New Year's Eve Party Crafts for Kids

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    New Year's Eve Party Crafts

    9 NYE Party Kids Crafts
    Marie LeBaron

    Who doesn't love a good New Year's Eve party with family and friends? Get your kids involved in the festivities by making a few of these NYE crafts. Make these projects in the days leading up to NYE or make them that night.

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    Balloon Clock Countdown

    New Year's Eve Balloon Clock Countdown
    The Suburban Mom

    This is a simple project with a really big impact!  Kids of all ages will love creating this fun balloon clock countdown for NYE.

    New Year's Eve Balloon Clock Countdown from The Suburban Mom

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    Glittery Party Slime

    Party Slime
    Little Bins for Little Hands

    This is a perfect craft and activity for those little ones that can't make it until midnight. It's glittery, slimy, and tons of fun!

    Party Slime Glittery New Year's Eve Activity for Kids from Little Bins for Little Hands

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    Paper Tube Stamped Fireworks

    Paper Tube Stamped Fireworks
    Make and Takes

    If you have old paper tubes lying around you can easily complete this craft for New Year's Eve. No real fire for these stamped firework kids craft.

    Paper Tube Stamped Fireworks from Make and Takes

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    Confetti Poppers Craft

    Confetti Poppers Craft
    Little Bins for Little Hands

    Make a pop with these DIY confetti poppers you can make with your kids. These are perfect for popping around the house when the clock strikes midnight.

    Confetti Poppers Craft from Little Bins for Little Hands

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    DIY New Year's Hats

    DIY New Year's Hats
    The 36th Avenue

    Your kids will love crafting their own NYE hats to wear for the party. These are easy and take no time at all to complete. You'll need black paper cups for the main part of the hat.

    DIY New Year's Hats from The 36th Avenue

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    New Year's Resolution Printable

    New Year's Resolution Printable
    Handmade Charlotte

    Get your kids excited about goals, resolutions, and the new year with this simple resolution printable. Help them choose a couple of reasonable goals to work towards and a reward at the end.

    New Year's Resolution Printable from Handmade Charlotte

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    Pipe Cleaner Sparklers

    Pipe Cleaner Sparklers
    Make and Takes

    Use silver and gold pipe cleaners to make festive sparklers that won't burn little hands. Your kiddos can craft and play with these all night long.

    Pipe Cleaner Sparklers from Make and Takes

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    DIY Glitter-Dipped Cups

    DIY Glitter-Dipped Cups

    These glitter-dipped cups are beautiful and super easy! Help your kids dip the cups into the glitter. They will love drinking sparkling cider out of their handmade glitter cups.

    DIY Glitter-Dipped Cups from Evite