Origami Star Box Tutorial

Making a Traditional Origami Star Box

Completed origami star box
The Spruce Crafts / Chrissy Pk

This pretty box is great for presenting snacks or keeping trinkets and jewelry in. This box looks quite festive—at Christmas, you could display nuts or chocolates; at Easter you could put mini easter eggs into it. But this box is pretty all year round.

All you need is one piece of square paper—we used 20 x 20 cm solid colored paper. This origami model is a traditional Japanese design and would be suitable for beginners that have already learned a few basic models like the origami masu box.

This box starts with an origami square base, so you might like to learn the 12 origami base folds.

Make the Square Base

Making the square base
The Spruce Crafts / Chrissy Pk

Start off by making an origami square base.

  • Starting white side up, fold the paper in half left to right and up to down.
  • Flip the paper over.
  • Fold the paper diagonally in half both ways.
  • Now you can pick the paper up, folding in half and pushing the diagonal folds into the center.

Fold the Edges to the Middle

Folding to the Middle
The Spruce Crafts / Chrissy Pk
  • Starting with your square base upside down, so that the flaps are at the top.
  • Fold the right edge to the middle crease.
  • Repeat on the left.

Continue Folding

Folding the paper
The Spruce Crafts / Chrissy Pk
  • Open out the right flap that you just folded, and flatten as shown in 9.
  • Repeat on the left.
  • Fold the right side of the flattened flap behind.
  • Repeat on the left side.
  • Now repeat that process on the other side of the model.

Fold Into a Triangle

Forming a Triangle
The Spruce Crafts / Chrissy Pk
  • You should now have this.
  • Fold the bottom point up.
  • Unfold the previous fold.
  • Fold one layer down.
  • Repeat the last step on the other 3 sides.

Finish the Box

Completing the box
The Spruce Crafts / Chrissy Pk
  • You should have this.
  • Carefully open out the box by pulling the flaps.
  • Push the bottom up and straighten out the bottom edges.

 You should now have a pretty origami star box!

Don't worry if you had a bit of trouble, try again and remember it takes practice to get it right.