DIY Origami Gift Box Paper Craft

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    Why You Should Make an Origami Gift Box

    origami box paper craft
    Paper Used: Recollections Honeycomb, Green Pindot and Blue Pindot. Rita Shehan

    There may be times when you want to give someone a quick gift and do not have a box or gift bag on hand. No need to worry! This nifty origami box is easy to make, beautiful and quite versatile. All you need are two sheets of any square paper. I prefer cardstock or scrapbook paper, but you can use wrapping paper, kraft paper, butcher wrap, parchment paper or even newspaper and still get good results. No glue or tape is necessary for construction. Isn't that fabulous? You will be able to make...MORE handy containers in minutes!

    The origami boxes (as seen in the photo above) were made with 12 x 12  scrapbook paper which produces a 4.25" x 4.25" box. Use smaller or larger sized paper to adjust the size of the box and lid.

    It takes less than five minutes to fold the top and bottom pieces of the gift box. Add some cute ribbon, a purchased or handmade package topper, a gift tag and the present is good to go. You will never be caught short when wrapping a gift. So easy! So cute!

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    Supplies Needed to Make an Origami Gift Box Top and Bottom

    origami box top and bottom
    Rita Shehan

    Supplies Needed to Make an Origami Gift Box


    • Two sheets of 12" x 12" scrapbook paper or cardstock
    • bone folder
    • purchased or hand made gift topper (optional)
    • ribbon (optional)
    • gift tags (optional)
    • bling (optional)
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    How to Make an Origami Gift Box Bottom: Steps 1 to 14

    origami paper box drawing tutorial
    How to Make an Origami Box Bottom. Rita Shehan

    *A quick tip *Always use a bone folder to flatten each crease. It will produce a much sharper edge.

    1. Start with a 12-inch  x 12-inch sheet of paper.
    2. Fold the paper in half and then in half again.Unfold the paper and lay flat.
    3. Take the bottom left corner and fold toward the center.
    4. Continue folding all of the corners towards the center.
    5. Rotate the folded square 90 degrees clockwise. There should be an x in the middle.
    6. Fold the right edge towards the center.
    7. Fold the left edge towards the center.
    8. Unfold...MORE the creases and flatten the paper.
    9. Fold the top edge towards the center.Then fold the bottom edge towards the center.
    10. Unfold the creases and flatten the paper.
    11. Turn the paper so that there is a corner on the top. Pull the top corner flap open. Pull the bottom flap open.
    12. Pinch in the top right and left corners to form the top and side walls of the box.
    13. Fold the flap over and into the center of the box.
    14. Repeat these steps with the bottom corner.

      A quick tip.* Following the diagrams may be difficult for some. This youtube video will provide additional visual instruction.
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    How to Make an Origami Gift Box Top

    origami box top
    Origami Box Top Folding Tips. Rita Shehan

    The top of the box is made exactly as the bottom except for steps 7 and 9.Rather than making the crease at the exact center  Leave 1/8" on either side when folding. There should be enough room for the top of the box to rest on the bottom portion of the box.


    A quick tip.* Following the diagrams may be difficult for some. This youtube video will provide additional visual instruction.

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    Adding a Finishing Touch to Your Origami Gift Box

    origami boxes
    Rita Shehan

    You will now have a finished top and bottom section. Place your gift in the box and add some embellishments.You can add gifts tags, handmade, or store bought paper flowers and ribbon. Get creative! Your gift box will be as pretty on the outside as your gift is on the inside!

    Use these boxes for other purposes such as:


    You will like this little boxes so much that you will want to make some extras just to keep on hand for those times when you need to give a small token to someone. This craft is a good way to use up all those odd pieces of paper that you have leftover from other craft projects. A good way to recycle your odds and ends!