw in a note as well.

    How to Make Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With Strings from Craftstylish

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    Faux Wood Plank Floors

    paper bag floor project

    This craft has got to be one of the most unusual ways to repurpose paper bags. Did you know that you can turn brown paper into faux wood floor planks? Cut brown paper bags into plank shaped strips, add brown paint and transform it into faux wood with a graining tool. Let it dry and then glue the paper "plank" onto your subfloor. Top it off with polyacrylic meant for floors and you have a floor that looks like weathered barn planking.

    Faux Wood Plank Floors Using Brown Paper from Remodelaholic

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    A Collection of School Lunch Bags

    art on lunch bags
    Messy Nessy Chic

    Mike Jenkins is an artist who decided to brighten up his daughter's day by drawing a cartoon on her lunch bags to make her smile. These are not your ordinary doodles but bonafide works of art. He certainly should be nominated for the "Dad of the Year Award." Kids at school and their teachers noticed the artistic lunch bags and spread the word. Mike now has a total of 420 decorated lunch bags on exhibition.

    Although most parents are not as talented as Mike, you certainly can be inspired by his dedication to making his daughter happy at lunchtime. Why not decorate your child's paper lunch bag with your doodles to show how much you care?

    A Collection of School Lunch Bags from Messy Nessy Chic

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    Leaf Lantern Tutorials

    leaf lantern tutorial
    River Bliss

    Autumn is a great time to make paper lanterns. Place colored leaves in between sheets of wax paper and incorporate them into your light craft. Make the top and bottom of the light from paper bags to add some rustic charm. The results are quite stunning.

    Leaf Lantern Tutorials from River Bliss

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    DIY Paper Bag Bouquets

    upscale paper bag vase
    The Beauty Dojo

    Transform fresh cut flower bouquets into elegant gift packages with black paper bags. Place your arranged bouquet into a glass jar filled with water, and put it into a folded black paper bag. Print your sentiment onto a label and stick it onto the bag. You now have a beautiful gift that took only a few minutes to make.

    DIY Paper Bag Bouquets from The Beauty Dojo

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    Faux Leather Vase

    faux paper leather vase
    Craft Shack Chronicles

    Turn an ordinary inexpensive glass vase into a faux leather beauty. Brown paper bags are torn into pieces and glued onto the glass jar with mod podge. After the paper dries, it looks very similar to leather.

    Faux Leather Vase from Craft Shack Chronicles

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    DIY Paper Bag Football

    diy paper football
    All for the Boys

    Make a paper football for those rainy days when your children cannot go outside to play. Let them toss the paper football inside. You will not have to worry about damage to your furniture or walls with this paper toy—a win for all concerned.

    DIY Paper Bag Football from All for the Boys

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    Make a Paper Vase for Indoor Greenery

    vase made from paper grocery bag
    The Crazy Craft Lady

    Dress up your houseplants with ordinary brown paper bags. For natural charm, just place your plants into folded crumpled paper sacks and tie with twine and ribbon. Your plants are ready to be given as gifts or put on display. What a quick and easy way to make your plants go from drab to fabulous!

    Brown Bag Paper Vase from The Crazy Craft Lady

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    Paper Bag Pirate Craft for Kids

    paper bag pirate puppet
    I Heart Crafty Things

    Why are pirates called pirates? Cause they arr. Your children will have lots of fun making and playing with these cute paper bag pirate puppets.

    Paper Bag Pirate Craft for Kids from I Heart Crafty Things

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    Valentine Kids Coupons for Mom

    paper bag coupon holder craft
    Small Fry & Co.

    Are you looking for a gift that is easy, cheap and adorable? Turn a lunch bag into the cutest coupon book. What a delightful way to show someone just how much you love them!

    A Paper Bag Coupon Book for Kids from Small Fry & Co.

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    End of School Treat for Classmates

    paper bag owl treat bag
    Lisa Storms

    Whooo doesn't like a party? Celebrate the end of the school year with this "Wise Old Owl" treat bag. 

    End of School Treat for Classmates from Lisa Storms

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    Paper Bird's Nest With Blue Eggs

    ceramic bird and wooden eggs in a paper nest
    Rita Shehan

    This paper craft is perfect for preschool children. Make a bird's nest from torn paper bag strips and mod podge. This craft is simple, fast and easy. Everyone is guaranteed success with this project. There is no failure when it comes to constructing a paper bird's nest.

    Paper Bird's Nest With Blue Eggs fromThe Spruce

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    DIY Origami Paper Pendant Lamp Shade

    paper bag pendant light crafts
    A Piece of Rainbow

    Make a stunning pendant lamp shade from a grocery bag. This lamp is truly a work of art. You will be proud to display this paper craft light in your home. Get ready to stand back and receive compliments from your guests when they admire your crafty skills.

    DIY Origami Paper Pendant Lamp Shade From Grocery Bags fromA Piece of Rainbow

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    Lunch Bag Paper Star Party Decorations

    lunch bag paper star
    Rita Shehan

    You can find colored lunch bags in any stores party supply section. Learn how to transform these bags into cute paper stars. Make several and hang them as party decor for your next occasion.

    Lunch Bag Paper Star Party Decorations fromThe Spruce

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    Artsy Paper Bag Stars

    crayon colored paper bag star
    Pink Stripey Socks

    If you like the look of paper bag stars but want to add your artwork, just use brown paper bags with your creative drawings. These paper party decorations will add a fantastic bohemian look to your next gathering.

    Artsy Paper Bag Stars fromPink Stripey Socks

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    Recycle Paper Bags Into a Pretty Fall Wreath

    paper bag autumn wreath
    Sarah Lipoff/Pop Sugar

    Wrap a foam wreath with crinkled strips of brown paper to get a beautiful organic paper wreath. Add some orange and golden silk flowers to the wreath for a gorgeous autumn themed home decor craft.

    Recycle Paper Bags Into a Pretty Fall Wreath from Popsugar

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    How to Make a Paper Bag Book for Kids

    paper bag book
    Premeditated Leftovers

    It seems that every summer after a couple of weeks of freedom from school, children will complain that they are bored. When this happens, pull out some leftover grocery bags and get crafting. Have your kids make books out of the bags, and then fill the pages with summer memories.

    How to Make a Paper Bag Book for Kids from Premeditated Leftovers

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    Paper Bag Kites

    paper bag kite
    Day by Day VA

    Transform a plain grocery bag into an impressive kite. Just decorate the bag as you wish, add some streamers and string and get out there and fly your kite. That is homemade fun that can't be beaten.

    Paper Bag Kites from Day by Day VA

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    DIY Memo Board and Mat Board

    paper bag mat boards
    Hello Glow

    The next time you are at a thrift store, pick up a couple of frames and try out this method for paper bag mats. A fun way to add texture and warmth to your home decor.

    DIY Memo Board and Mat Board from Hello Glow

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    Paper Bag Astronaut Costume

    paper bag astronaut
    Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky!

    Make this cute astronaut costume for your little boy or girl. Kids will have hours of fun pretending to be traveling in space.

    Paper Bag Astronaut Costume from Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky!

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    DIY Paper Bag Halloween Costumes

    paper bag costumes
    Wee Society

    Don't you think these paper bag costumes are just the cutest? Let your child be a dinosaur or unicorn next Halloween. What an economical and unique way to dress your kids up for the holiday.

    DIY Paper Bag Halloween Costumes from Wee Society

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    Paper Bag Ninja Craft for Kids

    paper bag ninjas
    I Heart Crafty Things

    Make these ninja puppets with your children. These puppets are so much fun that you may find yourself playing with them too.

    Paper Bag Ninja Craft for Kids from I Heart Crafty Things