Paper Angel Template

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    Free Printable Paper Angel Template

    Paper angel decorations
    Kate Pullen

    Make pretty paper angels to decorate your table and tree using this free printable paper angel template. The angels are easy to make, simply cut the shape from the paper and then fold into a cone. While the template may look pretty one-dimensional, when the cone is folded the head, arms and wings of the angel will become apparent.

    The little paper angels will sit on a table surface, and you could also attach a loop to her head to make her into a hanging tree decoration. There are many ways that this little angel can be adapted. Add the names of dinner guests, for instance, to make an unusual place name holder for a festive dinner. A number of the angels would look great attached to a ribbon or thread and used as a garland decoration.

    Customize the angel further by giving a decorative edge to her wings. You could, for example, cut a scalloped edge along the top of her wings to give a decorative effect. The part of the angel's wings that is showing is formed from the back of the paper. This means that a contrasting effect is achieved if you use double-sided paper.

    How to Decorate the Paper Angels

    The angel's dress can be decorated with subtle colors and decorations - or you can really go to town and create a brightly colored dress. Use rubber stamps with bold images and stamp these with brightly colored ink or use stamps with lots of scope for adding color. Make the angel sparkle by adding dabs of glitter glue to the dress. A bright embossing powder would also add color and shine to the dress of the angel. Paper doilies could also be used to give the dress a lacy effect, simply cut a shape from the lacy edge of a paper doily and adhere this to the angel's dress. Other embellishments such as stickers, stick-on jewels, or decorations drawn with gel pens will also give the dress some sparkle.
    Note: Remember when you are decorating the wings that the back of the paper will be the part of the wings that are showing.

    How to Make the Paper Angels Using the Free Paper Angel Template

    • Print the paper angel onto paper or thin cardstock
    • Cut around the angel as marked on the template
    • Decorate the angel as required, use rubber stamps and other embellishments to decorate her dress
    • Add a face or other details
    • Wrap the angel into a cone shape and use the two slits to hold the angel in shape and to form her wings (a dab of glue or a small piece of adhesive tape will help to secure this) - the image on the next page shows the back of the angel for reference
    • Bend the arms and head into shape
    • Add a ribbon or thread at the top of the angel if you intend to hang her from a tree

    Tips for Making Paper Angels

    Here are some ideas and tips for making paper angels:

    • Cut the paper angel template from scrap paper and then use this to transfer the template onto paper - this will allow you to arrange the template on the paper to make the most use of the space available
    • Thick paper or thin cardstock will be ideal for making paper angels, very thick cardstock can be difficult to cut and fold
    • If you use colored or patterned paper, try cutting a disc from plain paper to make the face
    • Try using decorative paper or scrapbook paper for a quick finish
    • Use a printer or photocopier to make larger or smaller versions of the angels
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    Back View of the Paper Angel

    Back view of the paper angel
    Kate Pullen

    This image shows the paper angel from the back. This shows how the wings are formed by overlapping the edges of the paper and using the slits cut in the paper to secure the wings in place. Instructions and a template for making these paper angels can be found on the previous page.