Moon Photography Lessons

The moon is always circling the Earth and has always been a favorite photo subject.  It has also been a frustrating photo subject for many photographers.  Our photo lesson will show you how to easily take great moon photos.  Once you have read the lesson, take some time to browse the moon pictures submitted by our About Photography readers. 

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    How to Photograph the Moon

    © Liz Masoner, licensed to, Inc. - All Rights Reserved

    Photographing the moon isn't difficult but it can be tricky for new photographers.  This lesson will show you how to easily photograph the moon.

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    How to Photograph Landscapes with the Moon

    Photographing a landscape with the moon is very simple.  There are just a few basic changes to your techniques from photographing the moon alone to get the shot you want.

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    How to Photograph the Moon with Foreground Objects

    When dealing with buildings, ships, and other objects in front of the moon there are some basic rules to get that perfect shot.

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    How to Photograph the Moon Through a Telescope

    Example of moon picture taken through a telescope. © Liz Masoner, all rights reserved

    While you can take good pictures of the moon with a 300mm lens, a longer lens will help you fill the frame with the moon. However, extremely long lenses are expensive so we can turn to a less expensive alternative and take moon photographs through a telescope. Yes, telescopes can be very expensive as well but good results can be achieved with a cell phone, an inexpensive telescope, and a bit of patience.

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    How to Edit Your Moon Pictures

    Once you've taken a moon picture, you'll need to develop the photo.  If you use digital editing there are two basic steps to making your moon pictures shine.