10 Mosaic Ideas to Try at Home

Mirror Mosaic Table

Making Things is Awesome

A broken piece of china is not always an irreparable disaster. Instead of sweeping the shards into the trash, put those pieces of glass to use by creating an original mosaic project. If you aren't lucky enough to encounter a piece of broken china, source tile or colored glass for your mosaic crafting from a home supply or craft store. Use a hammer to break the patterned glass into bits (or select tile cutters if you’d like a more planned, geometric aesthetic), then glue onto a surface before applying caulk to fill the gaps. Part of the beauty of mosaic art is its inherent randomness, so it's the perfect media for those crafters who enjoy a less restrained project. Just keep in mind safety measures whenever you work with glass: be sure to use proper eye and hand protection to avoid injury.

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    Turkish Mosaic Candle Holders

    Turkish Candle Holder

    Fanning Sparks 

    These stunning candle holders, created in the style of Turkish mosaic, combine carefully cut glass with translucent beads for a captivating, colorful project. If you’re not well-practiced with glass cutting, source pre-shaped glass for your candle holders online. No matter how you tackle this project, cluster a few candle holders together and fill with tea lights for an atmospheric addition to any room.

    Turkish Mosaic Candle Holders from Fanning Sparks

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    Nolan Wood Mosaic Art

    Mosaic Wood Art

    Lazy Guy DIY

    For an alternative take on mosaic, skip the glass altogether and use contrasting bits of scrap wood to create your design. By combining alternating shades of wood, you can create a beautiful piece of artwork—or a tabletop, serving tray, or work station. 

    Nolan Wood Mosaic Art from Lazy Guy DIY

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    Mosaic Shelf Mirror

    Mosaic Shelf Mirror

    The Yellow Cape Cod

    Rustic mosaic materials (think: pebbles, unfinished tile, or sandstone) surrounding a shiny mirror help the reflection really pop, so don’t hesitate to leave this project a bit unfinished. A small shelf for a set of short, neutral candles completes the look with chic warmth. 

    Mosaic Shelf Mirror from The Yellow Cape Cod

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    Mosaic Serving Tray

    Serving Tray

    From Evija With Love

    Update an otherwise ordinary serving tray by completely covering it in mosaic tiles. To make your project food-safe, coat the entire surface in transparent epoxy (or other non-toxic clear coat) once you’ve laid your caulk and tiles. 

    Mosaic Serving Tray from From Evija With Love

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    Mosaic Flower Pots

    Flower Pots

    Cut Out and Keep

    Instead of trashing broken terracotta pots, break them to bits (carefully, of course) and re-cover plain planters. Using all outdoor-only materials, or spraying with a durable clear coat, will keep these weatherproof and plant-ready. Display these in clusters of three for a high-impact design DIY.

    Mosaic Flower Pots from Cut Out and Keep

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    Dark Grout Mosaic Vase

    Mosaic Vase

    Between Carpools

    By opting for a colored grout, your mosaic work can feel completely fresh. An edgy dark grout looks surprising and cool when paired with feminine bits of floral china. Leave the finish matte, and add fresh flowers for the perfect centerpiece. 

    Dark Grout Mosaic Vase from Between Carpools

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    Mirror Mosaic Coffee Table

    Mirror Mosaic Table

    Making Things is Awesome

    If your coffee table has seen better days, consider refinishing it in a creative way. Adding a mirrored mosaic will not only liven up a tired piece of furniture, but can also add more dimension to a smaller room. Consider styling it in an entryway or using it as an accent piece in a family room for the perfectly DIYed pop of interest. 

    Mirror Mosaic Coffee Table from Making Things is Awesome

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    Mosaic Garden Rocks

    Mosaic Rocks

    Running with Sisters

    Add a bit of whimsy to your yard (or indoor herb garden) with a set of simple mosaic rocks. Select smooth, flat stones to decorate for the most straightforward project, but advanced mosaic crafters shouldn't hesitate to use teeny bits of tile to fill in a craggy boulder for a truly striking accent piece. 

    Mosaic Garden Rocks from Running with Sisters

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    Modern Mosaic Coasters

    Mosaic Coasters


    A perfect way to introduce art to your coffee table is with a set of mosaic coasters, which can brighten up any surface. Capitalize on the terrazzo tile trend by using small, jagged bits of glass in cool colors, then grout and buff until the surface is completely smooth. This homemade coaster project is perfect for beginning mosaic crafters: it’s straightforward, requires just a few materials, and the finished product is both pretty and practical. 

    Modern Mosaic Coasters from eHow

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    Mosaic Photo Frame

    Mosaic Photo Frame

    Running with Sisters

    One great way to make a special photo even more personal is by DIYing a unique frame. Pull from the colors in the photo and source tiles that match for an impactful homemade project. This piece makes an especially lovely, thoughtful gift, so make a few to share with loved ones. 

    Mosaic Photo Frame from Running with Sisters