Needlepoint Fruit-3 Free Apple Patterns

Add These Apple Needlepoint Patterns to Your Fruit Collection

256Red Delicious Apple Needlepoint Design
Day 256-Red Delicious Apple Needlepoint Design. Althea DeBrule-Licensed to

There are so many wonderful reasons to stitch needlepoint apples. These three needlepoint patterns will make your mouth water to bite into a real juicy one. They are quick and easy to stitch and will appeal to any skill level--from beginner to expert.

With these apple needlepoint designs, you'll be able to stitch Fuji, Granny Smith and Red Delicious apples and turn them into beverage coasters that complement your home decor--no matter the season. Not only can the apple motifs be used as single designs; they can also be arranged in a group to create an entirely new needlepoint project.

Working Tips

  • The best needlepoint stitches to use for these three projects are tent stitches, which allow you to work as much detail as possible in shading and blending each color of the designs. Tent, Continental and Basketweave are also the best stitches to use if you are trying to reproduce the curves and roundness of the apple patterns.
  • Limit your use of fancy stitches as they would take away from the overall look and feel of each apple design. However, if you want a stylistic effect, choose additional stitch techniques that suit your needlepoint taste.
  • There is no particular stitching order for working the designs; but you may want to start in the center and work outward, filling in the background last.
  • Try to minimize the degree of canvas distortion by mounting your canvas in a frame--especially if the finished apples will be sewn into drink coasters. Even a tiny bit of distortion will spoil the finish.
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    Fuji Apple Needlepoint Pattern

    Named after Mt. Fuji in Japan, these apples are a cross between the Red Delicious apple and the little known Virginia Ralls Janet apple. The 3.57-inch by 3.71-inch free needlepoint design is a striking rendition of this popular apple hybrid.

    With only 50 stitches wide and 52 stitches high, this fun design is just waiting to use up scrap threads in your needlepoint stash.

    Since every stitcher uses a different amount of thread based on how loose or tight the working rhythm, it’s hard to estimate just how much of any one color will be needed. Here's how to make the best matches possible to the threads and fibers you already have on hand.

    1. Download the Fugi Apple Needlepoint Pattern, enlarge it as needed and print in full color.
    2. Bring it with you to a fruit stand or supermarket and take a look at the colors in a real Fuji apple.
    3. Make notations of the shades of each color you want to use.
    4. Sort through your thread stash when you return home to match the colors.
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    Granny Smith Apple Needlepoint Chart

    Granny Smith apples are the most versatile when it comes to baking because of their tart flavor and crispness. They do not become mushy when making pies and cakes.

    The 3.57-inch by 3.79-inch Granny Smith needlepoint pattern can be completed fairly quickly once you start stitching. Although there is a bit of shading, the needlepoint project is still a good design for a beginner to tackle.

    If you are a beginner, you should download the needlepoint chart and look it over to see if you want to try stitching it for a first project. Experienced stitchers who want to try something new may want to experiment with blending as well as a few new needlepoint stitches.

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    Red Delicious Apple Needlepoint Design

    256Red Delicious Apple Needlepoint Design
    Day 256-Red Delicious Apple Needlepoint Design. Althea DeBrule-Licensed to

    Feel free to use as many red shades as you desire when working this apple needlepoint project. The Red Delicious Apple is best known for its sweetness and is definitely the apple for snacking!

    The 3.07-inch square needlepoint pattern is actually the easiest of the three to stitch with only 43 stitches wide as well as high to work on your preferred size and type of needlepoint canvas..

    You’ll want to use closely graded red shades from medium to very dark that move almost subtly from one shade to the next as you work the needlepoint project across the design area. Make sure to mark each shade so you don't get confused as you change colors.