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    Poppy Fields Doll Quilt

    Poppy Fields Miniature Quilt
    Poppy Fields Miniature Quilt. Robicole

    All of the miniature quilts in this photo gallery were made by members of the online quilting community, and many were designed and stitched for swaps among our Quilting Forum members. Browse the gallery the next time you need inspiration for a miniature quilting project.

    About the Quilt on this Page

    I received this wonderful doll quilt in a spring-themed quilt exchange. Luisa made this quilt for me and sent it from Portugal. --Robicole

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    Miniature Quilt by Betsy

    doll quilt
    Doll Quilt by Betsy. Made by Betsy

    Betsy made this beautiful doll quilt for me when we took part in a quilt swap. --Robicole

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    Purples from the Poudre Miniature Quilt

    doll quilt
    Purples from the Poudre Doll Quilt. Lisa Jo

    This quilt was created for an ALQS. It was my first miniature quilt. --Lisa Jo

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    Pennsylvania Wreath Miniature Quilt

    applique miniature quilt
    Pennsylvania Wreath Doll Quilt. Pattern by Corcora/Wilkinson

    This miniature quilt is based on a traditional vintage quilt. It measures 22" by 22" and was hand appliquéd and machine quilted. I fell in love with the colors so I stayed very close to the original design. --Marianne

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    Arkansas Snowflakes 30's Style Mini Quilt

    Mini Arkansas Snowflake Quilt
    Arkansas Snowflakes 30's Style - Mini Arkansas Snowflake Quilt. © Terri Coty

    I participated in a doll quilt swap on the forum and made this quilt for Pamela (aka Fabric Fiend). The blocks are 3" finished and the quilt measures about 17" x 20". The blocks were paper pieced and I hand quilted the quilt. -Terri

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    Two for Tea Miniature Quilt

    doll quilt, miniature quilt
    Two For Tea - Doll Quilt. Kim D. Kimdig

    "This quilt was made for a Doll Quilt Swap. The recipient liked Civil War fabrics and traditional quilts, so that was the inspiration for my design. I quilted small stippling stitches in the first border to enhance the teapot and tea cups. The quilt is approximately 22-1/2" square." -Kim

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    Glorified Nine Patch in the Country Quilt

    doll quilt, miniature quilt
    Glorified Nine Patch in the Country. Kathi Eddy

    "This quilt was made for a forum doll quilt swap. It is about 22 inches square. All of the curves were hand appliquéd, and it was hand quilted." -Kathi

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    Cheese and Crackers Doll Quilt

    doll quilt, miniature quilt
    Cheese and Crackers for Laura - Doll Quilt. Sherry Hart

    "This is the doll quilt I made for the first doll quilt swap. I re-sized a pattern called "Cheese and Crackers." The finished quilt size is about 18" X 27" and it is made from a variety of 1930's reproduction fabrics. The quilt is machine pieced and hand quilted." -Sherry

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    Cherry Berry Feet Mini Quilt

    Miniature Bear's Paw Quilt
    Miniature Bear's Paw Quilt. Quilt by Janice Jackson

    This miniature Bear's Paw quilt was made for a doll quilt swap in our Quilting Forum. --Janice

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    Night Flower Miniature Quilt

    doll quilt, miniature quilt
    Night Flower - Doll Quilt for Kim. MGRINGHUIS

    "This little quilt was adapted from a pattern from Miniature Quilts magazine. It's machine appliquéd, using the freezer paper appliqué method, and machine quilted. I echo quilted the circles in the center to emphasize the round shapes. The quilt measures 19.5" x 19.5". --MGRINGHUIS

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    Falling for Batiks Miniature Quilt

    Miniature Batik Quilt
    Falling for Batiks Quilt. Quilt by MishaMichele7

    "Made for Deb in WNY for a Doll Quilt Swap. She indicated she'd like a fall-themed quilt and really liked batiks. I mixed in some other fabrics along with an assortment of batiks and drew my own simple leaf shape for the applique. I made templates out of three layers of freezer paper and then starched the seam allowances to the templates before peeling them off and appliqueing the pieces by hand. I had a lot of fun arranging the different leaves over the half-square triangles." --MishaMichele7

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    Vanilla Crazy Miniature Quilt

    Crazy Quilt
    Vanilla Crazy Quilt. Quilt by Sherry

    I made this crazy quilt for Debbie in a Doll Quilt Swap. It was a lot of fun to add the embroidery stitches. --Sherry

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    Ice Crystals Doll Quilt

    Miniature Quilt
    Ice Crystals Quilt. Quilt by Sherry

    This is the quilt that I made for Kathi in the Winter Wonders Doll Swap. I used Bonnie Hunter's instructions for Scrappy Mountain Majesties. I scaled the measurements down and shuffled the pieces to obtain a scrappier look. --Sherry

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    A Rainbow Garden Mini Quilt

    Miniature Mariner's Compass Quilt
    A Rainbow Garden Mini Quilt for Rho - Doll Quilt Swap IV. Quilt by FerretFanatic

     This 16" x 20" miniature Mariner's Compass has flowers set in nine-patches and a rail sashing rainbow.  --FerretFanatic

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    Zen Garden Miniature Quilt

    doll quilt
    Zen Garden Doll Quilt Made for Michelle S. by Christine Burtch

    Three graceful folded flowers rest in a symphony of oriental fabrics while the winding quilting rows are reminiscent of the tranquil tracks one makes in the sands, earning this little quilt its name. --Christine

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    Miniature Booty Swap 2

    miniature quilt
    Miniature Booty Swap 2. by Robicole

    I made this little quilt for a swap amongst bloggers. --Robicole

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    Flower Garden Doll Quilt

    doll quilt
    Flower Garden Doll Quilt. Made by Robicole

    I made this quilt for an online swap for spring. --Robicole

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    Flip Flop Doll Quilt

    doll quilt
    Flip Flop Doll Quilt. Robicole

    I made this for a doll quilt swap with a summer theme. --Robicole

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    Miniature Quilt by Bonnie

    doll quilt
    Doll Quilt by Bonnie - Doll Quilt Swap III. Quilt Made by Bonnie

    I received this lovely doll quilt from Bonnie in round three of the doll quilt swap. --Robicole

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    Amish-ish Doll Quilt

    doll quilt
    Amish-ish Doll Quilt. Alexis Durham

    This mini quilt was paper pieced for Sherry during the About Doll Quilt Swap III. She prefers pastels and traditional quilts. I love the pretty repro fabrics. --Alexis

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    Small House Wallhanging

    house quilt
    Small House Wallhanging. © Elaine O.

    I made this small wallhanging for our pastor and his wife. They are from Bolivia and working as missionaries while learning English here in Texas. --Elaine

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    A Dozen Carnations Mini Quilt

    miniature quilt
    A Dozen Carnations Miniature Quilt. © Christine Burtch

    This doll quilt was made for Alexis in Reno, Nevada. She likes red and white and loves stars, so when I came across some beautiful carnation fabric I decided to try this design. Carnations have always been one of my favorites and now she'll have a dozen that will be pretty year-round. --Christine

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    Rebecca's Basket Quilt

    doll quilt, miniature quilt
    Rebecca's Basket - Doll Quilt. Terri Coty

    "I recently participated in a Doll Quilt Swap on the quilting forum and this is the little quilt I made. The basket is a six-inch block set on point and the log cabin blocks measure four inches." --Terri

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    Scrappy Stars and Patches Mini Quilt

    doll quilt, miniature quilt
    Scrappy Stars & Patches - Doll Quilt. Louann Carney

    "I made this quilt for a friend. My inspiration came from a "Little Quilts" book. The quilt had very scrappy stars and framed nine-patches set on point. I changed the pattern a bit to give the quilt a bit more unity and added borders. My mini quilt is 24 inches square and was sewn with Civil War reproduction fabrics." --Louann

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    Batik Pinwheels Miniature Quilt

    doll quilt, miniature quilt
    Batik Pinwheels - Doll Quilt. Quilt by Ginger (grperp), Photo by Robicole

    "Made for the forum's doll quilt swap, this quilt stretched me as I haven't made anything with batiks before, and also had never machine quilted before. The quilt measures 18 inches square." --Ginger

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    Mother's Fantasy Windows Mini Quilt

    attic windows quilt
    Mother's Fantasy Windows, an Attic Windows quilt with variable block layout. © Donna Stidman

    My sister made this quilt for a book we did many years ago. Called Mother's Fantasy Windows, it's an Attic Windows quilt with a twist. Instead of like blocks sewn side by side, the quilt has multi-unit blocks in three different configurations.

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    Little Oddfellows Star Quilt Miniature Quilt

    Little Oddfellows Star Miniature Quilt. ©Janet Wickell

    This mini quilt is time consuming to construct, but not difficult. All blocks are made using foundation piecing techniques. 

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    A Walk Around the Block Miniature Quilt

    miniature quilt
    Walk Around the Block Quilt. ©Janet Wickell

    Here's a super easy miniature quilt that's assembled entirely with quick piecing techniques. Half square triangle units frame the center medallion, a panel cut from a pictorial fabric. Nine-patch blocks surround the center. --Janet

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    Dragonfly Dance Mini Quilt

    doll quilt, miniature quilt
    Dragonfly Dance - Doll Quilt. Christine Burtch


    "Dragonfly Dance was inspired by the book Eliza and the Dragonfly, by Susie Caldwell Rinehart, and illustrated by Anisa Claire Hovemann." --Christine

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    Love Letters Miniature Quilt

    small quilt
    Love Letters Quilt. © Hot in Az

    This little quilt measures 14" x 14".  --Hot in AZ

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    Flowers for You Miniature Quilt

    doll quilt, miniature quilt
    Flowers for You - Doll Quilt for Christine. Pamela

    "This is the doll quilt I made for Christine for the forum Doll Quilt Swap. It is paper-pieced, machine appliquéd and machine quilted." --Pamela