How to Fold an Origami Jumping Frog

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Watching the frog jump when you push on his hind legs is sure to provide hours of entertainment. Origami jumping frogs are quick to fold, making them especially popular for entertaining children when waiting at a restaurant or appointment. Paper frogs also make excellent inexpensive party favors for a young child's birthday celebration.

There are several different ways to make an origami jumping frog, some using square paper and some using rectangular paper. This tutorial shows a simple way to make an origami jumping frog using a rectangular index card. Index cards are harder to fold than regular origami paper but will result in a frog that can jump higher.

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    Learn to Fold a Frog

    Origami jumping frog

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    The origami frog can be folded in five minutes or less. It is suitable for children ages six and up. The frog is also a great choice for teaching origami since it is simple to make and appealing to both the young and the young at heart.

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    Make the Preliminary Creases

    The beginning folds

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    Begin with the ruled side of your index card facing up. Fold the card in half vertically, creasing firmly. Unfold. Fold both of your top corners to the opposite edge of the index card. Unfold. At the spot where the diagonal creases meet in the middle, fold your index card backward. Crease well, then unfold. When you're finished, your origami jumping frog should look like the picture to the left. (You do not need to draw the lines on your project; they are for demonstration purposes only.)

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    Create Your Origami Frog's Head

    Forming the frog's head

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    Hold your index card at the sides, bringing the points to the center line, then flatten. This will be the head of your origami frog.

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    Fold the Front Legs of Your Paper Frog

    Folding the front legs

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    Fold the uppermost triangles on the left and right sides to the top point of your origami jumping frog. Fold each of these points back to form the frog's front legs.

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    Fold Into the Center

    Folding into the center

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    Fold the left and right sides of your paper in to meet the center crease. When you're finished, your project should look like the photo to the left.

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    Begin the Frog's Legs

    Folding the legs

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    Flip your origami frog over. Fold the bottom of the paper up to meet the nose of the frog. Crease firmly.

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    Finish the Frog's Legs

    Finished origami jumping frog

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    Fold the top paper back to meet the bottom edge. This will create the feet of your frog.

    Give your frog some color with crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Add google eyes to your origami jumping frog if desired. To make your frog jump, push on his hind legs.

    Although the origami jumping frog is fun to play with on its own, you can create a game by folding origami boxes and trying to get your frog to jump into the box. Start with the box close to you, then move it back a few inches each time you successfully send your frog into the box. You could also try stacking the boxes to see how high you can make your origami frog jump. Play with a friend for even more fun!

    If you're feeling creative, try folding your origami frog from different sizes and thicknesses of paper to see how this affects his jumping ability.

    Once you're finished playing with your origami jumping frog, you can try using him as a bookmark. Simply open up his hind legs, then tuck your page into the space between his legs and his tummy.