Origami Pencil Box Instructions

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    Gather Your Materials

    Finished origami pencil box
    Chrissy Pk

    As pretty as it is useful, this origami box is ideal to hold pens and pencils, sewing tools, or even chopsticks due to its length and snugly fitting lid. 

    Materials Needed

    You will need one sheet of square paper, on the thicker side.

    Tip: To ensure writing instruments fit in the box, a 21 x 21 cm-size paper is ideal. For longer pencils or something like knitting needles, choose a bigger-sized paper. 

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    Begin to Fold

    Beginning steps to folding paper
    Chrissy Pk

    1. Start white side up.

    2. Get a ruler and pencil and mark your paper at the bottom seven equal sections.

    You can work out 7th's by taking the width of your paper, (21) and dividing it by 7. (3)

    3. Using the marks as guides, fold the paper into the seven sections.

    4. This is the result.

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    Fold in Corners

    origami pencil box tutorial
    Chrissy Pk

    5. Turn your paper so that the creases are horizontal.

    6. Fold in all four corners.

    7. Unfold the corners.

    8. Fold the bottom seventh in half.

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    Fold, Unfold and Flip

    origami pencil box tutorial
    Chrissy Pk

    9. Unfold the previous fold.

    10. Using the corner crease as a guide, fold the left edge inwards s shown.

    11. Take some time making this fold right.

    12. Fold the left edge in the same way.

    13. Unfold the right and left sides and flip the paper over.

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    Score and Fold

    origami pencil box tutorial
    Chrissy Pk

    14. You could use a pencil to lightly mark these lines, these are where we'll be folding.

    15. Bring the bottom right corner inwards and align it to the horizontal creases and fold only where the line is on the other side.

    16. Bring the top right corner over to the left and align it the same way, along with the horizontal creases in order to create the crease.

    17. Fold all the other lines in the same way.

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    Start Creating the Box

    origami pencil box tutorial
    Chrissy Pk

    18. Flip the paper over.

    19. Fold the bottom left corners in, followed by the section we folded in half earlier.

    20. Rotate the paper and fold the left and right sides in.

    21. Open out the box as shown.

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    Finish the Box

    origami pencil box tutorial
    Chrissy Pk

    22. Flip the bottom section into the top in order to form a box.

    23. Continue collapsing the box by letting the box fold where the creases are.

    24. Hold the box together while closing it.

    25. You could add glue to make the box more sturdy.

    Watch an explanatory video on this model, here.

    If you've made an origami pencil box, please tag #paperkawaii on Instagram so that we can see it!

    For more tutorials and also video tutorials, check out the youtube channel called Paper Kawaii, also check out some of the websites below if you like.