Successful School and Club Fundraising Ideas: Printable Notecards

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    How to Raise Money Using Art Made by Children

    DIY Notecard printables
    jackmac34/ Rita Shehan

    Many lifetimes ago I worked as a clerk in a quick print store.It was a great learning experience and exposed me to a lot of new ideas. Customers would bring in their print jobs which ranged in quality from "god awful" to "absolutely amazing." One particular customer stood out from the crowd, and I remember her awesome projects to this day.

    This client happened to be the principal at a local school.Her school was no ordinary school but a very expensive private institution that offered a K-12 program. The principal was always coming up with unique fundraisers to help the students of lesser means be able to attend her school.I would like to pass along to you one of her fundraising ideas that schools, scout groups, and churches can utilize successfully. It will work for any group in fact; that needs to raise some money to keep their organization going.

    She would scan artwork done by students and make sets of lovely notecards. The cards were then boxed up into purchased commercial packaging after they were printed and cut, ready for sale. You may think that children's art may not be anything that people would want to buy, but I beg to differ. Something magical happens when you take large colorful children's art and digitally reduce its size in graphic software and then print on cardstock. It looks surprisingly professional and makes an excellent marketing tool!

    This tutorial will show you how to make notecards for sale from start to finish. It isn't hard at all.

    Supplies Needed:

    • Colorful children's artwork.
    • Scanner
    • Digital Imaging Software
    • Publishing Software
    • Thick Card Stock
    • Laser Printer (Use a copy shop laser printer for the best results)
    • *Optional Ruler
    • *Optional Xacto Knife
    • Bone Folder
    • Envelopes
    • Packaging Materials


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    How to Make Fundraiser Notecards Step:1

    opening a document in Microsoft Office Publisher
    Rita Shehan

    I chose to use Microsoft Office Publisher as my software because that is  common publishing software. It is not the choice of graphic designers but will work for this project. Most people will have Publisher on their computers.

    1. Choose some brightly colored artwork and scan it.
    2. Save your digital images in an appropriate folder on your computer so that you can find them later.
    3. Open up a landscape (11 x 8.5 inch) blank document in Microsoft Office Publisher or the publishing software of your choice.The concepts will be the same, whatever software you choose to use.
    4. Put the number zero into the margins box.
    5. Press enter.


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    How to Make Fundraiser Notecards Step: 2

    setting margins in Microsoft Office Publisher
    Rita Shehan
    1. Set up margins using the photo above as a guide.
    2. Make sure that you have a guide dividing the page horizontally and vertically.
    3. Continue to use your guide tool to mark .25 inch margins using the photo as a reference.


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    How to Make Fundraiser Notecards Step: 3

    inserting graphics into a publisher document
    Rita Shehan
    1. Insert your image into the two lower boxes as in the photo above.
    2. Your image may be a little large but don't worry. Just click on the image and you will be able to resize it by holding the shift key and dragging with your mouse until the picture fits into your square.
    3. Repeat step two placing an image into the second lower bottom square.
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    How to Make Fundraiser Notecards Step: 4

    insert text into publisher document
    Rita Shehan
    1. Insert a text box into your document.
    2. This text box is a good place to add a quick description of the student that created the art, your school or a little bit about your organization. Make sure that you get creative with your description!
    3. Insert a copy of your logo into the document and place it where desired on the back of the card.


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    How to Make Fundraiser Notecards Step: 5

    insert text into publisher document
    Rita Shehan

    Click on your text box and rotate it until your text is upside down. Your print will then be right side up after the card is printed and folded.


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    How to Make Fundraiser Notecards Step: 6

    save publisher document as pdf
    Rita Shehan
    1. Save your document as a PDF.
    2. Put a copy of your document onto a flash drive and head on over to your quick print shop.


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    How to Make Fundraiser Notecards Step: 7

    printed notecards on card stock
    Rita Shehan

    Although you may print your note cards on your personal printer, I do not recommend it. Your cards will look professional when you pay the extra money to have them printed on quality cardmstock with a high-end laser copy machine. You will be much happier with the result!


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    How to Make Fundraiser Notecards Step: 7

    printable notecard cut in half
    Rita Shehan

    Cut the printed page in half as in the photo above. This is a step that you can do by hand with a ruler and Xacto knife, but it is much easier just to pay the shop to cut your cards. Most shops will have a minimal charge per 500 sheets. Why bother cutting your printables by hand when it takes only a couple of seconds to place the pages on a machine. A clean even cut is guaranteed every time!

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    How to Make Fundraiser Notecards Step: 8

    front and back of printed notecard
    Rita Shehan

    Fold your cards in half, and box them in retail packaging with envelopes.

    That is it! Figure out how much you need to sell them for to make a profit and start promoting your product! Your budding artists will be your best sales people! Gotta love it!