Miniatures to Make for a Model School or Classroom

Fill your miniature classroom with handmade miniatures that set the scene for your particular time period. These are fairly easy projects made with simple materials.

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    Miniature Pencils That Write

    The hand of a dollhouse scale doll
    Dollhouse scale colored pencils in 1:24 scale shown with the hand of a 1:12 scale doll for scale.

    Lesley Shepherd

    You can make a range of realistic miniature pencils and pencil crayons using this method. The pencils are sized correctly for dollhouse scale, and they have the correct proportions.

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    Miniature Paintbrushes or Paste Brushes

    Two dollhouse artist paint brushes in 1:12 scale
    Two paint brushes in scale for a dolls' house artist.

    Lesley Shepherd

    For the art class, you can make miniature paint brushes. These brushes can be made in several styles and scales. We used my own hair for several of these. In a school, setting leave some with paint gluing up the bristles for realism. If you make the same brushes as small as possible with shorter handles, you will have the 'old fashioned' paste brushes which can be set out with bottles of paste for schools scenes up to the 1960s.

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    School Notebooks

    A spiral bound notebook in dolls house scale
    A finished spiral bound notebook in dolls house scale with a sewn and glued binding beside it.

    Lesley Shepherd

    This method of making miniature spiral bound books can be used for the printables supplied for school notebooks, or you can modify it to use for other covered books, photo albums, teacher record books, etc. In a classroom, there are lots of ways to use this method for books which can be realistically opened to a particular page.

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    School Handbell

    Assortment of dolls house bells in various scales

    Lesley Shepherd

    It was the privilege of the first-grade class to ring the bell when we started school. This handbell project made from polymer clay is based on the one in the rural school we attended.

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    Quill Pens and Ink Bottles

    Dollhouse scale writing set
    A dollhouse scale writing set with a quill pen, all in 1:12 scale.

    Lesley Shepherd

    Quill pens and ink bottles are fairly simple projects for a historical classroom setting. The pens are made with small feathers (try a pet shop or a fishing store with fly tying materials). The set shown in these instructions is suitable for a teacher's desk but should be simplified if intended for pupils.

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    Fast Books for a Bookshelf

    This method to make miniature textbooks, magazines and reading books involves wrapping a paper cover around a block of craft wood or heavy card. The books don't open, but you can fill a shelf quickly with your favorites. Use magazine ads for books to reproduce the covers, or make a set of printables for your favorite titles.

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    Classroom Furniture

    Two simple dolls house bookshelf units made with dado joints
    Two simple dolls house bookshelf units made with dado joints, one from basswood and the other from walnut.

    Lesley Shepherd

    All classrooms deserve a bookshelf, and probably a table or two. The chairs are shown adult size, but the child-sized chair made using toothpicks can be adapted by combining the legs and seat with the back from a regular chair

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    Ñatural History Study

    A dolls house scale mouse made from air dry clay
    A dolls house scale miniature mouse made from air dry clay sits on the shoulder of a dollhouse doll.

    Lesley Shepherd

    Items you can add to the classroom for natural history study include miniature bird nests, tadpoles in a jar and miniature pine cones as well as miniature mice. For the teacher's desk or windowsill, there are lots of miniature plants made from paper.

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    Morter Boards or Graduation Caps

    A three inch bear and a 1:12 scale doll
    A souvenir of graduation, a miniature mortar board cap for a doll or a tiny bear.

    Lesley Shepherd

    For the graduate, these printable miniature mortarboards can be used for decorations, or to mark the occasion. One ambitious mom made more than 100 to decorate the desserts for a grad party!