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    Geek Knitting: Doctor Who Projects

    doctor who knitting patterns
    Doctor Who knitting patterns. Clockwise from top: chodta, Allison Bitter, Wynjara, Penwiper, wibbilywobblylisa, all via Ravelry.

    Knitting is somewhat of a geeky pursuit, and a lot of knitters happen to be -- or be friends or partners with -- people who are geeky in other ways, too. From fans of science fiction and fantasy to computer geeks and beyond, there are a lot of ways to express your passion in knitting projects.

    When thinking of geek knitting, the first thing that comes to mind is the Doctor Who Scarf. This giant scarf -- there were four variations in the show but they're all massive at 12 to 14 feet long -- was worn by Tom Baker during his incarnation of the Doctor and is a classic costume accessory.

    The site linked above has what are considered the official patterns based on the scarves worn on the show, and the site is pretty obsessive about its authenticity.

    There's also a knee-high sock pattern based on the original colors, which is a lot of fun and might be faster than knitting a giant scarf. (Designed by Lesley Brownlee.)

    Other Doctor Who Projects

    While the scarf is probably the essential knitting project for a Doctor Who fan, there are many others.

    Maybe an iPad cozy that looks like a TARDIS? A baby jumper that looks like a Dalek? A toddler TARDIS hat?

    Or what about a knit sonic screwdriver, mitts inspired by the sweater vest worn by the seventh Doctor, a plush TARDIS or Dalek or even an amazing shawl designed by Kate Atherley with TARDIS designs knit right in?

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    Firefly Knitting Patterns

    firefly knitting patterns
    Firefly-inspired knitting patterns. Terese Sharp, Redshirt Knitting, ColoradoMom, all via Ravelry.

    Anyone who loves to knit and enjoyed the show "Firefly" will remember Jayne's Cunning Hat, a red, orange and yellow earflap hat with pompom apparently made by the character's mom.

    There are lots of variations on this hat on Ravelry, but I like the one from Red Shirt Knitting (aka Erika Barcott), in part because of the name of her blog and in part because it keeps all the tattered splendor of the original.

    If you want something a little less obvious to show the world you're a big damn hero, try the Nod to Jayne Cobb Applique from Jennie Claver.

    And if you're still bitter about the show being canceled way too soon, you might want to stitch up some Betrayal Mittens. Designed by Terese Sharp, they for some reason feature dinosaurs and the quote "curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal." They'll run you about $5 for the pattern.

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    Star Wars Knitting Patterns

    star wars knitting patterns
    Star Wars inspired knitting patterns. Clockwise from top, Nicole Kostelec, Nancy Lutz, Jennifer Dickerson, Sarah Rudder, musicadolce, all via Ravelry.


    The essential bit of Star Wars knitting is the baby Yoda hat. This one is designed by Nancy Lutz, but there are lots of variations. There's also a baby Yoda sweater, designed by Cari Luna. So cute it is.

    Any real Star Wars fan could probably use a knit Death Star (designed by Nicole Kostelec), a bit of Yodagurumi (Valerie Johnson) or even a lifesize R2D2 (Sarah Rudder).

    Or try Jennifer Dickerson's Princess Leia Hat, or an R2D2 Beanie (from Shortstuff411). Or knit a whole blanket of Star Wars symbols with Leah Fenton's charts.

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    Harry Potter Knitting Patterns

    harry potter knitting patterns
    Harry Potter knitting patterns. Clockwise from top, Rachel Alexandra, simplyeca, Karen Lauger, Darlene Polishak, stormmoonknits, all via Ravelry.

    Harry Potter has inspired legions of knitters with actual knitting characters (don't we all wish we had needles that would knit themselves sometimes?) and tons of knitwear on the characters.

    Whole books and magazines of patterns have been devoted to the series, and I even have a couple of Potter-inspired patterns here: a felted scarf and a bookmark.

    The scarves at the classic Harry Potter gear and they changed through the years in the movies. Check out this one from Laura Kent, which is the style from the first movie; Rachel Alexandra has a version from the later movies. Ravelry user nicomara has some cute Potter knee highs worked in House colors as well.

    6carins has adorable house cardigans sized for 18-inch dolls, while Katie Marcus made a pullover for humans (adult).

    Karen S. Lauger has fun colorwork socks for Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor.

    You can also stitch a Golden Snitch thanks to this pattern from the Knitted Toy Box, or Hermione and Ron finger puppets from Darlene Polishak.

    Or add a house crest to any project with these charts from Alyssa Wilson-Petrella. Or show your dark side with the Dark Mark Chart by Lindsay Henricks.