8 Must Try DIY Side Tables

Save on furniture by DIYing your own!

Add the perfect place to put down your drink or place a table lamp in your living room with one of these 8 must try DIY side tables. No matter your style from rustic, industrial, modern or traditional one of these side tables are not only sure to meet your decorating style but your budget as well as many cost only a few dollars to make!

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    DIY Studded Tree Stump Side Table
    DIY Studded Tree Stump Side Table. A Beautiful Mess

    Find a use for the beautiful tree stump you were left with when you cut down a tree in your yard by repurposing it into an affordable and stylish side table with a coat of painting. To add even more visual interest contrast the organic tree stump by adding decorative studs around  it.

    DIY Studded Tree Stump Side Table from A Beautiful Mess

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    DIY Ikea Hack Side Table
    DIY Ikea Hack Side Table. Sugar And Cloth

    This clever Ikea hack transforms the Expedit shelving unit by adding four small legs to the base to give it more height making it the perfect side table for your living room that could even double as a bar cart, or even for beside your bed as it offers plenty of storage space on top and in the middle area.

    DIY Ikea Hack Side Table from Sugar and Cloth

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    DIY Copper Pipe Laptop Side Table

    DIY Copper Pipe Laptop Side Table
    DIY Copper Pipe Laptop Side Table. Home Remedies

    Build the perfect space to work on your laptop while sitting on the couch with this inexpensive to build copper pipe side table that uses copper pipes for the table legs, and stained wood pieces to create a sturdy table top.

    DIY Copper Pipe Laptop Side Table from Home Remedies RX

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    DIY Acrylic And Brass Side Table
    DIY Acrylic And Brass Side Table. In My Own Style

    Combine your old television tray base and a new acrylic serving tray to create a beautiful modern side table that feels airy. The brass detailing is very trendy at the moment and is an easy way to incorporate the warm metals trend in your home, while the transparent table top will visually seem to take up less space making it the perfect choice for small or cluttered rooms.

    DIY Acrylic And Brass Side Table from In My Own Style

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    DIY Wooden Sofa Arm Table
    DIY Wooden Sofa Arm Table. The Ugly Duckling House

    If your living room is tight on floor space this DIY wooden side table is the perfect solution as it sits over your sofa arm rest keeping your drink within easy reach. The sleek design of this sofa arm table can be stained or painted to match your living room color scheme, and also is the perfect way to hide damage on the armrest of your sofa by covering it with a DIY side table.

    DIY Wooden Sofa Arm Table from Ugly Duckling House

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    DIY Ombre Stump Side Table
    DIY Ombre Stump Side Table. Sugar And Cloth

    Add some warmth to your living space by using a tree stump as a rustic side table. While it is possible to buy tree stumps, if you are patient you can as one of your neighbors to put aside the stump of the tree they are cutting down in their yard for you so that you can repurpose it as a table.

    To give the tree stump table even more visual interest decorate it gold ombre finish, as done by Sugar And Cloth, to create a unique rustic yet glamorous piece of furniture.

    DIY Ombre Stump Side Table from S...MOREugar and Cloth

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    DIY Concrete Side Table
    DIY Concrete Side Table. Chelsey Andrews

    Finding inexpensive furniture can be a real challenge when you are on a tight budget but this DIY concrete side table that has a metallic top can be made easily for under $15 and can double as a stool. To get started you will need a large 5 gallon bucket a bag of quick setting cerement and few other odds and ends to form a mold to create this modern side table for your home.

    Once completed this sturdy concrete side table or stool can be used anywhere in your house from a stool in your living...MORE room, extra informal seating in your dining room, or even outdoors on your patio.

    DIY Concrete Side Table Or Stool from Better Homes and Gardens

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    DIY Record Side Table
    DIY Record Side Table. The Flourishing Abode

    Show off your love of vinyl by making this very affordable and hip side table perfect for setting your drinks on by using a record and a plant stand to create a side table for your living room. Instead of using your beloved records, head to a thrift shop to purchase one and pick up a plant stand while you are at it, all the materials for this table should cost you under $10.

    DIY Record Side Table from The Flourishing Abode