Needlepoint Your Favorite Breakfast Foods

Needlepoint for Breakfast? Stitch These 7 Needlepoint Designs

Do you love breakfast foods? If you do, then you will enjoy stitching these 7 needlepoint patterns. Watch your mouth water as you look over the patterns. From pancakes and waffles to a complete breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast, with these needlepoint designs on the menu there’s something here to please every stitching taste.

Even if you are new to needlepoint, you can easily complete these projects with basic tent stitches; and you’ll enjoy using up needlepoint thread and canvas scraps that have been stashed away in a drawer or bin to stitch these tasty breakfast treats.

The patterns are simple and most are quick to make. You can stitch each one over a couple of evenings, throughout a weekend, or you can spend a full week working the entire menu of breakfast needlepoint designs during every spare moment that happens to come your way.

You’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun stitching the patterns. The needlepoint threads you have on hand will be just fine for each project. However, make sure to experiment with novelty fibers and a few embellishments and found objects for a three-dimensional look.

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    Bacon, Eggs & Toast Needlepoint Breakfast

    eggs-bacon-toast-breakfast needlepoint chart
    Eggs, Bacon & Toast Breakfast Platter Needlepoint Chart. Althea DeBrule-Licensed to

    Work a needlepoint platter of delicious bacon, eggs and toast with this colorful needlepoint design. When completed, your needlework will measure 7.14 inches wide and 5.43 inches high if worked on #13 mesh mono needlepoint canvas. The design is not square and you’ll place 100 stitches by 76 stitches on the canvas, no matter the size mesh you select.

    It’s up to you which colors to choose for working the design; but here are a few suggestions that represent traditional colors of the real foods in a typical delicious breakfast platter:

    • The bacon can be worked in different shades of brown from golden to mahogany for a crispy perfectly cooked look.
    • Eggs that are “sunny side up” when cooked, are usually opaque white with yellow and a hint of deep orange for the yolks. Keep this in mind when choosing colors to work these two needlepoint motifs.
    • The slice of toast can be worked in medium to dark brown colors (if you like it burnt) with a light yellow shade for the pat of butter.
    • The plate can be stitched in blue, white and pale gray threads; or to personalize it, you can match the colors to the pattern of your breakfast china and serving dishes.

    The entire design is perfect for expanding your stitch repertoire; so don’t be afraid to practice a few different techniques as you complete each motif. For example, the bacon could be worked with Encroaching Gobelin stitches to make the color changes smooth and even.

    If you decide to use this stitch, work the outline of the bacon strips first, and then follow the full color needlepoint chart to fill in with the Gobelin stitches.

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    Strawberry Jam Needlepoint Pattern

    Learning to needlepoint is much easier at the very beginning if you choose a small but fun first project like this yummy jar of strawberry jam. The super easy design will have you drooling; and you may even have to put your stitching down to make a slice of toast with butter and drowning in thick sweet strawberry jam!

    But, get your mind off of eating this breakfast treat for a moment and take a look at these tips for stitching the needlepoint project:

    • Metallic braid, silk ribbon, pearl cotton or rayon threads would work exceptionally well for this fun design as they will make the jam inside the jar look realistic and liquid-like. There are many other exciting thread possibilities as well.
    • If you are a beginner, you may want to stay on the conservative side when choosing threads and fibers--just until you've successfully completed a needlepoint project or two. Cotton embroidery floss, pearl cotton and Persian wool are excellent choices for needlepoint newbies to use to work this project.
    • Make the strawberry jam stylistic by working it in decorative Hungarian stitches using two different types of red threads.
    • The project will work up quicker if you draw an outline of the jar and top on the needlepoint canvas before stitching. Choose a fine-tip permanent waterproof marker to do this. Do not use erasable crayon marking pens, as any marker that brushes off from contact with your hands or the canvas is not suitable for needlepoint.
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    Delicious Donut Needlepoint Chart

    donut needlepoint chart
    Day 156-National Donut Day Needlepoint Chart. Althea DeBrule-Licensed to

    A donut (doughnut) will make a delightful addition to your breakfast needlepoint food collection.

    This glazed donut design can be worked in a jiffy with leftover brown silk or pearl cotton or most any other threads and fibers designed for needlepoint.

    Don’t use wool for this project as it will make the donut look flat and dull--not at all like a real shiny glazed donut! Cotton embroidery floss is okay; but silk is the best fiber to use for this needlepoint project.

    When choosing stitches for this design consider these two things:

    1. The amount of detailed stitching you want to do.
    2. Your needlepoint skill level and comfort with experimenting with various stitch techniques. The more intricate a stitch technique, the harder it is for an inexperienced stitcher to handle. As a result, beginners should use only tent, Continental or basketweave stitches for this design.

    Since there are mostly dark colors in this design, you may want to use tan or a darker colored canvas for stitching.

    A Word about Lighting

    The brown colors called for in this design can be difficult to see in artificial lighting; so make sure to stitch the project in natural light as much as possible, or use a lamp that simulates daylight.

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    Breakfast Burrito Needlepoint Pattern

    breakfast burrito needlepoint chart
    Breakfast Burrito Needlepoint Chart. Althea DeBrule-Licensed to

    Get ready to spend a delightful time making a needlepoint breakfast burrito with all the trimmings!

    The simple needlepoint design measures 7.15 inches wide and 3.93 inches high; so cut a piece of needlepoint canvas that is at least three to four inches larger on all sides than the design area.

    To make your needlepoint burrito authentic, purchase or cook a breakfast burrito to enjoy while stitching (have a few moistened handy-wipes available to clean your hands after each bite). Pull out all the shades of yellow you already have in your stash to stitch this project.

    Match the colors of the real burrito to the ones you have on hand, and as needed, buy additional threads from your local needlepoint shop or craft store.

    Don't restrict yourself to typical threads and fibers when working the stuffing inside the burrito. Experiment with every type of thread you have.

    Depending on the stitches you use, it may take a little longer to work this needlepoint project. Therefore, make sure that your work area is comfortable and that you have enough light and magnification to stitch the project.

    Stitching the Needlepoint Breakfast Burrito

    It is impossible to give stitching directions for every needlepoint pattern, but these two general rules can help you decide on the best way to get started.

    1. When possible, start stitching in the center of the needlepoint design and canvas.
    2. Work the burrito in its entirety first before stitching a background for the needlepoint project.
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    Belgian Waffle Needlepoint Chart

    Day 84-Belgian Waffles Needlepoint Chart. Althea DeBrule-Licensed to

    Imagine a scrumptious waffle with deep grooves designed to hold syrup and melted butter, and you've just described a Belgian Waffle in your mind.

    The waffle in this breakfast needlepoint food collection is just waiting to be stitched with as many shades of light to medium brown you can get your hands on!

    For this project to be rewarding and fun, you should choose whichever way of stitching works best for you. For example:

    • A beginner may want to start with the basics while experimenting with a long stitch or two.
    • An accomplished needlepointer might want to build on the skills and techniques already acquired by adding a few new stitches to the repertoire.

    In any event, both groups of stitchers will be able to put new skills into practice while working this design with steady even tension.

    The small Belgian Waffle needlepoint pattern is less than 6 inches wide and 3 inches high when completed. It makes a great commuter project--especially if mounted on stretcher bars or in a frame.

    A Stitching Twist

    To give the design more depth, try couching lighter colored threads on top of darker ones that have been worked in tent stitch. Even if you are only a beginner, I encourage you to experiment with this surface embroidery technique.

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    Fruity Pancakes Needlepoint Chart

    Waking up to a plate of fluffy pancakes with fruit on top and drenched in maple syrup is one of the highlights of breakfast! The fruity pancakes needlepoint pattern is a great reminder of the comfort one gets from eating this yummy sweet breakfast treat.

    Before you begin the project, carefully look over the needlepoint chart to see the proper placement of the colors. The 7.14-inch by 4.57-inch full-color needlepoint pattern will show you what shades to use and give you some idea of the stitch techniques you may want to try.

    For example, you can make the pancakes as realistic as possible by using closely graded shades of beige to brown; or you can choose just enough colors to separate the stack into individual pancakes.

    Although the entire design can be worked in tent stitches, you really should consider something striking for the fruit on top--maybe Smyrna Cross stitches, French Knots or another highly textured technique.

    A beginner should use flat stitches and smooth thread to make it easier to see where to change colors and to keep the needlepoint design count.

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    Bowl of Breakfast Cereal Needlepoint Pattern

    Breakfast cereal is one of the most nutritious things you can eat to jump-start your day. The needlepoint version can serve as a reminder for you to eat at least a bowl of cereal each day before rushing off to work, school or other early morning activities.

    One of the most important things to consider when choosing a design for a needlepoint project is how it will look when completed. A small project like this breakfast cereal design (7.14 inches wide and 3 inches long) warrants such consideration before you decide to stitch it.

    You'll want to decide whether to make the cereal cold or hot, with raspberries or strawberries, splashes of regular or chocolate milk and more.

    To help you determine what the end product will be, simply download the free breakfast cereal needlepoint chart and print it in color. Lay it flat or pin it to the wall and step back until you can see the entire design. This will give you some indication of the look of the completed project.

    Once you've decided on the final outcome, work the design as you desire including basic stitches as well as a few textured and quirky ones.