6 Work Inspired Cross Stitch Patterns for the 9-5 Crowd

6 Office and work related cross stitch patterns for the 9-5 crowd

The Tiny Modernist

Monday through Friday you are working for the man. It is no fun and come 5:00 on Friday you are out of there and ready to begin the weekend! While you might be working for the weekend, you can make your office life a bit brighter by adding some fun cross stitch samplers to your work space. From sassy to sarcastic to sweet, you can check out some of the best office inspired cross stitch from around the world. Chin up buttercup! The work week just got a bit better. 

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    Office Sweet Office

    The Tiny Modernist

    You spend 40 hours or more at work so why not treat your office a little bit like you home. Make your cubicle your very own. One way to do that is an updated fun Home Sweet Home sampler by Tiny Modernist  This sampler combines bright colors with a simple Office Sweet Office saying. If these bright colors are too much for you,change them up to fit your mood. It would also look great stitched up in various tones of one color or with variegated floss. The pattern makes your office more inviting with a twinge of sarcasm.

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    Manic Monday

    Crafty Guild

     Mondays are not fun. You had an incredible weekend and now you have to go back to your job with the bad lighting that makes you look ten pounds heavier. Those adorable little yellow guys, the minions, understand where you are coming from.  Crafty Guild created this fun pattern that pretty much sums up how we all feel about Monday. This pattern is very easy to follow and is a great one for beginners and available for free on their website. 

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    Like a Boss

    Nerdy Little Stitcher

     Whatever you do it in life, make sure you do it like a boss. Grab that bull by the horns and  ride! What if you are the boss? If you are, then you definitely need this cross stitch in your office. This inspiring cross stitch from Nerdy Little Stitcher reminds us to seize the day,but never take yourself too seriously. This pattern would look great in a craft room, class room or, of course, an office. 

    Like a Boss, $3.00 Nerdy Little Stitcher 

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    No Coffee

    One of a Kind Baby Design

     Coffee is the fuel of the worker. It is the juice that gets everyone going. If the work needs to be done, the coffee needs to be flowing. We need our black gold, with just a touch of sugar and cream! Whether it is one cup or a triple shot hazelnut latte; we need coffee more than we need air. One of a Kind Baby Design created this pattern that reminds us how much we depend on coffee to get the job done.. This would look great in the breakroom or kitchen or maybe even as a mugrug. 

    No Coffee, No Workee, $6.95, One of a Kind Baby Design

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     There are days when you need to let people know when it okay to come into your office and when you need your privacy for that big project you are working on. Cross stitch a Welcome sign to let people know that they can stop by for a chat. You can cross stitch this pattern on perforated paper, add some ribbon to the back and you have an instant sign that doesn't need to be framed. This pattern would also be a nice Open/Close sign for a business. 

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    0 Days

    Modern Counts http://www.etsy.com/shop/ModernCounts?ref=l2-shopheader-name

     If you are a receptionist or an administrative assistant you can get stereotyped as being super perky. We all know that is just a facade for your real feelings. You go through so many sarcastic scenarios when  someone asks you the most ridiculous questions. Sometimes you just can't hold the sarcasm in and that is when this sampler comes into play. This sampler will allow those around you to know how many days you have survived without being sassy. It may also be an indicator as to when to talk to you and when to slowly back away. Modern Counts creates the quirkiest patterns that are sure to cause a few giggles. They also have a fun take on the traditional pixel people. 

    0 Days Without Sarcasm, 3.99, Modern Counts 

It's 5:00 Somewhere

Well, you made it to 5:00. You survived the work week and it is time to clock out and start the weekend right with a little beverage, some good food, friends and of course a little stitching!