New Years Eve Paper Crafts: A List of 13 Crafts Perfect for Kids

Fun crafts your kids can make to celebrate New Years Eve

 The week between Christmas and New Years can be a time when kids may start to get bored. The excitement of opening the Christmas presents is over, and school is out. Your children can get crafty and start making projects suitable for New Year's Eve. This list has 13 craft ideas that will keep your kids busy and entertained for hours!

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    A time capsule is a container filled with items such as photos, memorabilia, and mementos. You then open the box at a later date. Why not start a yearly family tradition with your children and make a time capsule on New Year's Eve.

    Your kids will have fun opening the time capsule next year and reminiscing on the items and photos inside. Kids can see how much they've grown and changed during the past year. You might also want to include papers with goals and resolutions. Your children can then discuss whether or not they achieved them.

    Moms can also include little-unexpected surprises for the kids! All will have fun!.

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    New Years Eve countdown bags are a clever way to keep the kids entertained. Take an ordinary gift bag; you might even have a used one left over from Christmas and glue the free Mickey printable offered generously by the Disney family website. The printable is a clock that helps kids enjoy the New Years Eve countdown.

    Fill the bag with strips of papers that have an activity for each hour starting at 6 pm until midnight written on them. The Disney site has suggestions for activities that will keep your kids amused for a long time.

    Make some memories with your family this holiday that they will remember and pass on to their children.

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    One of the most enjoyable traditions of New Years is wearing crazy hats. Let your kids make their top hats with the free printable offered by the Disney Family website. The printable features, as you have probably already guessed, Mickey Mouse! The directions are quite easy to follow, and the results are cute! Little ones will love making and wearing this top hat on New Year's Eve.

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    Martha Stewart, the queen of DIY, has a suggestion for making New Years Eve headwear. She recommends setting up a table station that has many decorative elements for the kids to take. They can pick and choose whatever decorative element they want and glue them onto premade paper or plastic top hats. Let your inner craft diva shine!

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    Keep the little artists in your life busy! Kids will love this easy craft! The Nurture Store has an art tutorial constructed from paper plates! They kids color and cut the paper plate into the shape of a flower then write their resolutions for the New Year on the plate. This project is great refrigerator decor! Make sure to visit the site and look at the photos to get inspired.

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    Maybe your kids don't enjoy crafts or art all that much, but everyone can color! Download and print New Years party hats and color them to make them festive. You then cut and glue when you are satisfied with your coloring choices. This project is an easy, enjoyable and thrifty craft. Kids will be occupied and busy for quite awhile. Not to mention the fun that will be had by all!

    Adults can even participate in the coloring enjoyment. Why not add some friendly competition and have a coloring contest. Line the hats up for display and have a secret ballot. Everyone can vote for the best-looking hat. Award a prize to the prettiest hat!

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    The best part of New Years for kids is making noise at midnight to celebrate the passing of the old year and the entry of the new. Make some not so loud noise makers from cardboard tubes. Crafty Kids has a cute tutorial that will show you how. Kids are guaranteed to love this project. These New Years noise makers are easy enough even for little ones to make, with a just little bit of help from Mom!

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    While you kids are making noise at midnight with the noise makers from the last suggestion, add to the fun of the moment with confetti launchers. These confetti poppers are easy to make, and your kids will have fun sending the sparkly bits of paper into the air. Noise,confetti and silly paper hats at midnight, who could ask for more?

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    Paper fortune cookies are simple to make! Add some fun and excitement to your New Years celebration with these paper delights. All you need to make the cookies are round paper circles, hot glue and strip with a fortune written or printed on it. Easy Peasy!They look as though they would be more complicated but trust us you can finish one in seconds!  Make the fortunes personal or funny! Adults and children alike will enjoy a glimpse into the future!

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    Paper resolution trees are a staple with elementary school teachers, but that doesn't mean that moms can't use this craft with their children at home. Cut out a tree trunk and branches from brown construction paper and glue to a large sheet of paper. Cut out paper leaves and have your kids write their resolutions on each leaf. Glue the leaves onto the branches and hang your inspirational art on the wall. 

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    Oh yeah! Funky glasses for New Year's Eve. Make some paper glasses with your kids and wear them with your paper top hats! offers a free template download. Just print the template and cut out your glasses. The article also provides seven more new years projects that you will definitely want to take a check out.

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    Balloon drops can be fun at home! If your kids are young and can't stay up until midnight why not have an early balloon drop for them before they go to bed. Children can help with setting up the drop by blowing up the balloons. The tutorial says you need about seventy. Imagine the looks of joy on your children's faces when it is "New Years, " and the balloons fall from the ceiling. Kids will fondly remember this holiday activity!

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    Party Pinatas are always a treat for the kids. Spend the week before New Years making the pinata out of paper mache and paint with them. The disco sparkle effect comes from large silver sequins. Fill the pinata with candy and small toys and get ready for some party fun! Your kids will have a blast trying to break the pinata open.