Origami Octagonal Tato Instructions

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    Origami Octagonal Tato Instructions!

    Origami Octagonal Tato Diagram 1
    Chrissy Pk

    Learn how to make a nifty origami octagonal tato! You can use this as an envelope, coaster, coin pouch or as a round shape for craft projects. 

    These octagonal origami tatos make particularly nice coasters to rest your cups and glasses on your desk. 

    For this you will need one sheet of square paper. I would recommend using paper that is at least 15 x 15 cm or even better would be 20 x 20 cm. The thickness of the paper doesn't matter but thicker textured paper will be more sturdy.

    If you are using them as coasters you can cover them in PVA glue, clear plastic sticky tape or clear sticky plastic. Check out some other methods for water-proofing your origami models.

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    Origami Octagonal Tato Diagram - Step 1

    Origami Octagonal Tato Diagram 2
    Chrissy Pk

    1. Start with your paper white side up if you have one!

    Fold the paper in half, top to bottom and unfold, then fold it left to right and unfold.

    You should have a horizontal and vertical crease.

    2. Next fold the paper diagonally in half, bottom left to top right and unfold, then fold the bottom right to the top left and unfold.

    3. We will be folding extra diagonal creases.

    4. Fold the bottom section up, align the bottom central crease with the top left diagonal crease, making sure the crease runs directly through the very center of the paper. You can see how all the creases should align on the diagram. 

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    Origami Octagonal Tato Diagram - Step 2

    Origami Octagonal Tato Diagram 3
    Chrissy Pk

    5. Repeat the last step on the other 3 diagonals.

    6. Unfold the paper and you should now have some nice creases.

    7. Fold all four corners in aligning with the creases indicated. Cut these corners off.

    8. You now have a nice Octagonal shape.

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    Origami Octagonal Tato Diagram - Step 3

    Origami Octagonal Tato Diagram 4
    Chrissy Pk

     9. Fold the bottom edge up to the central point and crease nicely.

    10. Unfold.

    11. Repeat the last two steps on the seven other sides.

    12. Refold the bottom edge.

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    Origami Octagonal Tato Diagram - Step 4

    Origami Octagonal Tato Diagram 5
    Chrissy Pk

    13. Whilst holding the paper where indicated, reverse fold the diagonal crease on the right, the black one that is near the finger, push the right section to the center, and create a mountain fold (the green line).

    14. This is the result. (at the this point you may find it useful to watch the video tutorial, from about 6:39 minutes in.

    15. Rotate the paper clockwise and repeat on all other sides.

    You will need to unfold them half way through to continue.

    16. You can either slot the llast section in, or undo them all, and slotting them all in and squashing them down gently. This step is tricky too, again the video may help with this last step!

    Now the origami tato is complete!

    If you enjoyed this tutorial, check out another geometric origami - The Hexagonal Origami Envelope, which is a similar design (not a tato), great to use for a stylish invitation.