Modern Crochet by Molla Mills

Virkkuri 1, 2 and soon enough 3

Modern Crochet
Modern Crochet Book.

Finnish crochet designer Molla Mills launched her first book, Virkkuri 1, in 2013. An English version of the book, titled Modern Crochet, was released in the UK and US last year. She has followed up the book with Virkkuri 2, currently only available in Finnish, and she is working on book 3.

Virkkuri 1: Modern Crochet

I'll start by telling you about Modern Crochet ​since it is available in English. I'm looking at my copy right now, and it's a beautiful hardcover copy with a terrific contemporary design aesthetic.

If you like the Scandinavian style, then it will immediately be appealing. And if you're just looking for a great crochet book with tons of instructions and a lot of amazing projects then it's also going to appeal to you.

Modern Crochet starts off with a 30-page section of basic instructions that will show you everything that you need to know about how to crochet for the projects in the rest of the books. It covers changing colors in the middle of the row, two kinds of yarn changing options, working with zippers, sewing seams and all of the common stitches.

Then we get into the projects, of which there are many. There are projects for the home, which include baskets, vases, cushions, rugs and a lampshade. Then there are crochet patterns for jewelry, purses and cozies for your electronics. After that,you'll find an entire section on learning how to design and crochet your own "pixel pattern", which is a version of filet crochet.

Virkkuri 2

I also have a copy of Molla Mills second book. It's subtitled "Muotoja ja pintoja", which Google Translate tells me means "shapes and surfaces". I never really know if Translate is right. (It doesn't even recognize the word Virkkuri although I'm told that means crochet.) But I do think "shapes and surfaces" would apply to the projects in this beautiful book.

I obviously don't read Finnish but the detailed photos make it possible for me to follow along with some of the patterns, and I'd certainly be interested if and when it gets released in English in the future.

The patterns in this book also have Scandinavian style with contemporary colors and strong graphic appeal. Patterns include nesting baskets, handled tote bags and crochet buckets, a matching cushion and rug set, various purses and more. There are lots of solid colors, simple stripes and blocky geometric patterns, which is true in Modern Crochet as well. 

At the end of the book, Molla has included a section of stretching and yoga poses for crocheters. It's such a unique addition to the book and one that seems so important. Crochet solves a lot of health problems but it can also cause a few if you aren't careful so it's important to take care of yourself when crafting!

Virkkuri 3

I've heard from a little birdie that Molla Mills is working on her next crochet book now. It will be a departure from the others in that she is working on crochet designs for men this time. I imagine that her signature contemporary style will still shine through, though, when this book gets released in Finland.

I don't know about a release date for that one.

More About Crochet Designer Molla Mills

Molla Mills has a terrific description on Facebook that I wanted to share:

"Molla Mills is a girl with crocheting hooks instead of fingers, hands working all the time. Crocheting in a bus stop, in a shop queue, in a bar, in a lecture, Molla uses more kilos of yarn in a week than she consumes chocolate, and chocolate is her weakness."

You can explore more of her crochet and other craft work on Tumblr