4 Music Themed Cross Stitch Patterns

Anita Stitch

 The cross stitch is alive with the sound of music! You don't need to have rhythm to stitch up these fun music inspired patterns. They are perfect for the music lover in your life and they will be happy that you stitched them up a song instead of singing one. From singing out loud to playing an instrument, the patterns below have a little something from everyone. They range from fun and whimsical to traditional. Below is a small sampling of the best music-related cross stitch patterns from the Internet. 

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    Doe a Deer....

    Sound of Music
    123 Stitch

     Doe a deer, a female deer.....you know the rest. This is a great sampler of the beloved song from the Sound of Music. Wouldn't this pattern be perfect for the drama lover or music teacher in your life? It would look great in a music classroom or office. What about a theater's waiting room? Silver Creek Samplers has created this pattern, along with the remainder of the song to complete the sampler. 

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    Turn it Up!

    Turn up the music!
    Daily Cross Stitch.

    Growing up in the 80's radios aka boomboxes were huge! You had to have serious guns to carry your radio around. You would take your radio to the beach and everyone had to listen to what you were playing. Nowadays, you are isolated with earbuds. You can relive your glory days with this awesome pattern from Daily Cross Stitch. It is a must that you put on Van Halen's 1984 while stitching this. Tease your hair into a mall claw and have some fun! This pattern is perfect for those in your family or circle of fans that have their feet firmly planted in the '80s. It is also perfect for those of us who love the movie Say Anything. Make sure you stitch this up and raise it above your head. Stitch this pattern up for your favorite DJ. Stitch it onto a bag for their record collection.  

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    For Those About to Rock!

    Rock sampler
    The Cloud Factory

    Do you have a rock god in your house? Why not stitch them up this super cute Rock Music Alphabet Sampler by The Cloud Factory. This would be so awesome in a music studio. Wherever you choose to hang your finished project, it will rock! How great would this be in a real record store. You could even stitch it up for your practice space or basement, wherever you want to rock out. 

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    I Love Music

    Anita Stitch

    Release your inner '80s child with this fun I Love Music pattern from Anita Stitch. This is a simple pattern that is perfect for beginners. It would be fun to use plastic canvas and make this pattern into a pin to wear. You could also stitch it on a totebag or jacket using waste canvas. Customize the pattern even more by changing the colors to fight your style. Make up several for all of your favorite band members at school to show that you support music and the arts. 

Fa la la

It doesn't matter if you can carry a tune, you can stitch. Throw on your favorite song and stitch the way you feel. It doesn't even have to make sense to anyone but you. Let the music guide your needle. You can write a song with your floss and fabric. From classical/traditional to contemporary/whimsical, the music patterns above fit every style and music listening preferences. Stitch the notes and let your heart sing!