Let's Go Camping! 10 Outdoor Inspired Cross Stitch Patterns

10 Outdoor Cross Stitch Patterns for the Camping Enthusiast

Say goodbye to the concrete jungle and hello to the great outdoors. So many of us love to do a little camping all year long. Sitting around a campfire can be great, but also a little boring, so why not strap on a headlamp and stitch up these great outdoor loving patterns. 

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    Happy Camper

    Happy camper
    123 Cross Stitch

    What's your definition of a happy camper? Roughing it in the woods with a tent and a raging fire? Maybe parking the RV in a nice well-manicured campsite? Both involve getting out and communing with nature.  This pattern is perfect for the happy camper in your life. The scene depicts a little piece of paradise with fishing, a fire and of course a bit of nature!  You can find this pattern from Imaginating can be purchased on 123 Cross Stitch.com

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    A Little Squirrely

    Q is for Quilter

     One of the greatest things about getting out in nature is allowing you to get up close and see nature in all it's splendor. But we need to remember to respect the wildlife around us. You need to take into account that you are in their living room. You can still enjoy wildlife and relive your camping trip by stitching up this adorable squirrel pattern by Q is for Quilter. This vintage pattern is just one of many animals she has on her site. It would look so great sewn onto some camping gear or an outdoor outfit.

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    I love you smore
    Camping Cross Stitch Designs

     There is something about camp food, it is just better over an open fire. Hamburgers and hot dogs just taste better under the open air of a forest. And for dessert? The perfect camp food - the Smore. Chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker, all melted together into a gooey mass of goodness. Are you drooling yet? If you are trying to watch your weight but still love smores, why not stitch this pattern up instead.  Camp Cross Stitch.com is the place for camping theme cross stitch patterns. You can buy this pattern and see other great camping theme patterns on their site

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    Badge of Courage

    Camper badge
    Not so modern Millie

     Camping is really an art. It takes a lot of skills to sleep outside under the stars. Putting up the tent is a chore in itself. There is also the issue of remembering everything you are going to need out there. It's not like you're going to be stopping off at the grocery store around the corner of the Big Oak tree because you forgot the salt or pepper.  Why not reward first-time campers with a Camping Cross Stitch Badge from Not So Modern Millie. This badge is adorable and you have each camper customize their badge to their special outdoor skill.

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    Adventures in Camping Stitch Mill

    Camping cross stitch
    The Stitch Mill

     When you are camping you need the essentials.  You will need floss, a hoop, a pattern. The Stitch Mill offers this fun Camping Essentials pattern that can be stitched as one sampler or individually. This is just one camping theme pattern they have available in their Etsy shop. 

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    Cute Campers

    Cute campers
    Free X Stitch

     For some, the only way to enjoy the wilderness is in their Cute Little Camper. Free X Stitch shares this pattern for a pair of sweet patriotic campers that would look adorable in a retro RV. You can customize the colors if blue and red aren't your thing. Download the free pattern on their site

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    Think Outside

    Think outside
    Cross Stitch House

    The only way to think outside the box is to get outside of the box! Cross Stitch House reminds you to get out and enjoy the scenery with their  Think Outside cross stitch pattern. This is the perfect gift for those who enjoy the outdoors more than the cramped indoor living spaces. 

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    Happy Camping Elves

    Happy camping elves
    Fri Mousse

    Escape the internet trolls with these Happy Camping Elves from Fri Mousse. She has created an entire series of elves enjoying life.  This is a simple pattern that would be great for a beginner. You can see this pattern as well as other happy little elves on her website. 

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    Home is Where We Park It

    Home is where we park it
    Everything Cross Stitch

    Who says that your home needs to stay put? You can move around as much as you like! If you aren't ready to pull and hit the open road, why not stitch this pattern up in the meantime. Everything Cross Stitch has this fun and detailed pattern for sale on their website.  

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    Love Camper

    Love camper
    Kari Sweeten

    There is no better way to share the camping experience than with the one you love. You can snuggle up under the stars or hibernate in your very own love camper. U Create Crafts shares this free pattern created by Kari Sweeten. It would be the perfect gift for a wedding or retirement. You could customize the pattern with initials of the happy couple. 

Let's Head Outside

Whether your idea of the great outdoors is spending a weekend deep in the forest roughing it, hanging out on your back porch looking at your own backyard, or sitting in your apartment dreaming of getting away. These nature loving patterns will bring you closer to fresh air, little critters and that fresh natural pine scent.