Tips for Packaging Jewelry When Selling Online

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    Jewelry Packaging Introduction

    Jewelry Packaging
    Jewelry Packaging. Tammy Powley

    When selling your jewelry on-line, the way you package your jewelry after you make a sale can be a crucial step in the process. Not only is it important to package your jewelry safely and securely so that it gets there in good shape for your customer, you also need to realize that packaging also provides opportunities for branding and customer loyalty.

    Here are a few tips to consider as you develop the right packaging strategy for your on-line jewelry sales.

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    Creating a Jewelry Brand

    Packaging Materials Help Create a Brand
    Packaging Materials Help Create a Brand. Tammy Powley

    The term "branding" refers to the idea of creating an image in your customer's mind about who you are and what your product consist of as well. If you are selling a particular type of jewelry, then you may want to be known for that type of jewelry. For example, maybe you want to specialize in wire wrapped jewelry or metal clay charms and pendants. The way you present yourself will help you develop a brand, and eventually, you will be known for that by the customer.

    Take some time to think about your product, who you are, and how you want your customers to think about you. As an example, for my own Etsy shop I knew I wanted to convey the idea of childhood energy and creativity, and I had a goofy picture of myself as a kid with a crown on my head. On the crown was a star, so I used the idea of stars as a branding element when I put together my packaging. I purchased small organza bags that have stars on them, some tissue paper (purple which is the color of my dress in the photo), small clear plastic bags to secure the jewelry items in, and some little star beads I include as swag (a little extra gift for the customer).

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    Secure Jewelry Safely

    Assemble Jewelry Packaging
    Assemble Jewelry Packaging. Tammy Powley
    Once you have considered the creative side of packaging, remember that the number one issue you want to deal with is to ensure your product is delivered securely and safely so that it is not damaged during the shipping process. Number one on your list is to make sure you have a bubble mailer large enough for your product. Once you have that, assemble all your items together, and consider using extra packaging such as tissue or more bubble wrap depending on the nature of your jewelry. Obviously, a string of lampwork beads is going to need more packaging material around it than a metal charm.

    Most of what I send out is very light and small, so I put components into small zip lock bags, then into the organza bag, and I also use the receipt mailed to me from Etsy, fold it up, and put the organza bag on top of it before wrapping it all in tissue paper. So my items is secured before it even goes into the bubble mailer, and I have also made sure the customer has a copy of the receipt.

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    Consider Packaging Costs

    Wrap Up Jewelry with Tissue and Ribbon
    Wrap Up Jewelry with Tissue and Ribbon. Tammy Powley

    Of course, it can be easy to go crazy when packaging, especially for creative types such as jewelry makers, so before you start buying packaging materials, make sure you know how much each item will cost you, and crunch the numbers to make sure you aren't going overboard. The costs of packaging is normally considered "overhead," which means it can be folded into your cost of shipping or even the jewelry item itself, but you don't want to pass to much overhead to your customers. They like pretty packaging, but they understandably don't want to pay for anything too extreme, no matter how pretty it is.

    I did a lot of comparison shopping before I purchased my packing material and ended up with a packaging overhead cost including everything from the ribbon that I tie around the tissue to the bubble mailer coming in at about 80 cents. Here are a few places I found on-line that I thought had some decent prices for shipping materials:

    Linton Labels
    Rio Grande
    Maple Creek

    Shop around and also consider asking other jewelry makers on our forum for places to purchase inexpensive packaging materials. Between the Jewelry Making forum on my site and the Etsy forum, I found tons of great advice on packaging ideas as well as suppliers.

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    Encourage Repeat Sales

    Add a Business Card to Encourage Repeat Sales
    Add a Business Card to Encourage Repeat Sales. Tammy Powley
    When your customer opens her package of jewelry goodies, you have her attention, so this is a good time to encourage future sales as well as work on customer loyalty so that she will want to buy from you again in the future. A few ways to do that includes "swag," which I mentioned earlier. This doesn't have to be anything huge, just a little extra "thank you" item. Try to make it something the person might actually use or something related to the item. For example, if you sell jewelry making supplies, a few extra beads is a perfect swag.

    Another way to help with repeat sales it to help your customer find you again easily. A business card with your name and URL of your store slipped into the package before it's mailed off is a perfect way (and also inexpensive way) to point your customer back to your store.

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    Wrap It All Up

    Jewelry Packaging
    Jewelry Packaging. Tammy Powley
    Picture the total package as you develop your overall packaging strategy. It also should be practical, as in your don't want to spend more time packaging the finished product than actually making the piece of jewelry you are selling!

    My packages only take me about five minutes to put together before I head off to the post office: jewelry item goes in small zip lock bag, including swag; zip lock bag goes in organza; organza bag is placed on top of folded receipt; wrap in tissue; tie with ribbon; slip in card; pop into addressed mailer.

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    Shipping Jewelry Package

    Jewelry Ready to Mail Out
    Jewelry Ready to Mail Out. Tammy Powley
    Even a boring bubble mailer can be a chance to get some branding in, so I also include a small star sticker on the outside of the mailer next to the area I write in the address. Using rubber stamps to decorate the outside is also a good and expensive way to add a little extra touch before it gets shipped.

    Finally, you are ready to mail your jewelry off! If you have a small package and are in a hurry, many pack-mail shops are a good way to go because they usually are much faster than your average post office; however, watch that convenience doesn't cost you too much money. Once you start talking about larger items or overseas shipping, you are better off standing in line at your post office. If those sales really start coming in at a regular rate, another option is consider purchasing a scale made for mailing packages. These are available at many large discount and club stores.

    So remember: branding, security, and loyalty! These are all important elements to consider when you are creating that special packaging for your special jewelry.