How to Paint a Non-Removable Mirror Frame

Painted Mirror frame
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    How to Paint a Non-Removable Mirror Frame

    befor and after of mirror diy frame painting
    Jami Delia

    Mirrors are great items to add to your home. They not only provide more light to a room but can also fill in blank wall space in hallways, nooks, and entryways. However, finding the right color frame to match your existing decor and color scheme can be hard. If you've got a mirror with a tacky or mismatched frame, don't throw it away! You can easily (and inexpensively) paint the frame to compliment any room in your home, even if you cannot remove the mirror from the frame.

    You will need:

    • Pa...MOREinter's tape
    • Newspaper
    • Sandpaper
    • Primer (spray or acrylic)
    • Paint (spray or acrylic)
    • Paintbrush or foam brush (only needed if using acrylic paint)​

    Note: These instructions work best on wood and laminate frames.

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    Prepare Your Frame

    newspaper on glass mirror
    Jami Delia

    The first thing you must do to prepare your frame is to wipe it with a rag to remove any residue or dust. If there is any sticky residue, you can spray your rag with a bit of vinegar or window cleaner. Do not use any kind of wax or dusting spray since it may prevent the primer and paint from sticking to your frame.

    If your frame has any embellishments or hardware, such as hooks or hinges, remove them if you don't want them painted or you want to paint them a different color.

    Before priming and...MORE painting, measure and cut a piece of newspaper (or any other paper) to fit the dimension of the mirror glass, leaving a 1/8 inch around each edge. Place the paper over the glass and use painter's tape to attach the paper to the mirror. Make sure the painter's tape covers all of the mirror glass without touching the frame.

    • If you place tape on any portion of the frame, that part of the frame will not be painted.
    • If you do not cover any portion of the mirror glass, that part will be painted.
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    Sand Your Frame

    sanding mirror frame
    Jami Delia

    Sand down the top layer of finish and/or paint with sandpaper.

    • If your frame already has multiple layers of paint and/or finish, use a low grit sandpaper to remove as much as the top layers as possible.
    • If your frame only has a thin layer of finish and/or stain, use a high grit sandpaper to slightly add texture to the frame.

    Sanding down the frame allows the primer and paint to stick. Simply painting the frame as is may lead to unwanted results.

    Wipe down the frame with a damp rag to remove any...MORE sanding dust. Once dry, you are ready to start priming.

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    Prime and Paint Your Frame

    painted mirror frame
    Jami Delia

    Apply your primer. Whether you are using a spray or brush technique, apply two thin coats of primer one at a time.

    • If you are painting your frame a dark color, such as black, use a gray primer.
    • If you are painting your frame a light color, such as white, and your frame is already a dark color, use a white primer.

    Wait approximately two to three hours between each coat of primer, depending on how fast the primer dries. After applying both layers of primer, let your frame sit for a few hours or...MORE overnight.

    After the primer is completely dry, gently sand the frame with high grit sandpaper. You do not want to sand away the primer, just slightly add texture to allow the paint to stick. Wipe down the frame with a dry rag to remove any sanding dust.

    Apply your paint. Paint your frame in very thin coats, allowing each coat to thoroughly dry an hour or two before applying the next one. Use your own judgment as to how many coats of paint you will need. Some colors and types of paint require more coats than others.

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    Hang Your Mirror

    painted mirror diy revamp after
    Jami Delia

    Allow your paint to thoroughly dry before removing the painter's tape and newspaper.

    When removing the painter's tape and newspaper from the mirror, make a slice along the edge with either the blade of a pair of scissors, a sharp knife, or razor blade to ensure any paint stuck to the tape does not come off the frame when it is removed.

    Re-attach any hardware and display in your home.