Tin Can Project: Make a Pretty Office Supply Organizer

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    How to Make Pretty Office Containers for Pennies!

    pencil and office supply holders
    Rita Shehan

    I have an overabundance of office and craft supplies and am always looking for cute, cheap ways to organize them. This paper craft has been around for a long time but still has relevance!

    Office supply organizers are very easy to make and cost only pennies. I spent a total of sixty-six cents for two printed cardstock pages(they were 30% off at Joann's). I already had everything else. You too, probably have most of the things you need already in your home. If you have some 12 x 12 scrapbook paper, you like, the project could cost nothing to make!

    This project is perfect for children, but always remember safety first!  The sharp can edges should first be smoothed over by an adult, and after that kids can finish them all by themselves.These containers would make great Mothers day and Fathers day gifts! What parent wouldn't love and appreciate this gift from their child!

    You may even want to add a little bling to give them some pizzazz! It's up to you!

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    How to Make Pretty Office Containers: Step 1

    supplies for pencil holders
    Rita Shehan

    Supplies Needed:

    • Cans or containers of various sizes. I used a  fifteen-ounce tomato can, a round paper container that originally contained raisins, and a leftover cat food can.
    • Spray adhesive, tacky glue or a glue runner.(Whichever type of adhesive you prefer)
    • White spray paint (optional)
    • A metal ruler
    • A craft knife
    • A paper cutter (optional)
    • 12 x 12 Coredinations Dark Blue Scales Cardstock #GX-2300-42
    • 12 x 12 Coredinations Dark Blue Small Dot Cardstock #GX-2300-37
    • Scissors
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    How to Make Pretty Office Containers: Step 2

    painted containers
    Rita Shehan
    1. Use a can opener to remove the tops of all metal containers. Don't forget safety first! Make sure that all sharp edges of the cans are smooth. Click here for a tutorial that teaches how to remove sharp edges from cans.
    2. Soak the cans in soapy water to remove all labels from the containers you have chosen.
    3. Wash and dry to remove any remaining packaging glue.
    4. * Optional Spraypaint the insides and outsides of the containers with white spray paint. Some people do not mind that the insides are silver metal, but I like the insides of the containers to be white. If you choose to use spray paint, allow the cans to dry overnight, before going on to the next steps.
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    How to Make Pretty Office Containers: Step 3

    scrapbook paper covered containers
    Rita Shehan
    1. Measure the height and circumference (plus one-half inch for overlap) of the container you wish to cover with paper.
    2. Cut a piece of cardstock to fit those measurements.
    3. Apply adhesive to the back of the cardstock rectangles.
    4. Fasten the cardstock to the container (glued side down) and apply firm pressure with fingers to ensure adhesion.
    5. Don't forget to glue and overlap the cardstock edge. There should be one-half inch vertical overlap.
    6. Allow the glue to dry before use.

    That's it! Your containers are now ready to sit on your desk filled office supplies. Easy, simple and beautiful!​