How to Make a Origami Cherry Blossom

How to Make an Origami Sakura Flower

Origami Cherry Blossom Tutorial 00
Paper Kawaii

Learn how to make a pretty origami cherry blossom flower, these traditional Sakura flowers make wonderful decorations for various occasions like to decorate handmade greetings cards, birthday cards, or to use as wall decor!

This origami flower starts by making a pentagon, which is what gives it fiver petals!

It is recommended to start with paper that is 15 x 15 cm. You can then make them with smaller paper once you have got the hang of it.

It is required that you cut the paper to make the Pentagon, at which point you instead give the petals their shape by cutting which could make this origami a more '​kirigami' style DIY.

First Set of Steps

Origami Cherry Blossom Tutorial 01
Paper Kawaii

Start color side up.

1. Fold the bottom edge of your paper up to the top.

2. Next, take the bottom left corner and bring it up to the center — do not crease the whole section just the middle point.

3. Bring the top left corner diagonally down to the middle and again — make a pinch at the center. You will now have an X marking the center of the left side of the paper.

4. Bring the bottom right corner over to the center of the X and crease.

Second Set of Steps

Origami Cherry Blossom Tutorial 02
Paper Kawaii

5. This is what you should have.

6. Now you can fold the flap over to the right, aligning with the vertical edge of the right section.

7. Next, take the bottom left corner and fold it up and to the right, aligning it with the left vertical edge of the right section.

8. Fold the whole of the left section behind, folding along the same left vertical edge.

9. Now you can cut a petal shape as shown. You can get different results by making the petal shape different.

Third Set of Steps

Origami Cherry Blossom Tutorial 03
Paper Kawaii

10. Carefully unfold the paper.

You should be looking at the colored side of your flower.

11. Now you need to refold the flower, making sure that the creases that are in between each petal are valley folds. The folds that are in the center of each petal are to be mountain folds.

Tip: Valley folds are when you fold the paper like this V and mountain folds are like this ^.

12. Fold the bottom left edge, inwards a little.

13. This is what you should have.

14. Flip the model over to the other side.

Fold the bottom left section in a little - the same amount as the other side.

Tip: This will not look neat, and it won't matter, flowers are not symmetrical!

Last Set of Steps

Origami Cherry Blossom Tutorial 04
Paper Kawaii

15. Carefully unfold the flower—bring the petals from behind down. Pull the top section out to the right, at the same time, hold onto the little square, lifting it slightly.

16. Flatten out the flower. Start twisting the point in the center in a clockwise motion.

17. Carefully start flattening out the center, use your finger to push the center gently. It will become a flat pentagon.

Your little pentagon might not look great the first time you make it —after some practice, it will look more perfect.

18. Flip the flower over to the other side and you origami cherry blossom is complete!