13 Step-by-Step Painting Tutorials

Lessons to Develop Your Painting Skills

still life landscape step by step painting tutorial

Justin Donaldson Art

Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint but were too intimidated to get started? Most beginners will benefit from easy step by step painting tutorials that can teach them helpful techniques and help them refine their skills.

Painting tutorials are also a great place to find inspiration for original works of art. We gathered several easy painting tutorials for beginners, along with some more advanced classes that will teach you how to paint like a pro. Each art project is complete with clear instructions and photographs.

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    Start With Some Basic Shapes

    circles step by step painting tutorial

     Marion Boddy-Evans

    It might be tempting to gather your paint supplies and paint directly on the canvas to create a piece of art you can hang on your walls. If you are a novice painter or haven't painted in a long time, consider some painting practice in a sketchbook first. This painting tutorial will teach you how to paint a basic sphere. You can apply the lessons you learn here in creating depth for many future painting projects.

    Painting Basic Shapes: a Sphere from The Spruce

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    Watercolor a Pear Still Life

    pear step by step painting tutorial

    Elise Engh Studios

    If you want to learn how to watercolor, start with a simple still-life object that doesn't have too many details. This step by step painting tutorial from Elise Engh Studios will explain some helpful watercolor techniques and walk you through the process of recreating this pear. Once you're done painting, you can hang this chic painting in your kitchen.

    How to Watercolor: Still Life from Elise Engh Studios

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    Find Out How to Create Soft, Whimsical Flowers

    flowers step by step painting tutorial

    The Postmans Knock 

    Flowers are another frequent subject for watercolors, but mastering a soft watercolor flower takes practice. Head over to The Postman's Knock to learn how to create fantastical flowers that will look amazing on greeting cards, artwork, or even as an accent in a bullet journal.

    How to Create Watercolor Flowers from The Postmans Knock

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    Take This Course to Add Drama to Your Oil Paintings

    clouds step by step painting tutorial

    Layne Johnson

    Watercolors are great for beginners, but oil painting is something else entirely. Most artists will tell you that art courses are beneficial when you're first learning how to mix colors and work with the medium. This online course from Layne Johnson will teach you how to create realistic-looking clouds. You'll learn what brushes to use, helpful techniques, and more. Also, if oil paintings are too intimidating, this course can work for acrylic paints, too.

    Painting Dramatic Clouds Course from Layne Johnson

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    Create a Solar System with Spray Paint

    planets step by step painting tutorial

    A Piece of Rainbow 

    This next tutorial is ideal for any person that likes to craft whether or not they have discernible painting skills. Ananda from A Piece of Rainbow offers this free painting tutorial on her blog that is beyond creative. This guide will show you how to recreate a solar system painting using spray paint and recycled cans.

    DIY Spray Paint Art from A Piece of Rainbow

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    Paint a Galaxy Using Craft Paints

    galaxy step by step painting tutorial

    The Artisan Life

    Galaxies are relatively easy to paint because anything goes. You'll have success with this painting as long as you have several washes of colors and some stars. Check out how The Artisan Life uses inexpensive craft paints to create this beautiful galaxy canvas.

    Easy Galaxy Painting with Craft Paints from The Artisan Life

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    Learn How to Paint Like a Master

    oranges step by step painting tutorial

    Lee Studios 

    Most online oil painting courses will cost you money, which makes sense, given how much time and effort goes into a realistic oil painting. However, if you want to try your hand at oil painting without the upfront cost, check out this free lesson from Brianna Lee. She shows you the essential steps to creating a luminous still life of backlit oranges. Sign up for the lesson by clicking the link below.

    Free Luminous Orange Still Life Art Lesson from Lee Studios

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    Hide The Northern Lights Inside a Word

    typography step by step painting tutorial

    Ink Struck 

    People who enjoy typography and painting will love this painting tutorial from Ink Struck. You'll learn how to mask off a word and create a beautiful northern lights scene inside. One great thing about this tutorial is that you can change out the word to be something that resonates with you.

    Northern Lights Watercolor Typography Tutorial from Ink Struck

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    Use Gouche and Poster Colors for This Painting Tutorial

    still life landscape step by step painting tutorial

    Justin Donaldson Art

    Gouache and poster color are both amazingly versatile mediums, but people tend to quit before they master the mediums and unlock their potential. This course is ideal because it will help you troubleshoot common issues and increase your confidence. If this is a medium you have tried and failed at, make sure you invest in this tutorial from prolific artist Justin Donaldson.

    Gouache & Postercolor - Overcoming the Learning Curve from Justin Donaldson Art

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    Figure Out How to Paint Lavander Like a Pro

    lavender painting

    Feeling Nifty

    You'll find a lot of free acrylic painting tutorials on the internet, but some are much better than others. Some will leave you with a painting you want to hang on the wall, and others will leave you with a picture that ends up in the basement. This tutorial from Feeling Nifty is so well done because the result is beautiful and entirely attainable for beginners. Read the tutorial to find out which four acrylic paint colors you'll need to get started.

    How to Paint Lavendar from Feeling Nifty

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    Spend Some Time on This Cherry Blossom Painting

    cherry blossom step by step painting tutorial

    Feeling Nifty

    Here is another free acrylic painting tutorial that is so popular because of how fun it is to make. You'll learn how to paint with cotton swabs and four paint colors. We recommend creating a grouping of four smaller tree paintings and hanging them as a gallery wall.

    Painting a Cherry Blossom Tree from Feeling Nifty

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    Learn Some Different Splatter Paint Techniques

    splatter paint step by step painting tutorial

    Lauren Thomann 

    This tutorial can be great for adults that want to let loose on a canvas, but kids will have the most fun with this painting project. Find some huge drop cloths, head outside, and try your hand at some of these splatter painting techniques.

    How to Splatter Paint from The Spruce

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    Pair Together Several of These Agate Slice Paintings

    geode step by step painting tutorial

    Persia Lou

    The final tutorial is popular for crystal lovers and watercolor lovers alike. You'll learn how to create a crystal geode using watercolors. Once you practice a few of these geodes, you'll be able to develop original geodes from scratch using colors of your choosing.

    How to Paint Watercolor Agate Slices from Persia Lou