Most Offensive Board Games and Card Games

What Were They Thinking When Releasing These Games?

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What one person finds offensive, another person may simply find quirky, funny, or worthy for its shock value. Your trash is somebody else's trangressive art. But what the public tolerates changes and evolves, not always towards tolerance. We all have our limits, and some games arguably push the envelope too far. Here are picks for the most offensive board games and card games ever published.

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    Do you really want to play a game that simulates Russian Roulette? This 2004 release rates at the top of the list because it tries to simulate the fun of pointing a gun at your own head and pulling the trigger. It's a board game played by two to five players, rated shockingly for ages 12 and over. Given that most gun deaths in the US are suicide-related, and it is the second-leading cause of death for those age 15-34, nothing more needs to be said.

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    F*ck This!

    The publishers boast that this game is "the rudest card game you've ever played," and it would be hard to argue the point. Players create phrases using 120 words "of profane, blasphemous, violent, sexual, or scatalogical nature."  Give them credit for creativity beyond the usual, limited vocabulary most of us use for cursing.

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    Pimps and Hos

    It's just what it sounds like: Players are pimps, trying to earn cash via their prostitutes. The prostitutes can go to jail, fail health exams, and switch pimps. It calls itself a humorous adult card game. However, human trafficking and sexual exploitation is real and not a joke.

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    Quantity, not quality, is important here. Produce the most movies, manage your "stable" of stars the best, and you win the game. Avoiding pesky details like scripts will help. It's a non-collectible, non-pornographic card game, at least. In the new world where everyone is an internet porn star, it may even seem a bit dated.

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    Lunch Money

    Punches, kicks, knives, humiliation and more are used by players as they try to steal each others' lunch money. The cards feature a young girl who is doing the bullying. As the topic of bullying is finally getting at least lip service, this game definitely ranks as offensive.

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    Definitely, the best-known game on this list, Ghettopoly won national infamy in 2003 when the NAACP criticized the game and Hasbro sued its makers. Playing pieces for this parody of Monopoly include a machine gun, a marijuana leaf and a 40-ounce bottle of beer. As a result, the game is out of print and rare, but still available, as is the company's Redneckopoly.

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    Busen Memo

    This memory game is assuredly not for children. The goal is to match the left and right breasts of 48 women. It's a memory game like Concentration. How good is your boob matching?

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    Pain Doctors

    The offensive nature of this board game can be summed up in two words: recreational surgery. Players try to do as much surgery on their patients as possible without sending them to the morgue. It seems like some sort of practice for official torturers.

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    This card game of apartment management allows players to bomb their own buildings. You try to offload deadbeats to your opponents while moving in the wealthy. A great combination of gentrification gone wild and insurance fraud.

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    Capital Punishment

    Players each control four criminals and win by putting all four in prison, on Death Row, or in the electric chair. You can use "liberal" cards to free other players' criminals -- hoping that they will commit violent crimes. In its defense, it was written to make a political point.