10 Cross Stitch Patterns to Celebrate Mom

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    Happy Mother's Day

    Gentle Feather

    It never failed when you were a kid, and it won't fail you now: A homemade gift for Mother's Day is a surefire way to your mom's heart. Stitch up one of these heartfelt patterns to express the perfect sentiment to Mom on her special day. First up:

    Gentle Feather wants to help you celebrate Mother's Day with this beautiful sampler. The flowers will stay fresh all year long. Hang this hoop up for the month of May and remind your mom how special she is. You can see this pattern and other Mother's Day patterns in their  Etsy Shop. 


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    What's the Story, Mother

    Pyro Dog

    Mothers come in all shapes and sizes. The one thing to remember is to never cross a mother when it comes to her children. She will go from a loving lady to a protective parent in a matter of seconds. Pyro Dog's Mother's Day Alien pattern is a great alternative to the sweet and sappy hearts and flowers. This is a great gift for the geeky mom (and fan) in your life.  

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    Special Place

    Cottage Needle Crafts

    Mothers hold a special place in our hearts. They are there for us in the good times and the bad. No matter where we are at in life, our mom is there with us. Let her know that her love does not go unnoticed with this free pattern from Cottage Needle Crafts.  

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    The Definition of Mother

    Spare Room Studios

    Moms can do it all. They are shuttle drivers, caregivers, chefs, psychologists... the list goes on and on. They do this because they love us, not because they get paid. They do the work of twenty and still have time to let us know how proud they are of us. Let your mom know that you appreciate all the sacrifices she has made for you with this cross stitch pattern from The Spare Room.


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    I Love My Mom

    Cross Stitch Patterns.net

    Do you love your mom? This sweet free pattern lets her know that she is number one on your list. This pattern is adorable, simple and is the perfect pattern for young beginners. You can change up the color to your liking. Check out this free pattern and others at Cross Stitch Pattern.net.

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    Mother is Another Word For Love

    The Tiny Modernist

    Unconditional love is something that mothers excel in. They will be by our sides through the good and the bad. The Tiny Modernist knows that Mother is Another Word for Love. She shares her pattern for free on her blog. Stitch this pattern up for your mom and let her know that you love her unconditionally too.  

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    123 Cross Stitch

    123 Cross Stitch has a Mother's Day pattern that is perfect for all skill levels. It is simple enough for beginners, or a quick pattern for those with more advanced stitching skills. The charm is a nice additional touch to the pattern. This project is great for a pin cushion or scented sachet. You can purchase the pattern and the supplies on their website.  

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    Love You, Mom!

    Don't Eat the Paste

    Nothing says, 'I Love You,' like a permanent tattoo. Not fully committed to having something on your skin, even if it is for your mom? It might be a better idea to stitch up this free Mom tattoo-inspired cross stitch pattern from Don't Eat the Paste. This pattern not only costs less than a tattoo (it's free!), but your mom also can see how much you love her every day without you flexing your arm for her.

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    Home is Where Mom Is

    123 Cross Stitch

    You know that no matter what happens in life, you can always go home. Mom will be there to welcome you with loving arms. 123 Cross Stitch has a pattern that is a gentle reminder to your mom when she wants you to move out of the basement. No matter where you are in the world, mom will always be there. From a few doors down to across the ocean, mom will always be home. 

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    A Mother Holds Her Child's Hand

    Bev's Country Cottage

    Mothers do everything from bandage a hurt finger to help mend a broken heart. It is no wonder that no matter where we are in our lives, we reach out to them for advice and comfort. We will always be that little one our moms hold onto. Bev's Country Cottage shares this free pattern to show your mom that you appreciate all that she does.