Morgan Silver Dollar Specifications and Details

Background and History

Morgan silver dollars are one of the most popular series of United States coins amongst collectors. The coin is named after its designer, George T. Morgan. They were struck in every year from 1878 to 1904 and revived again in 1921 for a single year.

Initially, the coin was created to benefit the silver mining companies when Congress passed the Bland-Allison Act that effectively dictated the number of coins produced each month.

The law artificially inflated the price of silver to satisfy the mining interests. Hundreds of millions of these coins never went into circulation and were stored in cloth bags containing 1,000 coins each. The Treasury Department then stored the bags in government vaults.

In 1918 a total of 270,232,722 coins were melted, but many coins remained inside the government vaults for decades. Although the mint produced Proof coins in some years, not all coins that have a cameo contrast are considered Proof coins. Coins that have a Deep Mirror Proof-Like (DMPL) finish were made for circulation. Many circulated coins are worth only their bullion value. However, some Morgan dollars are very valuable.

Detailed Specifications

Issuing GovernmentUnited States of America
Denomination$1.00 (one dollar)
Coinage TypeMorgan Silver Dollar
Mintage Dates1878–1904, 1921
Production FacilitiesPhiladelphia, Denver, San Francisco, New Orleans, Carson City
Mint Mark LocationOn the reverse, below the wreath and above the "DO" in DOLLAR.
Composition90% Silver, 10% Copper
Weight26.730 grams
Weight Tolerance (+/-)0.097 grams 
Actual Gold Weight () 0.0000 Troy Ounces (does not contain any gold)
Actual Silver Weight (ASW) 0.7734 Troy Ounces
Actual Platinum Weight () 0.0000 Troy Ounces (does not contain any platinum)
Specific Gravity10.340
Diameter38.10 mm 
Thickness2.40 mm 
Edge TypeReeded
Obverse DescriptionLiberty facing left, hair in a Phrygian cap, and LIBERTY inscribed on a ribbon or band holding a spray of leaves and sheaves. E PLURIBUS UNUM is above, seven stars are to the left, six stars are to the right, and the date is below. Denticles surround.
Obverse DesignerGeorge T. Morgan
Reverse DescriptionEagle with wings spread holding a branch and three arrows. IN GOD WE TRUST appears in Old English letters above. Surrounding is the inscription UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and ONE DOLLAR. Denticles surround at border.
Reverse DesignerGeorge T. Morgan
(Krause-Mishler Catalog No.)110
NotesBoth Morgan silver dollars and Peace silver dollars were minted in 1921.

Production Years, Mints and Types

The Morgan silver dollar was minted the U.S. Mint facilities in Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, New Orleans, and Carson City. Not all mint facilities made coins in every year of issue.

YearMintMint MarkType
1878Philadelphia 8 TF (Tail Feathers)
1878Philadelphia 7 over 8 TF
1878Philadelphia 7 TF
1878 ProofPhiladelphia 8 TF
1878 ProofPhiladelphia 7 TF
1878San FranciscoS 
1878Carson CityCC 
1879 ProofPhiladelphia  
1879San FranciscoS 
1879Carson CityCC 
1879New OrleansO 
1879 ProofNew OrleansO 
1880 ProofPhiladelphia  
1880San FranciscoS 
1880Carson CityCC 
1880New OrleansO 
1881 ProofPhiladelphia  
1881San FranciscoS 
1881Carson CityCC 
1881New OrleansO 
YearMintMint MarkType
1882 ProofPhiladelphia  
1882San FranciscoS 
1882Carson CityCC 
1882New OrleansO 
1883 ProofPhiladelphia  
1883San FranciscoS 
1883Carson CityCC 
1883 ProofCarson CityCC 
1883New OrleansO 
1883 ProofNew OrleansO 
1884 ProofPhiladelphia  
1884San FranciscoS 
1884Carson CityCC 
1884 ProofCarson CityCC 
1884New OrleansO 
1885 ProofPhiladelphia  
1885San FranciscoS 
1885Carson CityCC 
1885New OrleansO 
1886 ProofPhiladelphia  
1886San FranciscoS 
1886New OrleansO 
YearMintMint MarkType
1887 ProofPhiladelphia  
1887San FranciscoS 
1887New OrleansO 
1888 ProofPhiladelphia  
1888San FranciscoS 
1888New OrleansO 
1889 ProofPhiladelphia  
1889San FranciscoS 
1889Carson CityCC 
1889New OrleansO 
1890 ProofPhiladelphia  
1890San FranciscoS 
1890Carson CityCC 
1890New OrleansO 
1891 ProofPhiladelphia  
1891San FranciscoS 
1891Carson CityCC 
1891New OrleansO 
YearMintMint MarkType
1892 ProofPhiladelphia  
1892San FranciscoS 
1892Carson CityCC 
1892New OrleansO 
1893 ProofPhiladelphia  
1893San FranciscoS 
1893Carson CityCC 
1893 ProofCarson CityCC 
1893New OrleansO 
1894 ProofPhiladelphia  
1894San FranciscoS 
1894New OrleansO 
1895Philadelphia Although Mint records indicate that business strikes were produced, none are known to have survived.
1895 ProofPhiladelphia  
1895San FranciscoS 
1895New OrleansO 
1896 ProofPhiladelphia  
1896San FranciscoS 
1896New OrleansO 
1897 ProofPhiladelphia  
1897San FranciscoS 
1897New OrleansO 
1898 ProofPhiladelphia  
1898San FranciscoS 
1898New OrleansO 
YearMintMint MarkType
1899 ProofPhiladelphia  
1899San FranciscoS 
1899New OrleansO 
1900 ProofPhiladelphia  
1900San FranciscoS 
1900New OrleansO 
1901 ProofPhiladelphia  
1901San FranciscoS 
1901New OrleansO 
1902 ProofPhiladelphia  
1902San FranciscoS 
1902New OrleansO 
1903 ProofPhiladelphia  
1903San FranciscoS 
1903New OrleansO 
1904 ProofPhiladelphia  
1904San FranciscoS 
1904New OrleansO 
1921 ProofPhiladelphia  
1921San FranciscoS 


Errors and Varieties

Morgan silver dollar collectors look for these popular errors and varieties. These coins usually carry a premium and are valued above a common coin of the same date and mint. Collectors who specialize in Morgan silver dollars collect them by VAM varieties, which are too numerous to be listed here. Look up specific coins online for more information.

1878Philadelphia 7TF Rev '79 
1878 ProofPhiladelphia 7TF Rev '79 
1879San FranciscoSRev '78 
1879Carson CityCCCapped CC 
1880Philadelphia 80 over 79 
1880San FranciscoS0 over 9 
1880San FranciscoS80 over 79 
1880Carson CityCC8 over 7 
1880Carson CityCC8 over high 7 
1880Carson CityCC8 over low 7 
1880Carson CityCC80 over 79 
1880Carson CityCCRev '78 
1880New OrleansO80 over 79 
1882New OrleansOO over S 
1887Philadelphia 7 over 6 
1887New OrleansO7 over 6 
1888New OrleansODoubled Die Obv. 
1900New OrleansOO over CC 
1901Philadelphia Doubled Die Rev. 

Mintage Figures

The U.S. Mint produced Morgan silver dollar at five different mint facilities. Where possible, production numbers by strike type are noted.

YearMintMint MarkMintageNotes
1878Philadelphia 10,508,600 
1878 ProofPhiladelphia 5008 Tail Feathers
1878 ProofPhiladelphia 2507 Tail Feathers
1878San FranciscoS9,774,000 
1878Carson CityCC2,212,000 
1879Philadelphia 14,806,000 
1879 ProofPhiladelphia 1,100 
1879San FranciscoS9,110,000 
1879Carson CityCC756,000 
1879New OrleansO2,887,000 
1880Philadelphia 12,600,000 
1880 ProofPhiladelphia 1,355 
1880San FranciscoS8,900,000 
1880Carson CityCC591,000 
1880New OrleansO5,305,000 
1881Philadelphia 9,163,000 
1881 ProofPhiladelphia 984 
1881San FranciscoS12,760,000 
1881Carson CityCC296,000 
1881New OrleansO5,708,000 
YearMintMint MarkMintageNotes
1882Philadelphia 11,100,000 
1882 ProofPhiladelphia 1,100 
1882San FranciscoS9,250,000 
1882Carson CityCC1,133,000 
1882New OrleansO6,090,000 
1883Philadelphia 12,290,000 
1883 ProofPhiladelphia 1,039 
1883San FranciscoS6,250,000 
1883Carson CityCC1,204,000 
1883New OrleansO8,725,000 
1884Philadelphia 14,070,000 
1884 ProofPhiladelphia 875 
1884San FranciscoS3,200,000 
1884Carson CityCC1,136,000 
1884New OrleansO9,730,000 
1885Philadelphia 17,786,800 
1885 ProofPhiladelphia 930 
1885San FranciscoS1,497,000 
1885Carson CityCC228,000 
1885New OrleansO9,185,000 
1886Philadelphia 19,963,000 
1886 ProofPhiladelphia 886 
1886San FranciscoS750,000 
1886New OrleansO10,710,000 
YearMintMint MarkMintageNotes
1887Philadelphia 20,290,000 
1887 ProofPhiladelphia 710 
1887San FranciscoS1,771,000 
1887New OrleansO11,550,000 
1888Philadelphia 19,183,000 
1888 ProofPhiladelphia 833 
1888San FranciscoS657,000 
1888New OrleansO12,150,000 
1889Philadelphia 21,726,000 
1889 ProofPhiladelphia 811 
1889San FranciscoS700,000 
1889Carson CityCC350,000 
1889New OrleansO11,875,000 
1890Philadelphia 16,802,000 
1890 ProofPhiladelphia 590 
1890San FranciscoS8,230,370 
1890Carson CityCC2,309,040 
1890New OrleansO10,701,000 
1891Philadelphia 8,693,560 
1891 ProofPhiladelphia 650 
1891San FranciscoS5,296,000 
1891Carson CityCC1,618,000 
1891New OrleansO7,954,530 
YearMintMint MarkMintageNotes
1892Philadelphia 1,036,000 
1892 ProofPhiladelphia 1,245 
1892San FranciscoS1,200,000 
1892Carson CityCC1,352,000 
1892New OrleansO2,744,000 
1893Philadelphia 389,000 
1893 ProofPhiladelphia 792 
1893San FranciscoS100,000 
1893Carson CityCC677,000 
1893New OrleansO300,000 
1894Philadelphia 110,000 
1894 ProofPhiladelphia 972 
1894San FranciscoS1,260,000 
1894New OrleansO1,723,000 
1895Philadelphia 12,000Although Mint records indicate that business strikes were produced, none are known to have survived. Any specimen should be authenticated by a reputable third-party grading service. Beware of removed Mint marks.
1895 ProofPhiladelphia 880 
1895San FranciscoS400,000 
1895New OrleansO450,000 
1896Philadelphia 9,976,000 
1896 ProofPhiladelphia 762 
1896San FranciscoS5,000,000 
1896New OrleansO4,900,000 
1897Philadelphia 2,822,000 
1897 ProofPhiladelphia 731 
1897San FranciscoS5,825,000 
1897New OrleansO4,004,000 
1898Philadelphia 5,884,000 
1898 ProofPhiladelphia 735 
1898San FranciscoS4,102,000 
1898New OrleansO4,440,000 
YearMintMint MarkMintageNotes
1899Philadelphia 330,000 
1899 ProofPhiladelphia 846 
1899San FranciscoS2,562,000 
1899New OrleansO12,290,000 
1900Philadelphia 8,830,000 
1900 ProofPhiladelphia 912 
1900San FranciscoS3,540,000 
1900New OrleansO12,590,000 
1901Philadelphia 6,962,000 
1901 ProofPhiladelphia 813 
1901San FranciscoS2,284,000 
1901New OrleansO13,320,000 
1902Philadelphia 7,994,000 
1902 ProofPhiladelphia 777 
1902San FranciscoS1,530,000 
1902New OrleansO8,636,000 
1903Philadelphia 4,652,000 
1903 ProofPhiladelphia 755 
1903San FranciscoS1,241,000 
1903New OrleansO4,450,000 
1904Philadelphia 2,788,000 
1904 ProofPhiladelphia 650 
1904San FranciscoS2,304,000 
1904New OrleansO3,720,000 
1921Philadelphia 44,690,000 
1921San FranciscoS21,695,000