Number of Beads to Start a Rivoli Bezel

Use this reference table and tips for stitching a peyote bezel

Swarovski Rivoli crystals are incredibly beautiful, with precise faceting that comes to a central point, reflecting a dazzling array of beautiful colors. However, this style of crystal does not have a hole to hang it from, so it needs to be set in a pre-made bezel cup or you can make your own beaded bezel. Of course, we like the option of making my own beaded bezel!

What to Know to Get Started

There are a few things you need to know in order to stitch a good, secure peyote stitch bezel around a Swarovski crystal Rivoli.

The Best Beads to Use

First, cylinder beads, such as Delicas, are definitely the easiest beads to use in order to stitch a peyote bezel around a Rivoli. Their even, cylindrical shape makes them easy to use in peyote stitch. Plus, if you start using size 11 Delicas, you can add rows of smaller size 15 beads to tighten the bezel around the Rivoli.

Using the Right Number of Beads

The other key is to make sure you start with the right number of beads for the size Rivoli you are using.  There is always a little guesswork involved, but the charts below will help assure you that you are on the right path.

Suggested Bead Amounts Can Be Adjusted

It should be noted that these suggested bead amounts can be adjusted according to how tightly or loosely you like to stitch. One general rule is that you should always begin the base row with an even number of beads.  This allows you to make the bezel in even count peyote stitch, where you will have a step up at the end of each round.

This will make the rows of the bezel even all the way around the Rivoli.

If you don't have the table handy, you can always figure out how many beads to use by stringing on an even number of Delica beads to make a ring that fits around the back edge of the Rivoli.

Once you have finished stitching the peyote bezel for your Rivoli, you can always make it a little tighter by adding a row of size 15 Japanese seed beads on the front and back of the bezel.

Do This Technique With This Project

A great project using this technique are these glamour and goth earrings.

Learning how to make a peyote stitch bezel around a Swarovski Rivoli will let you use the Rivolis in many different ways. You can also use the same bezel technique to make a beaded bezel for a cabochon or components without holes. If you know how to do bead embroidery, a similar technique is used for stitching an embroidered bezel around a component.

How Many Delica Beads to Make a Peyote Bezel for a Swarovski Rivoli?

Rivoli SizeNumber of Delicas

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